Saturday, December 3, 2011


She knelt there with her legs strapped. There were straps wrapped around each leg so that her calves were held tight against the backs of her legs. She was immobilized although her legs were spread wide. There were also straps around her torso, binding her arms tightly behind her back. She could not move at all. A set of holes only to be used.

The flogger rained down heavy blows as her throat was pounded by another hard cock. She was her Master's and his friends enjoyment tonight. She would not be able to move until everyone had their use of her, in whatever manner they wanted.

Right now her mouth was being fucked, but maybe later it would be her cunt. Her ass had already been filled with a thick load of hot cum from a man she never even saw. She couldn't even turn her head her bondage was so constricting. As these thoughts ran through he mind, the man pounding her throat groaned and pumped his hot seed down her gullet. She dutifully swallowed like the good hole she was. She was not a person this night, but just a sex toy for their fun.

The flogging continued on her ass though, and she felt another flogger start up to join the other. They began whipping harder and harder, seemingly trying to outdo each other. She lay there taking in the exquisite pain. Her cunt clenching and dripping with lust. She knew she would not cum. Sex toys didn't orgasm.

One of the floggers moved up to her back, and suddenly a cane was striping her ass along with the thud of the flogger. Her mind was racing with all the stimulation, but yet she felt quiet and calm. No desire to move, just absorb all that she was given.

Another cock pushed against her swollen lips, and she opened her mouth as a good toy does and allowed it to slide down her throat. She was trained to take any cock all the way down. It had taken a lot of training, but she no longer had a gag reflex.

As the new cock began to pump in and out of her wet sucking mouth, another cock began pushing at her tight asshole. She almost grunted in pain as this cock was very thick. Thicker than any she had ever taken in her ass. She could not grunt though, she was just a toy that felt nothing. It pushed deep into her bowels, it's girth nearly matched by it's length. Whoever he was, he was taking his time. He slowly pushed in then pulled out the whole length each time. Making her feel every inch of it.

Her mind was overloaded with the feeling of being filled at both ends. The men began to fuck her in unison. Pushing in then pulling out at the same time. Their rhythm picking up speed until she was being crushed between their sweating, hammering bodies. Almost as one they both shuddered and started pumping her full of their viscous cream. The one in her mouth had pulled back a bit, so she felt his cum flowing over her tongue. His seed was a little bitter, but she still relished the taste of it on her tongue.

Her guts were being pumped full of hot cum by the bull in her ass. He apparently had shot a load to match the impressiveness of his equipment. She felt her ass overflowing with it, dripping down her sopping cunt to drip on the table she knelt on.

She knew not how many men used her that night. It was a blur of cum, hard cocks, and pain. She remembered only snippets. A laugh here, and a grunt there. Her body being filled and covered with cum. Some of them shot their loads across her face and in her hair. Some on her ass as they pulled out from either her cunt or well used asshole.  Some pumped her holes full of the hot loads. Cum dripped from every orifice. She could feel the sticky emissions coating her skin, and quietly reveled in the sensation.

That last thing she remembered as the house quieted was her Master coming up to her and whispering in her ear.

"I am very proud of My fuck toy tonight. You were a good little whore and impressed my friends with your training. Tomorrow you will be rewarded.", He said as her stroked her cum coated cheek. "Sleep now. You will clean up in the morning."

The room was kept warm, so she knew she wouldn't get cold lying there naked. She soon began to drift off to sleep with a contented smile on her lips. He was proud of her. That was all she ever needed to hear.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

His plaything...

She slept on a mattress placed on the floor by her Master's bed. She was allowed on the bed when she was being used, but when she wasn't, she slept on her mattress with the chain attached to her collar. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere without his permission. To an outsider her life would seem harsh, but to her it was exactly what she had always needed, even before she knew it.

