Saturday, July 30, 2011

Used hard - Pt 2...

After a light breakfast of fruit, cheese, and bread, number 66 felt much better. Her arms had been bound behind her back as she ate. The food was sliced up in bite sized pieces so she only had to puck them up from the plate with her teeth. It turned her on to be controlled like this, and as she knelt and ate she could feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs. The room was a simple room with just a mattress on the floor and a ring set into the floor near the mattress.

The trainer came into her room as she was sitting there after finishing her meal.

"Done, number 66? I hope your meal was adequate to recharge your energy.", He asked with a smile. She liked his smile. She could tell there was genuine warmth there, even when he was hurting her in the worst way. She just knew she would never be harmed by him.

"Yes sir. It was quite good. Thank you.", She said as she smiled up at him.

"Come then.", he said as he helped her to her feet. He fastened a collar with an attached leash around her neck and said,"This is your training collar. You will wear it until you either earn your permanent collar, or you are dismissed if you aren't up to the training."

The thought of failing filled her with dread and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I won't fail you Sir.", she told him.

"We will see slave, we will see.", he said. His face taking on a more stern look as they set off to another part of the house.

They came to a room with a spanking horse in the middle and the walls lined with hooks holding all types of wicked looking implements. There were more floggers than she had ever seen in one place, some of them made of chain even. She shuddered at the thought of what they must feel like. Canes of all different lengths and thicknesses hung there as well. Even different materials. Rattan, lexan, carbon fiber, Every kind she had ever heard of were there to be used.

There were also all kinds of restraints displayed for use. Restraints for arms, legs, and even collars of different styles. She was getting nervous as she looked around the room.

"Are you ready slave? The next step in your training is about to commence.", she asked her. He asked, but she knew there really was no chance of saying no. The contract said that once you signed, until the training was complete, was grounds for dismissal.

"Yes Sir. I am ready.", she answered.

Removing the leash, the trainer walked to the wall and grabbed a couple wrist and ankle restraints, as well as a circle gag. He came back and  attached the restraints to each of her limbs before fastening the gag into her mouth and buckling it behind her head. He then lead her to the spanking horse and had her straddle it and attached each limb to a corner.

Her walked towards the wall of implements, but she couldn't see what he was gatting. The horse was faced away from the wall. Intentionally she was sure so the bound slave wouldn't know what was coming.

Instead of an implement striking her, she felt his hand land the first blow on her still tender ass. She jumped, but didn't make any sound.

"I sometimes like to start with a sound spanking.", he said between swats. "It lets you know the slave know that I have an intimate connection to what I am doing. That I am taking your training very seriously and that I will push you harder than you ever thought you could take."

With that he began to spank her very hard. She could tell he wasn't holding back at all and her ass quickly began to burn. She could feel the callouses on his hands. No doubt from administering many spankings in his lifetime. The pain began to get pretty intense, and she felt her eyes beginning to burn with tears. Before long her tears were streaming down her face. There were no sobs, but the pain made her tears come uncontrolled.

"You will cry many tears, 66. do not try to hold them back. If you do, I will work harder to make them come.", he warned her.

She had no doubt that there would be many more tears before her training was done, but she didn't fear that.

Once her ass was a nice deep red, the trainer picked up two heavy floggers made of cow hide. These ones were made to sting, and they did quite badly. The first blow seemed to almost slide her off the horse. Only the restraints seemed to keep her from timbling onto her head. Not only was the impact bad, but it stung like hell. Blow after blow landed on her tender ass, one after another as the trainer used both floggers at the same time. One in each hand.

Now that the pain level was built up, it was time for a little pleasure to balance it out. He grabbed the hitachi wand and positioned it under her so it was pressed against her swollen clit. She was already making a wet puddle on the vinyl of the horse from her drooling cunt. The hitachi hitting her was like an electric shock jumping through her body. She thought she would cum instantly, but the fear of doing that again helped her to barely hold back. He ground the vibe into her hard clit and it made her struggle to hold back.

