Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How far...

She had asked him on many occasions how far he wanted to go. What were the depths of his sadism. He had asked her many times if she was sure she wanted to really know. She had assured him that she was ready, ready to take what he had to give, and to give him what he needed. A vessel for his pain. She would be filled tonight, and he would be emptied of the stored up hunger. At least for awhile.

She was waiting for him, kneeling in her place. The place he sent her for her quiet time when he wanted her to think on her submission to him. To focus her mind on her service to her Master. She knelt there with her arms behind her back, eyes down and breasts thrust forward for his pleasure.

He approached her with his leash in his hand. He clipped it on His collar of ownership. It was a heavy leather collar that she wore when the session was giong to be especially intense. Tonight he promised her was going to be unlike anything she had ever experienced or imagined. She was going to be pushed harder than she had ever been pushed. They were both going to find out what she could take, and how far she was willing to go to please her Master. This was going to be a test for both of them. He clipped the leash to the collar.

"Come with me slave.", he told her as he lead her from her spot. She knew where they were going. To the room. He had built a dungeon of sorts. A place they could train that he had soundproofed so her screams and moans couldn't be heard. They entered the room, and she saw that all of his implements had been prepared for the evening. She had experienced all of them at one time or another, but it looked like she would get them all tonight.

"Are you sure about this slave? This is your last chance to step back. I won't be upset with you, or hold it against you if you aren't ready.", he said as he looked into her eyes, into her very soul in fact.

"I'm ready Master. I want to give this to you. I want to take your pain Sir.", she answered with a steady gaze.

He gave her a smile, "That's my good girl, slave. You make Master very proud." He lead her over to the two chains that hung from the ceiling, and attached a wrist to each one.

"You will scream My love. There will be delicious pain, and it will feed me. You know what to say if it becomes too much.", he reminded her.

He began by spanking her ass and the backs of her thighs. Starting lightly and gradually increasing the strength of the swats. Soon she was moaning and her ass and thighs were a bright red. Now that she was warmed up to his satisfaction, he retrieved the heavy flogger. One of his favorite implements of torment. He started in on her ass and thighs as before, but theis time he moved up her back and down her legs. Whipping her all over. He moved around in front of her and began flogging her heavy breasts as well. He aimed for the tender nipples, so sensitive they were. She gasped as each lash landed, but each gasp was followed with a moan. Her breasts jiggled from the impact of each blow. They were soon as red as her ass so he moved on to her stomach. He flogged her over most of her body to give her an allover glow.

She was breathing heavily and sweating with the sensations she was feeling. He was sweating from his exertions as well. This was no gentle flogging. He was letting out the sadist in him. She wanted to see what he needed, and he wasn't going to disappoint her or cheat himself.

He took a moment to get a drink of water, and give her one as well, before he picked up his absolute favorite method of giving pain. The well worn, but still strong cane. He held it up by her mouth, and without hesitation she kissed it.

"This is going to be the hardest caning I have ever given you, slave. You will bleed for Master. Are you ready slave?", he asked her while looking into her eyes to read how she was.

"Yes Master.", she said simply. Biting her lip a little in nervousness as she was wont to do.

Stepping back behind her he landed the first lash. It wasn't a gentle warm up strike. This felt like it left a line of fire across her tender ass. The welt rising almost immediately. She yelped at the pain, and began to move in her bonds.

"Be still slave.", He warned her, and she stopped and stood still.

The next strike was the same, but on the other cheek. He landed each one, stopping to let the pain sink in so she could savor each burning lash. He landed a few more on each cheek, her ass becoming a cross hatch of welts and red lines. The next strike landed on the back of her thigh. This time she cried out in pain and surprise. She lifted that leg up in an effort to get it away from the pain.

"Feet flat on the floor, or I will cane then too.", he told her sternly. She immediately placed her foot back on the floor. That was a pain she didn't know if she could handle. Her feet were very tender.

The next blow was to the back of her other thigh. Once again she cried out, but kept her foot on the floor. He landed more blows. Working up and down the backs of her thighs and all over her tender, red ass. Some of the welts seeped blood, but she didn't notice. He did and his mouth watered at the sight. He wanted to taste her pain.

He stopped the caning and stepped forward to trace his tongue along one of the seepeing welts. Her coppery taste was heavenly, and she moaned at the soothing feel of his tongue on her wound.

He once again stepped in front of her, and with the cane, tapped lightly on her swollen, aroused nipples. He didn't strike then hard, but he didn't need to, to cause delicious pain. Her nipples were always sensitive, but in their aroused state, they were doubly so. She yelped and cried out as each blow landed on the tender nubs. He landed a few hard blows tothe fron of each thigh to mark them as nicely as the backs. He looked into her eyes then walked off without a word. She didn't know what was to come, but she was drenched in sweat from what had gone before.

He came back with a bag full of clothees pins and began to place then all over her body. He started on the insides of her thighs. Making a line of them from her knees to her crotch. He then placed as many as would fit on the outer lips of her now very wet cunt. He gave her swollen clit a quick rub with his thumb, eliciting a groan from her. Smiling, he went back to applying the pins.