Master had collared her about six months ago, and she had lived there ever since. Her previous life seemed like a dream. It didn't seem real to her any longer. Every day was the fulfillment of every fantasy she had over the last few years. Ever since she discovered sexual slavery by chance while doing research on an article for her college history class. Once she started reading about it, it was like a whole world opened before her. She researched it voraciously, sometimes staying up all night reading article after article on the subject. Once she knew what it was, she knew that is what she had always yearned for. The control of a man, to serve him in any way he desired. To give him everything he wanted no matter what.

I took her awhile to find him, or did he find her. She sometimes thought that it was she who was found by him. After the initial talking and finding out what he wanted, she knew he was the one. A little older, but she knew his experience was going to teach her to be the best slave she could be. She would give every fiber of her being to make him proud.

Now as she awakened to the sun shining through the window, warming her naked body, she stretched her sore muscles. She had been used pretty good last night. Her ass and back bore the stripes and welts from his whip. There was still cried cum in her hair and on her cheeks from being marked with his seed.

He came in and, as she was trained, she assumed the kneeling position. Eyes down, hands on thighs awaiting his orders.

"On your feet slave. It is time for your bath. Take care of your daily grooming. You have 30 minutes.", he told her as he unlocked the chain with the key at his belt.

"Yes Master. As you desire.", she responded keeping her eyes down.

She went into the bathroom and quickly ran a hot bath, scrubbing her skin clean and shaving her legs and cunt. He required her to be smooth so there was nothing in the way of his ministrations. Some of them would be troublesome if she had pubic hair.

Once she was properly groomed and dried, she returned to the room and kneeled down at his feet as her sat at his desk. She silently waited there for whatever he required of her. He finished some paper work having to do with his business. She wasn't quite sure what he did, but she knew it nade it possible for him to keep her as his slave with no responsibilities on her part other than to serve him. She wanted for nothing material, but she needed very little. She was well fed and clothed, when she was allowed to be dressed. They often went out for wonderful meals where he would order for her. He made all decisions for them both.

Today was going to be a trying day for her. He had told her last night, that it was strictly a warm-up. She could tell by the glint in his eye that he was feeling sadistic, and that there would be pain and humiliation for her.

Once he finished his work, he stood and beckoned her to follow.

"Come slave. It is time.", he said with a quiet tone. A tone that she knew now meant he was going to give her pain. She crawled along behind him. Her head down as she moved along the hallway trailing him to that room. The room where all her worst nightmares and wildest dreams took place. They were one and the same though now.

They entered the room and there was the St Andrews cross, the whipping horse and his table where he would bind her for his tortures. The walls were adorned with all manner of implements. Floggers of all sizes, acnes of many types and materials. Rope and chains, shackles and cuffs. Every conceivable piece of equipment a sadist could want or need. On a table against the wall was the most frightening thing of all. The box. Contained within were his most diabolical tools of his trade. In that simple looking box were the things nightmares were made of. That box would be opened today.

He helped her to her feeet and kissed her tenderly on the lips, his tongue dancing with hers. He fed on her taste as he would soon feed on her pain and fear. She knew it would be particularly bad today by the way he kissed her. He was always this tender before he really hurt her.

She was bound to the cross at hand and foot. Now immobile and helpless against anything he wished to do to her.

"You will scream little one. Do not be ashamed of it. It is what I desire.", he told her with a calm to his voice that sent a shiver down her spine.

He went to the box and opened it. He began to remove objects from within. There were piercing needles, a thin sharp knife and some heavy thread. There was also a small torch and some various shaped pieces of metal. These last items brought an icy fist to close around her throat. They were his branding irons. He had spoken to her about being branded, had told her that one day he would give her his mark. Although it was only temporary on her flesh, it would be forever seared into her mind.

He laid them out carefully with the torch to heat them. It would be the final act in todays drama, but there would be many other delicious horrors before then.

"Time to warm you up a little my delicious slut. You will have to go deep to endure my pleasures today. Let your mind go and I will take you on a wonderful journey.", he smiled at her as he moved her hair from her face. He kissed her gently on the lips, then gazed deeply into her eyes. She saw a hardness there and knew the beast was awake within him. She was frightened, but she knew he would never harm her, never give her more than she could take. He had trained her well these last six months to get to this point.