Leaving the vibe against her cunt, the training picked up a medium sized dildo and smeared it with a liberal amount of lube before slowly sliding it into her tight asshole. A moan escaped her mouth as the dildo slowly invaded her sphincter. He pushed it all the way in, then gave her a few strokes with it. Causing her hips to buck and push back against the faux cock. she had obviously taken cock in her ass before, and she definitely loved it, so he decided to see what she could handle. He removed the dildo and grabbed a much larger plug.

He lubed it up and began to slowly push it into her now stretched asshole. He could feel her body struggle to accommodate the new invader. He had to push then back off before trying again, pushing it in farther each time until it finally popped into her tight ass. She groaned and sighed as it settled into place. She was more full than she had ever been before. The pain was pretty bad, but it still made her wet as her body got used to it.

Now that she was properly plugged it was time for more pain. The cane came back out and was given generous ues on 66's ass, thighs, and back. Even her feet weren't spared the attention of the cane.

Stepping back to admire the beauty of the bound and stuffed slave before him, he had to smile to himself. This one was exceptional. She was learning quickly and was able to take more than most he had trained.

He motioned towards the doorway that had entered, and a man, naked except for a mask, walked into the room. He was already hard as he strode to the bound slave. His cock was long and thick. His job was to help train the slaves to be able to take a very large cock without balking.

"You are now going to be fucked 66, you will learn that your body is only for the use and pleasure of your Master. Whatever he wants, you will give him, no matter what. Do you understand, slave?", he asked as he looked into her eyes. She nodded her head as the vibe continued to hum against her clit and the plug stretched her ass. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat from the torment in her ass and cunt.

 She couldn't see the man who entered the room, so when he began to slide his enormous cock into her cunt, the look of surprise was apparent in her eyes. With the large plug in her ass, she didn't know if there was room in her cunt for such a large member. She had never taken such a large cock before. Her body though was made for hard use, and her cunt opened up and took the invading member deep inside. She had never felt so full, and she loved the sensation.

Her body felt like it would explode from all the stimulation. She was drooling from her mouth and cunt. The masked man began to quicken his pace as he pounded her pussy. She was on sensory overload, and she seemed to be tumbling down a long dark tunnel of pleasure and pain.

The trainer walked around in front of her and pulled his now hard cock from his slacks. He wasn't near as big as the masked man, but he had a big cock as well. Grabbing her hair in both hands, he pushed his hard cock into her mouth held open by the ring gag. She could do nothing to stop him as he pushed deep into her throat. She had never learned to deep throat, close but she hadn't gotten to that point yet. Today she didn't have a choice. He pushed deep into her throat and she gagged at each deep invasion.

"Relax your throat slave. Open yourself to me as you will open your body and soul to your Master. Your body is for his pleasure, and you must be able to take him deep in all holes at any time.", he instructed.

He continued to push deep into her throat on each stroke making her gag and drool all over the floor, but after awhile hre throat began to open up. Soon he felt no resistance as his cock slid all the way down her throat. He would push until his balls were against her chin and hold her there by the hair, not letting her breath, then pull back and let her gasp for air before pushing back in.

Everytime he pushed his cock down her throat and took away her air, her cunt would tighten like a vise on the masked man's cock. Fortunately he had been in this situation many times and had good control, or her vise-like cunt would gave milked the cum from him.

Soon the two men got a rhythm going, having done this many times. Number 66 was now wide open to them and by the look in her eyes she was floating in subspace. She was completely relaxed and taking what they gave her. moaning and writhing all over the horse. She was now nothing but a set of holes to be used for pleasure, a vessel for their lust.

With a nod the two men signalled that it was time to fill this slave with the cum she was made to accept. Being that they had done this many times, they were able to coordinate their orgasms to fill her from both ends at once. They both slowly increased in speed. Both of them going as deep as they could. The maske dman's balls slapping against 66's pussy on each stroke, causing her to moan on each stroke. The trainers balls slapped her chin as he pounded her throat.

With a simultaneous groan both men unloaded their hot loads into the bound slave. The masked man pumped a large, hot load deep into her, and she could feel it bathe her cervix in molten cream. The trainer shot his hot load directly down her throat. She could feel it pulsing in her throat as he unloaded his balls into her stomach. The feeling of two jumping cocks spilling their seed into her was overwhelming, and she spun off into outer space. No longer in touch with this Earth. She was just a bundle of nerves being inundated with sensations.

