Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pussy whipped..

It's been way too long since I posted anything here. So here is a quick one from My twisted mind...


She was bound to the St Andrews cross. Waiting for him to begin. She was his to use as he wanted. She had given up her safeword, and he was the final arbiter of what she would experience. He approached her swinging the heavy flogger, and she knew that he would not be gentle.

The first lash landed across her tits. She moaned in pain and pleasure. Loving the impact of his whip on her flesh. He whipped her tits until she was the proper shade of red he wanted before he moved lower.
She found herself bound spread eagle on the St Andrews cross. Her legs were tied wide open, She could do nothing to shield herself, and that is how she wanted it. She wanted nothing more than to be helpless
She was tied there, awaiting his use. He approached her with the flogger in his hand. The heavy one that made such an impact on her in so many ways. She felt it physically and mentally. He walked up swinging it through the air. Showing it to her so she could see what she would soon be bnefore her Master. She had given up all control to him. No safeword anymore. She was his to use however he desired.
e moved lower. Her legs were spread, inviting him to delve deeper into her moist center. The whip landed at her most tender spot. She gasped at the first lash that landed on her tender cunt. He was going to whip that fuck hole until he was pleased that she had enough...Lash after lash landed on her molten center. Instead of pain, she felt the most intense arousal. She wanted more and more of his pain. He whipped her cunt hard. Each blow making her gasp, but she pushed her hips out to meet each one. Needing his pain. He knew she was on the verge of orgasm, and he laiid into her with the flogger. Lash after lash, her breathing became quicker and quicker, until with one final lash, she screamed and came with such intensity that her body shook in violent spasms.
Her juices gushed down her thighs as she came. He reached up and pinched her nipples between his fingers. Giving her the pain that he enjoyed so much.


I hope this was a nice little taste to hold you over until next week when I am on vacation and have time to write another story...