He began with his heavy flogger. He started on her thighs and breasts. Whipping it across her tender flesh. Her stomach was not immune to the lash either. The impacts were thudding and the tails bit into her flesh as well. She could feel welts starting to appear on her skin and welcomed his pain. She took it into herself and gave it back to him in her writhing and moaning. Showing him that she needed his touch in whatever form he chose to give her.

He landed several hard blows to her tits, seeming to directly strike her sensitive swollen nipples on each stroke. Her nipples swelled to painful hardness from the painful stimulation. Pain always made her nipples hard, embarrassingly so. He knew this and always targeted them whenever he whipped her. Her thighs next bore the brunt of his attentions. The muscles jiggled with each impact, the tender inside glowing red after several hard lashes. Tears began to trace down her cheeks. The first of many to come.

Now that she was warmed up, it was time for the cane. He pulled out his well worn, but still quite sturdy rattan cane. It was thin and left vicious welts. She had felt it's bite many times in the previous months, and was very familiar with it's kiss. He began on the underside of her full tits. The skin tender there. Each blow felt like fire being traced along her flesh. He was slow and methodical. Controlled with a deadly calm. He never rushed. He savored each blow and watched her body for every reaction, every moan and whimper. Her drank deeply from the river of her pain.

Her ran the point of the cane across the top of her breasts, poking hard into the tips of her oh so erect nipples. Causing her to gasp at the pain. A small smile teasing at the corner of his mouth. He began to lightly tap the hard little bits of flesh. Gently at first then harder and harder. Not having to strike too hard though. They were so sensitive, just a firm strike felt agonizing to her. But although it was painful, her nipples became even more erect.

There was a reason for this particular ploy as always. He grabbed first one nipple then the other and placed the clover clamps on them. The teeth biting cruelly into the tender flesh. She knew this was just the start of the torment of her nipples. The mere fact that they were so sensitive always made them the target of his torture. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of small weights. He began hanging them from the connecting chain of the clamps. With each added weight, they bite ever more cruelly into her. Tears sprang anew from her eyes, her makeup leaving dark streaks down her face. He loved to make her a lovely mess when he tormented her.

Once all the weights were hung, he moved onto the insides of her thighs once again. The flesh was so vulnerable and tender, that there were soon thin pink welts criss crossing the skin. He reached up to stroke her cunt, finding it drooling like a wanton whore's. His pain made her incredible wet and she could never deny her reactions. She was a pain slut through and through. He smiled up at her and jammed three fingers inside her molten center, fucking her quickly with his strong fingers. She began to buck her hips and groan.

"Don't you cum, slave. It isn't time yet.", he ordered her, but did not slow his ravaging of her pussy with his hand. He pounded his fingers into her, making her squirm and jerk in her restraints. She cried out in frustration as she couldn't cum without his permission, no matter what pleasures she was receiving. He had trained her so. She wailed as she hung right on the edge of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity before he removed his fingers from her sopping cunt. He licked some of her juices from his fingers, then stuck them into her mouth.

"Clean your sex from my hand. Lick off every drop like my good little whore.", he told her, and she sucked and lapped at his fingers until no trace remained of her juices.

Her eyes now had a glassy look to them and he could tell she was sinking into sub space. She had a dreamy look on her face and smiled at him when he touched her face.

Walking to the table he gathered the tray of needles. First he pinched a bit of skin on her stomach and slowly pushed the needle thorugh the tight flesh. A small hiss of air was the only sign she gave of what she felt. Another was placed below the first. One by one he made a row of them down one side then another row on the other side until there was a row of six on each side of the belly. He then took the heavy thread and began tying it around the needles, lacing them in a crossing pattern on her stomach. Soon she looked like she had a corset laced in front. There were a few small trickles of blood that he scooped up with his finger and licked it off. He loved the coppery taste of her blood.