She came back to Earth a bit as the gag was being removed. She realized there were two cocks in front of her face.

"Clean them good, 66, you can't leave your Master with a messy cock.", the trainer instructed her. She alternated between the trainer and the masked man's cock. The latter painfully stretching her jaws to take him in. She did manage to take him most of the way in and clean their mixed juices from his now shrinking cock. Even though it was softening, it was still larger than most she had seen. The trainers cock was next and she hungrily sucked every last drop of cum from his shaft.

Now that she had cleaned both cocks like a good slave. she knew it must be her turn to get to cum. The vibe was still humming away on her hungry cunt, and her ass was stretched by the plug. It was no longer painful as her body had relaxed to accept it. Unexpectedly the vibe was removed and the plug was slowly pulled from her ass. She was confused. Every time she had been used by her Dom's in the past they had made her cum after she pleased them. The trainer was unhooking her limbs from the four corners of the horse and putting the collar back around her neck.

"Kneel on the floor, 66.", he told her. She did so and looked up at him with a questioning look on her face. "You can never expect to cum. You will be allowed to only at the pleasure of your Master.  Maybe tomorrow if you do well, slave.", the trainer said. "Now on all fours and stay there."

He grabbed a medium sized anal plug, lubed it up, and slid it into place in 66's sore stretched asshole.

"You will sleep with this in tonight to remind you that you are to be ready to serve your Master at anytime. Now follow me.", he said as he began walking towards her room, holding her leash. She crawled along behind him, but it was difficult to crawl very fast with the plug in. He obviously knew this and walked fairly slowly all the way back.

When they got to the room, he put her in the shower and hooked her leash to a hook on the wall and told her to clean herself well. The water felt wonderful on her sore, abuse body. She was exhausted, but exhilarated at the events of the day. Once she was clean, she dried off using the towel hanging nearby and walked back into her room.

On the table was a plate of food already cut into small pieces like before. A note sitting by the plate leaning against a pair of handcuffs.

"No hands are allowed for eating. Put on the cuffs before dinner and you will sleep in them.", said the note.

She couldn't see any cameras in the room, but she knew to disobey would get her kicked out and she didn't want to risk that, so she put the cuffs on and ate her dinner. After dinner she lay down on the mattress and was soon asleep. The day had been long and intense.

The trainer was watching her through the small camera lens carefully hidden to monitor the slaves for security and to make sure they didn't break the rules. She did good today, but the next few days were going to be even harder. He smiled to himself as his cock stirred at the thought of giving her some real pain.

He walked upstairs to his office to write the report on her progress and prepare the curriculum for the days to come, now that she had passed the first of her tests.

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Used hard - Pt 1...

She woke up naked laying on the floor. She was unsure how she got there  for a moment until she remembered the night before. She had come to the house to be trained. She had quite a bit of experience as a submissive, but she wanted to learn more and push her limits. She had answered the cryptic ad looking for submissive women who wanted something more.

The room was barren except for a single bulb suspended from the ceiling that failed to illuminate te whole room. The walls were hidden in shadow. As she looked around a voice came from out of nowhere.

"On your knees slave. Eyes to the floor and don't move until told to.", a man's deep voice reverberated off the walls. She went to her knees as told and placed her hands behind her back like she had been trained already from her previous Dom's.

"Good slave, you may be trainable yet.", said the voice and a smile played at the corners of her mouth in pride. "Don't smile yet, you have a long way to go before you have anything to be proud of."

How did he see that, she thought, but all trace of the smile instantly disappeared. She just sat there waiting for her next instructions. She didn't know how long she waited. There was no sense of time here.

Soon she heard the approach of booted footsteps. She couldn't see him as he appraoched, but soon saw the toes of his leather boots, polished to a high sheen. His slacks were tightly creased to a razor sharp line. She felt a strong hand grab the back of her neck, squeezing tight. She knew she was completely under his control. There was no doubt in the way he gripped her. He pressed her forward until her forehead was on the floor, ass up, and hands still at the small of her back.