He made two rows up her soft belly. One on each side of her navel, all the way up to her luscious tits. He applied several in circles around her nipple. Staring from the aereola and working his way out. Once he finished with that part, he placed one on each nipple. She arched her back in pain at that, and hissed in a breath. He felt his cock twitch at that display of pain.

He finished by making two lines from her chest up the backs of each arm. She was breathing a bit heavier, trying to process the pain coursing through her body. Focused most intently on her tortured nipples. The ones on her cunt hurt pretty bad too, but the feelings of arousal there tempered it a little bit.

He walked around her, admiring the display. Giving her reddened ass a swat with his hand here and there. Each swat made the clamps wiggle, which in turn made her hiss is pain. He would occasionally flick a clamp causing a flare of pain. He did this for a few minutes, delighting in her discomfort and gasps and moans of pain.

"Time to remove them now." , he told her. She was relieved until she saw him pick up the flogger once again. Her eyes widened, and he said," You didn't think I was just going to take each one off, did you? I will flog them off.", he told her with a wicked grin.

He started at the bottom and began whipping them off. She screamed as each one was knocked off of her skin. The pain just travelled up her legs as the clamps were knocked off. She began to shake in fear as he got close to her cunt. This was going to be far worse, she was sure. He stopped and simply removed the ones placed there with his hands. He didn't want to risk tearing something tender there by trying to knock then off. She relaxed a bit after that.

He looked into her eyes and said,"I won't be so kind with the ones on your nipples though."

A shiver went through her body at his words.

He continued whipping off the clamps lined up her belly. She was crying now from both the pain and the anticipation of the clamps being whipped off her tender nipples. As he got closer to her chest he went slower and more deliberately.

Once all the clamps were gone on her lower body, he stepped back and looked at her. Drinking in her fear and pain through her eyes. With a quick, heavy blow, he knocked all the clamps from one breast at once. A high, keening wail excaped her lips as she screamed out the pain. He stood there watching her as she settled down. Giving her the chance to realize there was one more side to go. She looked at him with her makeup streaming down her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak.

"Mast...", with a quick strike, he whipped them off of the other tit. She screamed again. He stepped up to her and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close to his chest. He rubbed the torured flesh of her chest and told her what a good slave she was. He held her a she removed the rest of the clamps with his hands. Little gasps came from her lips as each one was removed. Her skin was bruised here and there from where the clamps were placed and knocked off with the flogger. Her breasts were definitely going to be quite colorful in the next few days.

He kissed her on the lips, tasting her tears.

"Are you ok, slave?", he asked her as he turned her head up to face him.

"Yes Master. I'm better now. I didn't expect that.", she said with a wan smile. She was a mess of tears and smeared makeup, but she never looked more beautiful to him.

"We aren't done girl. Are you ready to proceed?", he inquired of her.

"Yes Master.", she said with a nod.

He walked over to the table and opened a box that sat there. From the box he removed several piercing needles. He had mentioned play piercing in the past, but she had told him she wasn't sure she could do it.

"Are you still ready?", he asked her again once she saw the needles.

She swallowed and said,"Yes Master, I am ready."

A big smile crossed his face as he began to lay them out. She wasn't sure how many he had, but there were a lot.

He started at her back. Slowly pushing the first one through the tender flesh. She felt a bit of a pinch as she was pierced, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she had expected. He inserted another below the first, mking a row down one side of her back. He then started on the other side and made another matching row. Once he was done, he retrieved a long black ribbon and began lacing it back and forth around the needles. She had said in the past that she thought a corset piercing looked beautiful, and now he gave her one, albeit a temporary one, for now. He took out a camera and took a quick photo of it so she could see it later.

He then walked around in front of her and pinched a bit of skin above her nipple and pushed a needle through the flesh. She gasped as it was more tender on her chest. He placed another above the first as he started a line up her breast. She could now see a little blood trickling from the needles and it made it more real. The ones in her back were hardly noticed because she couldn't see them. These were more "real" since she could see them. She felt herself really begin to float. She had been on the fringe of subspace from the flogging, caning and the clamps, but this was like a blast off into space. She felt like she was watching it happening to someone else as she watched fascinated. the pain was gone, just pressure was felt as each needle pierced her flesh.

Once all the needles were placed, he once again grapped a black ribbon and laced up a corset tie across her chest. He puuled out the camera again, but she tried to turn away.

"Master, my face is a mess. Please don't take my picture.", she begged.

"Slave, you do not turn away from Master, ever. Besides, I have never seen you look more beautiful.", he told her. She looked back at him as told, and he snapped the picture. He turned the viewscreen of the camera so she could see it. While her makeup was streaked down her face, she had to admit that she had never looked more lovely. She had a glow about her face, and her eyes were sparkling as if lit from behind by a raging fire.

He admired the look of the piercings. They looked amazing. She smiled and agreed after he showed her what her back looked like.

"You will get a permanent corset piercing on your back, slave. ilove how it looks.", he said simply. not a question, but a statement of fact.

"Yes Master, I will.", she responded with no doubt in her mind that it was what was right.