Then he started in her her right breast. Pinching a bit of flesh, he inserted the needle under her skin with the tip pointed towards her nipple. He then placed another in the same relative position. Around her nipple he went with one needle after another, until it was surrounded. He then started on a second row. Continuing the same until there were three rows of needles encircling her breast. Her breathing was a bit rapid and he checked to make sure she was ok. She nodded she was fine and he moved on to her other breast.

He copied the pattern he made, and her breasts soon looked like flowers upon her chest. He removed the clover clamps, making her moan in pain at the returning blood flow, and moved them to the lips of her sopping pussy. He also pulled two more sets of clamps and placed them there as well. Weights were added to those chains and she felt a wonderful pull on her nether lips. The pain was wonderfully exquisite, and her pussy responded by dripping her juices down the chains of the clamps and onto the floor.

He reached down and rubbed her clit. She jumped as if shocked. Her clit was incredibly swollen and throbbing. She nearly came just from the initial contact. He illicited a moan with his stroking, but stopped before she could get close to cumming.

As she hung there in her restraints, he went back to the box. She didn't know what he he was doing. She thought he had pulled out all of his devices of torment. He busied himself with something out of her line of site as she waited in horrible anticipation as to what this new torture could be.

She suddenly heard a faint crackle and smelled ozone as he turned with a violet wand in his hand. Her eyes widened in surprise. This was a new one that he had never even discussed. She was frightened. She had a fear of electrical toys and he knew it. She started shaking her head, but knew that he wouldn't stop. That deep down she didn't want him to.

He first touched it to one of the chains connecting the clamps on her pussy, and she felt the shock jump straight to her clit. She screamed in pain and surprise. He touched each chain in turn, making her jump and scream each time. It hurt, but her cunt also throbbed with desire from it. Then he moved to the needles piercing her tits. As he touched one, the spark would jump to another, giving her little jolts. Her nipples stood out harder than they ever had. They ached with the arousal. He laughed at seeing her state, and continued to torture her tits with the wand. Making her scream and cry under his ministrations.

She was soon exhausted with her writhing and fighting against the ropes binding her. She knew there was no escape, but her body still fought to flee. He put the wand away and stood there looking at her with an evil grin.

"Are you ready slave, ready to bear my mark?", he asked her. She knew he was going to do it regardless of her answer, but she nodded her head and said,"Yes Master."

He lit the torch and took the first iron into the flame. There would be three strikes to make his family mark. Each iron a different pattern to make the final brand. Soon the first iron was glowing red and it was time. He approached her and told her not to move. If she moved, the strike would be ruined and they would stop right there. She did not want to disappoint him and ruin it, so she forced herself to be completely still, though her body wanted to pull back.

The first strike touched the flesh between her breasts and the pain tore through her body. It was only there for a moment, but the burning continued much longer. Her nerves aflame with the pain. Her body began to shake from the adrenaline rush and the endorphins flooding her body. He let her process the pain while he heated the next iron. By the time the second iron was hot enough, the tremors had subsided. This time she handled it better, the endorphins pumping full force through her and her head in that place she went when he was using her in the cruelest ways. The last iron was now being heated for the final biggest strike that tied the whole pattern together. Once it was glowing red he placed it against her already blistering flesh and left the iron there just a bit longer to make this mark the most prominent of the three.

Now that the branding was done, she began shaking anew with the relief that she had made it through and the rush going through her body, fighting the pain on her chest.

Once her shaking had stopped, he removed the bindings on her, helping her off of the cross.

"Kneel slut and show your Master how much you appreciate him giving you his mark.", he ordered her.

She dropped to her knees and took his throbbing cock from his pants. The tip was smeared with his juices and the head was an angry purple. He was quite apparently aroused more than usual. Her pain had made him harder than he had remembered in a long time. She wrapped her lips around the swollen head and sucked the pre-cum out of his cock. There was so much she was a little shocked, but she smiled and savored his fluid on her tongue. She slowly engulfed him with her mouth, taking him deeper and deeper until her nose was nestled in the closely trimmed pubes at the base of his cock. She held him there unable to breath as long as she could, working her throat muscles, massaging his cock with them. Then slowly pulling up off of him to take a breath. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head and she flicked the tip on the underside of his prick. She was a very enthusiastic cock sucker, and he enjoyed when she displayed her skills.