"Spread your legs more. Display that cunt and ass like the piece of meat you are. You will be used as you agreed to. If you have any reservations about what is to happen to you here, the time is now to leave. You will not have another chance until your training is complete. Do you wish to stay or leave?", He asked.

"I wish to stay Sir.", she answered, and a chill ran down her spine.

"Very well then. Your training will now begin. You will be referred to from here on out as number 66. You will refer to all the trainers here as Sir. do you understand number 66?", he asked.

"Yes Sir.", was her answer, and she knew that her life would never be the same.

He walked away for a moment and as he returned he placed cuffs on her wrists, binding them behind her back.

"Do not move 66, no matter what, your forehead is not to lift up from the floor. If it does, you will be severely punished.", he said with an ominous tone in his voice. Even though she had yet to see his face, she knew that she would always know him anywhere by his voice.

Her thoughts were broken by the first lash of the heavy flogger striking her ass. She had been flogged many times, but it seemed like they had been child's play compared to what she was experiencing now. He was strong and the flogger was much heavier than anything she had ever known. She was practically rocked off her knees with each blow. It was a struggle to keep her head on the floor from the impact of the powerful blows. Her ass was already stinging and she knew she would be badly bruised or worse before this day was over.

Blow after blow rained down on her tormented flesh until remaining still was a severe struggle. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, he abruptly stopped.

"Now that you are warmed up, it's time for the real pain to start.", he told her in a smooth voice. He was not even breathing hard. She thought he must have been giving her everything he had, but he seemed to be just cruising along.

"Now it's time for the cane. My personal favorite.", He told her.

A shiver run through her body. She hated the cane. The stinging pain was much more intense than any flogging, and she didn't know if she could take it if he gave a caning anything like he did a flogging.

She heard the cane cut through the air a split second before it made contact with her right ass cheek. It felt like a burning blade had been drawn across her ass. The pain was much more intense than anything she had experienced in her brief time as a sub. She was barely able to keep her head on the floor from the first blow, and on the second, she couldn't do it. Her head came off the floor as her back arched and she tried to pull her ass away from the burning pain of the cane.

"You will be punished for that, 66. When I'm done with your caning that is. Now head back to the floor.", He ordered. There was no option to disobey in his voice, and she returned her head to the floor. Th rest of the caning was just as bad as the start, and she could feel something running down over her ass and thighs. She knew she must be bleeding from the welts on her ass. The pain was beginning to subside as the endorphins kicked in. She could feel the blows, but the intense pain was becoming a warmth filling her body. She was going to the place she loved when she received pain. Her body feeling like it was floating in space.

She was abruptly pulled back to earth when he stopped caning her and grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet. She was disoriented and struggled to stagger along with him as he walked her to the dark corner of the room. There was a St Andrews cross against the wall that was illuminated as they approached. There must be someone watching and controlling the lights, she thought.

The cuffs were removed from her wrists and she was quickly shackled to the cross with iron chains. Her face to the wall so she couldn't see what was about to happen.

"This is called a single tail number 66, you may have heard of them. I trust you will remember your trangression and never break form again after your lesson.", he said as she heard the whip cracking the air.

She thought the cane was bad, but it was nothing compared to the first  lash of the single tail. She felt the blow between her shoulder blades and knew her skin had been opened. the next lash was across the backs of her thighs. She screamed at the pain.

"Yes you may scream, and you will beg for me to stop, but that option ended when you agreed to enter training here. I will take your tears and pain, and drink it like a fine wine.", He said with a hint of passion in his voice. He was very controlled, but even he couldn't hide the fact that her pain was intoxicating to him.

He went back to the whip and began to draw her pain and tears from her body, as he drew her blood. She cried out and screamed, tears running down her face leaving trails of mascara from her ruined make-up that she had so carefully applied last night. She eventually gave up struggling and began to accept his pain, letting it pass through her body. She felt the blows and the stinging lashes, but there were no longer painful. The pain was now pleasure, and with each lash of the whip she felt a throb in her cunt.

Her hips began to push back towards him, receiveing each blow of the whip. He smiled as he watched her tranformation. He could see her arousal building as she was whipped., and he knew she would soon cum. He doubted she was aware of it as lost in the sensations as she was.