He started removing the ribbons then the needles from her back. Once he was done, she could feel his tongue as he licked away what must have been blood dripping from the tiny wounds. He then came around in front of her and did the same. She watched him as he ran his tongue up the row of blood trickles, and then he kissed her deeply. She could taste the coppery flavor of her own blood on his tongue, and it was electrifying. She felt a fresh bloom of passion in her loins and she realized that the insides of both her thighs were drenched in her fluids. Her cunt had been flowing freely as he had given her his pain.

She began to squirm around, moving her hips as her arousal climbed as they kissed. He pulled back and looking down at her body, he asked her," Does Master's little pain slut need to be fucked?"

"Yes please Master. Please fuck your cunt.", she begged desperately as her hips moved towards him. Seemingly without her realizing it.

With a smile, he reached down and pushed htree fingers into her hungry cunt. She was soaked. Wetter than he had ever felt her before. He pinched one of her nipples hard as he started fucking her hard and fast with his fingers. He added a fourth finger and she spread her legs wider to take him in. He smiled and stopped, tucking his thumb into his palm he began to slowly push his fist inside her needy fuck hole.

"Yes Master.", she gasped as his hand slid up inside her until it was buried wrist deep. She had wanted to try this, but the opportunity had never arisen. He began to fuck her with his fist. slowly at first to let her get used to it, then faster and faster. Her hips were bucking as she humped his fist, wanting it more and harder.

She was moaning loudly and crying now.

"Please Master. May I cum?", she begged.

"I don't think you really need it that bad. How does a slave ask for something she really needs?", he prompted her.

"Please Master. This dirty whore wishes to cum for Master's pleasure.", she said. Her training kicking in, even through the fog of lust.

"Cum slave. Fuck Master's fist and cum like the little slut you are.", he ordered her.

With his words, she shrieked and her cunt clenched around his fist as she gushed down over his hand. Her juices running down his arm and splashing on the floor. She bucked and jerked as he pounded his fist inside her, wringing every last orgasm from her until she hung by her arms from the ropes. Breathing heavily, her head hanging down on her heaving chest.

"What a horny little fuck slut I own. You were so needy from My pain that you needed to have your cunt stretched and pounded. Good slave whore.", he said with a big smile.

"Use me Master.", she said simply as she looked up at him from beneath her sweat matted hair. "Take your pleasure in your slave's body."

Untying her hands, he put her on the floor with her ass up. He grabbed the double cuffs he had made and cuffed her wrists to her ankles so her legs were spread wide and she was helpless to him. He lubed up a large anal plug and slowly pushed it into her tight asshole. She groaned as it went in. Usually it was more difficult, but she was relaxed from all the orgasms.

He knelt behind her a pulled out his engorged cock and slammed it nto her sopping cunt in one hard stroke. She was so wet his hips slammed into the back of her thighs, such was the force of his penetration. He ravished her cunt. Pounding it and hurting it with his cock. He used her as nothing more than the vessel of his lust. A body to be used hard with no concern to her pleasure. Simply for his.

She grunted with the force of each trust. His cock was pounding against her cervix and it hurt, but she didn't care, she wanted to give him what he needed, and right now that was to taking his bruising cock. his fingers were dug deply and paifully into her full hips. His nails digging into the flesh as he pulled her hard back onto his cock. He had never felt so steel hard before and he wanted nothing more than to hurt her with his cock. To pound her into submission with it.

He could feel his seed beginning to build in his balls. He pulled out and walked in front of her, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up. He pushed his cock roughly into her mouth, bruising her lips as he did so. He fucked her mouth with the same violence that he has fucked her cunt. She gagged and drooled as her throat was used like a cunt. Her hair two handles for his control of her head.

She could feel his cock grow even bigger, and she knew he was close to cumming. Pulling out, he said.

"Open up bitch. Stick out that tongue and don't you lose a drop or you will lick it up.", he growled. With a groan, his cock spasmed and the first thick jet of cum shot out and splashed down the length of her tongue into her mouth. Jet after jet of his hot seed pumped out into her mouth. He felt like he'd never stop cumming, such was his arousal. Finally the spasms negan to subside and the last few squirts dribbled onto the tile floor.

"Now look what you did, slave. My cum whore better clean that up.", he told her. He pulled her up to look at him closely. Her mouth still full of his thick seed. She hadn't been given permission to swallow yet. She had a dreamy, disconnected look in her eyes. She was flying really high this time. He nodded his head and she swallowed his cum. Licking her lips and smiling at her gift.

"You aren't done yet slut.", as he pointed to the floor. She smiled and bent to lick up his spilled seed on the floor. She moaned in pleasure as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Unconcerned that she was licking it from the floor. Her submission so deep that his order was to be simply followed, no question.

"Good little cum slut.", he told her with a smile. He reached down and began to undo the cuffs that bound her. Her body was a bruised and bloody mess. Her face streaked with tears and makeup, and her lips bruised and swollen from his pounding cock.

He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she nuzzled into his chest. He carried her to the tub, placed her inside and ran a nice hot bath to soothe her soreness. She would feel it for a few days he thought as he washed her body and hair. She had passed is expectations, and he knew this would not be the last time she would feed the Sadist...