She would take him deep a few times, then use her tongue on him, hitting all the sensitive spots. She sucked his balls, rolling each around in her mouth until his sack was nice and wet. Sucking him down again, she could feel his cock growing even thicker and knew he was close to cumming. She stroked his balls and felt them tightening up signaling his imminent release. She pulled back a little and began pumping his slick shaft with her fist, rubbing her tongue on the underside of the head. Looking up into his eyes as she milked his cock.

With a deep groan he unleashed his load. The first spurt hit the back of her throat, making her gag a little before she swallowed it down. The subsequent spasms pumped his thick load over her tongue, coating it in his warm seed. She gave him long strokes to milk every drop of cum from him. Her mouth filling with his creamy load. At last his orgasm subsided and she knelt there stroking him as she let his cum roll around on her tongue, savoring every nuance of his flavor, before he nodded giving her permission to swallow. She gulped down his cum with a smile and licked her lips to make sure she didn't miss a drop.

Tucking his cock back in his pants, he pushed her forward so her ass was up in the air. He picked up the largest dildo, lubed it up, and slammed it into her tight ass. She screamed at the sudden painful invasion, but before she could react to it, he jammed three fingers into her gushing cunt and began fucking her hard with his fingers. She screamed with the suddeness of it all. Her cunt throbbed, and her asshole felt like it was split in two.

"Take it slave, take my fingers deep.", he growled at her as he continued the assault on her cunt. He pounded his fingers into her as she moaned and bucked her hips.

"May I please cum Sir?", she asked him.

"Is that how you ask slut?, he responded.

"Please Sir, may this slave cum for you?", she begged. Her voice cracking with the effort to hold back her orgasm.

He grabbed the base of the dildo and started slamming it into her asshole with the same ferocity as his hand in her cunt.

"Cum My little whore! Cum for your Master!", he yelled at her.

With his words, a high keening wail came from her lips as her orgasm ripped through her. Her body arching up as he unrelentingly pounded into her holes, ripping her orgasms from her, not letting her calm down, making her cum again and again. She screamed with the intensity of them. Her body contorting as she came one after the other in a seemingly endless string.

"Please stop Master. I can't take any more.", she pleaded.

"You will take as much as I say. Keep cumming My slut. Cum for Master.", he ordered her.

His words set off another intense string of orgasms. They were so intense her abdominal muscles began cramping and the spasms in her cunt began to feel painful. It seemed like he would never stop, and she felt as if she might pass out from the overwhelming sensations when he suddnely ripped both his fingers and the dilod from her well used holes.

She collapsed on the floor, the needles digging into her flesh, but she didn't care. She hardly noticed them in her overloaded mental state. She had given everything she had, and more. She was utterly exhausted. She lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes before her Master rolled her onto her back and began removing the clamps from her inflamed pussy. She screamed as he removed each one from the blood rushing back into the compressed flesh. Then he started removing all the needles. It seemed to her to take forever. There were so many of them, but soon they were all removed and she lay there with little trickles of blood here and there.

As soon as her breathing returned to normal, he had her kneel up for him. She returned to her trained position, eyes down and hands on her thighs. She was shaking a little in the aftermath of her use, but otherwise she was handling it like the well trained slave she was.

He attached a leash to her collar and began leading her back to the room. He told her to take a shower and she would find some cream for her branding when she got out. He left her in the bathroom to bathe, and before she stepped into the shower, she looked in the mirror at the mark she now bore. She ran her fingers over the blistered flesh, and although it was painful, she smiled with pride at the honor of bearing his mark.