Without warning she cried out as her orgasm hit her. Her back arched and her juiced poured down her thighs in a torrent. An animal growl came from deep in her throat at her release. Her body shook as her continued whipping her until her orgasm subsided. She slumped in her shackles as her body finally gave up.

He stopped whipping her and released her wrist and ankles and helped her to the floor. As she lay there a look came over her at the realization that she had cum without permission.

"I'm sorry sir.", she said as she rose to her knees."I didn't expect to cum. It will never happen again. Please forgive me.", she begged with her eyes to the floor.

He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face up to look at him for the first time. He was handsome in a rugged way. Older and balding, but there was a strength in him that was apparent at first glance.

"You are forgiven 66. You have never experienced the single tail and didn't know your body would react that way.", he told her with a wry grin.

She smiled back at him.

"You will have to be punished for it though.", he said, still smiling as the smile faded from her face. "That is for later though. Now it is time for breakfast to regain your strength. You will need it for later."

"On your hands and knees 66. Follow me and I will show you to your room.", he said as he rose and strode away. She quickly crawled after him, not wanting to disappoint him again.

To be continued...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

There will be blood...

They had been exchanging e-mails and chatting online for months and had learned a lot about each other. They had shared a lot about their individual kinks. Most of them were fairly common in the BDSM world. One night though, she shared that she had some dark fantasies that even frightened her. She wanted blood play.
He could feel the fear across the miles, but also the excitement. He had a very dark entity inside him as well. He wanted to find a slave that needed the kind of pain her wanted to give. Something that no ordinary sub would desire, or be able to handle. His heart began to pound when he read the words on his monitor. Could she be the one he had been hoping for, but never expected to find?
They discussed meeting and agreed to do so as soon as feasible. He repeatedly asked her if she was sure she wanted to play this dangerous game. To walk on the edge of the razor and risk being cut deeply by it. She was scared, but her desire to experience such intensity, and her trust in him, lead her to agree to take the leap.
A few months later they met in a secluded cabin where they would not be disturbed, and where her screams would not bring unwanted attention. Though she trusted him, she knew she would scream. She would not be able to experience what she wanted without having to release the pain somehow. He promised he would take care of her, but that he was also going to hurt her, a lot.
She arrived and saw that his bike was already there. Candles flickered in the window and she could tell the inside was lit solely by candle light. She walked up to the door, shaking with fear and excitement. Did she really want to do this? She was frightened, but she realized she really did want and need this. She took a deep breath, and noticing the door was slightly ajar, pushed it open and took her first step into darkness. The darkness of his pain.
As soon as she stepped into the room, she was grabbed from behind and she heard the door slam. One hand grabbed her tightly by the throat and the other covered her mouth to stifle her cry of fear.
"Last chance to change your mind.", a deep voice growled in her ear." Are you sure you really want this?"
She could only nod her head in affirmation.
"OK then, but remember your safeword, because you will use it tonight. I want to see what my pain slut can really take. You will be pushed like you never imagined you would be.",  he whispered so close to her ear that she felt the heat of his breath. It sent shivers down her spine. It was either the heat or the menace and promise of pain in his voice that made her shake.
She saw a glint in front of her, and realized it was the candle light reflecting of the edge of a large, razor sharp looking knife. It was slowly played in front of her eyes. He wanted to make sure she saw the threat it carried in it's edge, what it could do in his skilled hands.
The blade went down and she could feel his hand lifting up the bottom of her shirt. He took the blade and began slitting open the blouse. The material parting as if it were tissue paper. The blade made quick work of the thin material and he ripped it from her shoulders and discarded it on the floor. She stood there with his hand still on her throat, holding her tightly. Not quite cutting of her air, but just on the verge of doing so.
Her chest heaved with the surge of adrenaline pouring into her system. Her large breasts straining at the sexy bra she wore. It barely contained her heaving breasts. She had bought it special for him. He began to trace the tip of the knife across her tits. Dragging the sharp point across the cups of the bra. He slowly drew thin red lines across her cleavage with the back edge of the knife. It felt to her that she was being cut, but it was the back of the blade.
