Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fed upon...

She was bound spread eagle as an offering to Him. The Dark Lord came once a month to feed, and it was her turn to have the honor. She waited naked and trembling in the chosen spot in the castle. The large double doors stood open to the cool moonlit night.

It seemed like she waited forever, and just when she thought he might not arrive, she saw a shifting of the darkness and he stepped into the room. He was tall and lithe, his head shaven clean, and his eyes burned as if lit from within.

He admired his offering this time. She was heavy breasted and full across the hips. Her ass was ample and round. She would be quite the delicious meal. Before he fed though, he would have to spice up his meal. He would whip her and get the sweet adreniline pumping into her blood stream. It was like adding spices to a bland meal.

His tools of torment were laid out for him as they were every time he came to feed. His well worn, but sturdy flogger, and the crown jewel of his arsenal, the single tail.

He picked up the flogger to get the blood flowing through her body and get her heart pumping to stir up the sanguine elixir. He began working her back and round ass, tehn up and down her legs and around to her full breasts. He was masterful with the flogger as her flesh turned an even crimson. She was breathing heavily and he could smell her sex. She was extremely aroused by his use, and he new she was going to be a special treat.

Laying down the flogger, he retrieved the single tail. The first lash lay her flesh open in a thin red line that seeped her ruby blood. He licked his lips in anticipation at tasting her life's fluid. He worked her back and ass only with the thin whip. Leaving her flesh crossed with bloody welts.

He could take it no longer, and he traced a long finger along one of the bleeding welts and brought it to his mouth. He licked the crimson blood from his finger and smiled. Grabbing her by the hair, he bent her head back and sank his fangs into the side of her neck.

The warm liquid burst from the vein in her neck, and began to flow down his throat. He hungrily sucked at her flesh, drinking deeply from her. His hand was on her chest, feeling her heart pounding as he took his fill from her. As he fed he could feel her heartbeat begin to slow as he drained her. When it got down to a slow rate he stopped feeding. It wouldn't do to drain her completely. He wanted to have her again. This one was special.

As he stood there next to her he reached down between her legs and found her to be sopping wet. He dipped a couple fingers in her hungry hole and scooped up her sweet juices. He licked them from his fingers. A sweet dessert.

He was going to instruct his servants to make sure this one was ready for him each time is was time for him to feed. She would be his meal from here on. She had a flavor that set his soul aflame...