He turned the blade and deftly sliced the bra between the cups, causing her ample tits to spill from it. The pretty bra she had picked for him was destroyed, and she didn't care. She knew it pleased him to hurt her like this. To destroy a part of her. She suddenly realized that her cunt was throbbing and that despite the little g-string she was wearing for him, her juices were already running down her legs. The short skirt was riding up her thighs and she knew that he could already smell her musky sex. For just a second she was embarrased about her state, then she realized that she was there for his pleasure alone. She was just there for him to take whatever pleasure he wanted from her. At that thought, she was his slave. Forever his to use, and he could feel her whole body relax into his as all fear left her.
"You are mine now, aren't you whore?"
She nodded her head.
"You don't fear me anymore do you?"
She shook her head no.
"You will."
She was instantly frozen at his words.
He put the knife in it's sheath and pulling cuffs from his belt, clicked them tight on her wrists. He spun her around and quickly ripped the remaining clothes from her body. She now stood there naked with her arms handcuffed behind her back.He grabbed her by the hair, wrapping her fiery red locks around his fist and pulled her up on her toes so she was face to face with him. He kissed her roughly, mashing her soft lips against his rough ones. His moustache brushed across her upper lip and the stubble on him chin scraped at hers.
He jammed his tongue between her lips, raping her mouth with it. She could taste just a hint of whiskey on his tongue. He bit at her bruised lips and pulling her head back away from his, gave her a sharp slap across the cheek. It wasn't hard, but she wasn't expecting it and was momentarily shocked.
He began dragging hwer across the room, forcing her to walk on her tiptoes, until they got to the other side of the room where she saw a St Andrews cross on the wall. Her arms were release from the cuffs and she was pushed back against the cross and her wrists were attached to the shackles mounted there. Her ankles were also shackled in the same way and she found herself spread wide for whatever amusements he desired.
He began by roughly grabbing each breast in his strong hands. He squeezed them hard and roughly twisted the hard nipples. Although it hurt, her nipples just got harder the rougher she was handled. He pinched and twisted at her tit flesh, slapping the nipples and pinching until bruises began to form on the tender white flesh. When she thought she could take no more, he produced a set of clover clamps from his pocket and quickly clamped each nipple, letting the chain dangle between them. Reaching into another pocket he pulled out some lead weights and began to hang them from the chain.
Her nipples were on fire as the pressure increased on them. The clamps biting viciously into the tortured tissue. As he finished hanging the weights, he saw tears begin to trickle down her cheeks. Making lines of mascara trace itself down her face.
"Yes, cry for me my little whore. Your tears excite me and feed my hunger. These are just the first of many tears you will shed tonight.", He said with a wicked smile on his face.
He once again pulled his knife from his belt and began to trace it around her body. Running it over her full tits and down between her legs. Scribing thin lines down her thighs, leaving her striped like she had never imagined herself to be.
Taking the tip of the knife he began to slowly scratch into her flesh right above her pussy, "His cunt". She could feel the pain as a sharp burning sensation. Not really painful, as it he were dragging the edge of his fingernail over her flesh. He held a mirror so she could see what he had done. A few small trickles of blood ran down from the letters. She thought she would be shocked, but instead found herself feeling full of pride that he chose her to wear his mark in this way.
Before she could think anything else, she felt his fingers jammed into her cunt as he began fucking her with his hand. She was soaked and his hand met no resistance as he put first two, then three, and then four fingers inside her.
"You are such a little whore. I cut you with my mark of ownership, and you get wetter than before. What a dirty little pain slut. Don't you dare cum until I tell you to.", he ordered. His fingers pounded into her soft cunt flesh, violating her, taking from her everything he desired. She could feel her orgasm building, and he sensed it warning her not to cum. He was rubbing her G-spot with his fingers on each stroke and she didn't think she could hold back much longer. Unable to hold back, she screamed as the orgasm was ripped from her body. She squirted all over his hand and the floor, her juices leaving a big splash mark on the tile floor.
"My what a bad slave you are. Master didn't tell you that you could cum, did he?", he asked her. She could only shake her head no as her dropped her head in shame at failing her Master."You will have to be punished for that."
Walking to the table we picked up the thin cane. This one would bite painfully into her flesh. She would remember this one for a long time. He came walking back and she could hear the cane cutting through the air as he swung ti back and forth in front of her.
The first slash was across her thighs, and it felt like liquid fire. The knife didn't hurt half as bad when he had carved her flesh. A scream was ripped from her throat as she squirmed in her shackles. Another slash went across her stomach making her cry out again. Looking down she could see that the welts were already beginning to trickle a little blood. With each slash she cried out in pain, tears streaming from her eyes. She was in agony, but her cunt was clenching and spasming at each strike.
To her horror she could feel another orgasm building in her cunt. She knew that if she came without permission again she would be really punished, but she was to embarrassed to admit that she was on the verge of cumming from being caned so hard. She thought she could just hold it off.
He could see the look of intense concentration on her face and suspected what he hoped was to come. He quickly began to cane her up and down her thighs and across her tortured tits. Marking her tender belly with a lattice work of thin lines. Her began to really concentrate on the tender undersides of her tits and that was it. She couldn't hold back any longer, and with a scream she came. A flood of juices burst from her swollen cunt and drenched the floor and his shoes. Her kept caning her until she sagged in her shackles, exhausted from cumming so hard.
He returned to cane to the table with the other implements and grabbed a glass of water and put it to her lips.
"Drink my slut. You don't want to get dehydrated now.", he told her with a smile."You've lost a lot of fluids you dirty girl."
He gave her a few minutes for her breathing to return to normal before he asked her if she could continue. She nodded her head as she became non-verbal when she went deep into subspace. She was now very far out with that far away look in her eyes, but he looked deep into them and could see that she was still ok. He was going to have to watch her closely. She had probably never been this deep.
"Unfortunately I will have to punish you for cumming without permission, again. Do you nderstand what I am saying to you?", He asked. He wanted to verify that she was still aware of what was happening.
"Yes Master, I understand that you must now hurt me for being a bad slave.", she replied in a whisper.
"Good girl.", he said as he released her shackles and turned her to face the cross. He had a heavy flogger tha he had used many times,  and a dragons tongue that he was saving for such a special occasion. Once she was again restrained, he picked up the flogger and began to work it up and down her back, ass, and thighs. Her skin was soon a bright red and he could feel the heat radiating from her flesh.
He returned to the table and picked up the dragons tongue.
"This is going to hurt my slave. You will scream and you will cry, but you will take it like a good slave.", we instructed her.
Fear sent a icy finger up her spine, but she nodded her head and braced herself for what was to come.
The first lash went across her tender ass and she thought she had been cut open. The pain was sharp and biting. There was an immediate line of blood across her cheek. The next slash hit the other cheek making the same mark. He concentrated strictly on her ass for this punishment. Her ass was latticed with lines of blood from the cuts of his terrible displeasure. Her lack of control was an affront to his power over her. She must learn to never disobey an order from him, and the lesson must be given in pain.
The pain was intense, but a heat began to build inside her. She was taking what he needed her to take. She could do this for him. Anything he desired she would give him, and this is something her desired from her. She began to arch her ass back to meet each lash. Welcoming the pain instead of flinching away from it.
He could see the change in her body as she began to take the pain and transform it into something else. Take his pain and make it pleasure. He smiled as he tore into her flesh with the whip. Her breathing began to quicken and her hips began to buck as if she were humping the air.
"You will cum for me, my slave. You will cum on the end of my whip. I will count down the next ten lashes and when I reach one you will cum for me. Do you understand?", he asked.
"Yes Master.", she answered, her voice now stronger, but thick with lust.
He counted from ten down, each lash harder than the previous one. With each slash across her bloody ass, her breathing got deeper and more ragged as she began to whimper and moan.
As he reached one, her whole body tensed and began to shake as her orgasm exploded. Her head leaned back and her mouth opened in a soundless scream as she came. Her thighs were like steel cords as juices cascaded from her cunt, pouring down her thighs, adding to the puddles already there from her previous orgasms.
When she finally stopped cumming, he released her from the shackles and helped her to the floor on her hands and knees. "Lick up the mess you made slave. I just cleaned this floor and now you've made a mess."
She leaned down and began to lap up her juices from the tiles. No thought of refusing her Master's orders. She was proud to clean up the mess she had made to make her Master happy. She loved the taste of her own cunt, so it was a pleasure to lick it up. The thought that she was licking the floor didn't even enter her mind, only that she was serving her Master.
After she had licked up just a little of the mess, he was satisfied that she would do whatever was required of her, and grabbed her by the hair and led her on all fours to the bed in the corner of the room.
"Kneel there and don't move, slave.", he instructed as he undressed. Her eyes stayed on the floor as she had been trained. Once he was naked he lay back on the bed and said,"Come climb on top of me slave. Fuck your Master like the good slave I have trained you to be."
She crawled up on the bed and straddling him, she slowly sank her cunt down on his hard shaft.His thick cock split her cunt open until she was sitting all the way down on him. His cock buried deep in her cunt. She began to slowly ride his shaft like he taught her. Taking it slow so his orgasm built slowly. As she rode him, the blood trickled from her many whip marks. Her ass bled all over his balls, and the blood from the words scratched above her cunt ran down her juicy cleft, mixed with her pussy juices and ran over his abdomen.
She clenched her pussy muscles as she rode, trying to milk the cum from his balls. He pinched and twisted her tortured nipples after removing the clamps, but she was beyond feeling the pain. To her it was as if he were gently caressing her nipples, sending jolts of electricity straight to her cunt.
"You may cum slave. Cum all over my cock.", he told her.
At his words, she shuddered and came, her pussy spasming around his cock, gripping it tight.
"Good girl. You have earned your treat. You are allowed to suck me off and swallow my cum.", he said with a smile.
She smiled and climbing off his hard cock, she kneeled between his thighs and began to lick and suck at his swollen balls. They were full of cum, and she licked her lips in anticipation of her meal to come. She could taste the mixture of her blood, cum,  and his sweat as she licked his balls and the base of his cock. She took his length as deep down her throat as he could, gagging slightly the first couple times. She soon relaxed her throat and was able to take him all the way down her throat. His balls touched her lips and she licked them as her nose nestled in his trimmed pubes.
"Now suck and stroke like I taught you.", he instructed her. She pulled him from her tight throat muscles and began to stroke his shaft in rhythm with her bobbing head. She pulled back and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, causing it to twitch and jump. It wouldn't be long until she was fed. She alternated between sucking and licking the head of his cock, never stopping the slow pumping of her fist up and down the slick shaft. She could feel his cock begin to swell in her hand and knew he was only seconds from cumming.
"Time for slave to eat.", he gasped as the first jet of hot cum spurted from the tip of his cock and hit her on the lips and on the tip of her tongue. She licked the savory seed from her lips as his cum ran down over her still pumping fist, coating his belly and balls in sweet nectar.
"Clean me up, my cum slut. I know you want your treat.", he said a little out of breath from cumming so hard. She smiled and proceeded to lick up every drop of his cream that was now mixed with her cum and blood. They were both a mess of blood and sex juices, but she licked him clean, leaving no trace of either on his body as she bathed him with her tongue. Paying homage to her Masters' body, worshipping at the alter of his flesh.
When she was done he helped her to her feet and took her to the bathroom as he ran a bath while she kneeled silently on the bathroom floor. Helping her into the warm tub, he began to wash her hair and carefully wash the wounds on her tender flash. They were superficial and would heal quickly. As he bathed her he talked to her in a soothing voicing, bringing her back to him slowly. Soon she was clear eyed and talking to him.
"You have done me proud slave. You took my pain like a good girl and passed this test.", he said with a smile, beaming with pride. She smiled back at him in utter exhaustion.
Once she was clean, he dried her off with a warm towel and wrapped her in a soft robe and carried her to the big bed in the master bedroom. Putting her under the blankets and crawling in next to her, her pulled her to his chest as she quickly gave in to sleep. There would be many more tests in the future, but tonight she passed a big one, and with a smile he closed his eyes and drifted off into a contented sleep.
I hope I didn't frighten anyone with this first story.  I am a real sexual Sadist deep inside.