Saturday, November 19, 2011


She was bound hanging by her hands, her feet barely touching the floor. She knew the pain was coming and she was dizzy with fear. It was her week of chastity, and his form of it terrified her.
She felt the first prick of the needle as it pierced the swollen lip of her wet cunt. Even though she was scared, she couldn't help that she got incredibly aroused at the thought of his pain. She could feel the fine thread being pulled through her flesh as her cunt was sewn shut. For a week she would only be tormented with pain and would not be penetrated, at least not in her cunt. Her ass would be brutally violated repeatedly by his large cock, and her throat would be raped as well.
Once she was effectively sexless, he tied off the thread to close her good. There were small trickles of blood leaking from the tiny wounds and he leaned down and licked the sanguine fluid from her quivering flesh. The taste of her fear aroused him mightily.
He next took the piercing needles and pushed one each quickly through each nipple, eliciting a scream as each one was driven into her erect flesh. The more she screamed, the harder his cock throbbed.
Now that she was probably prepped it was time for his pleasure. He pulled his pulsating cock from his jeans and stepping behind her, he forced it into her tight asshole in one quick, hard thrust. A savage scream was torn from her throat from the sudden pain. Her nipples forgotten in the searing agony of her violated ass. He was large and stretched her even when he took his time. When he was in this sadistic mood, she was just hurt.
He grabbed her hips and pounded into her bleeding hole. The tightness made it hard for him to hold back, but that was OK. He wasn't looking to last tonight. This was all about his pleasure. She was to have only his pain.
When he felt his balls swelling as he neared his orgasm, he suddenly released the rope holding her up and let her fall to the ground. Grabbing her by the hair he yanked her to her knees and shoved his hard member down her throat, causing her to gag on his invading member, He wanted to hurt her with his cock as he pounded the back of her throat.
She could feel his cock swelling in her throat and knew he wouldn't last much longer. She awaited the spilling of his seed in her mouth for at least some pleasure for her. At the last minute, he pulled out, denying her that joy. With a groan, he shot his hot load across her face, into her eye and hair. A stream oozed down her cheek to drip onto her heaving tits.
Once he had shot his full load, he quickly yanked the needles from her nipples, causing another scream, then told her to get dressed. She was going to walk down to the corner store to get him something to drink. She was going to the store wearing his cum on her face and in her hair for everyone to see what a dirty little whore she was. The lecherous little guy who worked the register was sure to jack off many nights after seeing her cum stained lips and makeup smeared eyes.
This one was a challenge from a reader friend of mine. It just flowed from the darkest depths of my mind. She wanted to know how dark I could get. I hope it doesn't shock you too much. She liked it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well used...

She was awakened by a hand at her throat. She was pulled roughly from her slumber by the strong hand of her Master. Put on her knees she immediately took her position. Even though she was still half asleep, she was well trained and could practically do it in her sleep. A rope was pulled out and her hands bound behind her back. The rope waws then looped around her neck, keeping her arms pulled up high on her back. If she relaxed her arms too much, the rope tightened around her throat.

Her knees were spread apart as she automatically did when she was kneeling before him. Her cunt was his to use as he wanted, so she had to make sure he always had unobstructed use to it. He stepped up in front of her and with the toe of his boot he nudged her pussy, eliciting a moan from her. Stepping back he saw smears of her juices on the polished toe of his boot.

"Turned on already I see. That's my good whore.", he said as he stroked her hair. She smiled at the praise.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, he shoved his already stiffening cock into her mouth. She tried not to gag, but he took her too suddenly. She gagged a couple times as he pounded her throat before she was able to relax and take him deep.

"Good little cock sucker. Your lessons are really showing. You only gagged a bit.", he said as he stopped and just left his cock deep down her throat. She couldn't breathe, but she just sat there calmly, looking up at him with adoring eyes as she ran out of oxygen. Just as she felt she would pass out, he slowly withdrew and put his cock back in his pants as she drew in large gulps of air.

He reached down and released her hands from behind her back. "Come with me slut.", he ordered as he walked away. She crwaled after him. Her head down as she followed his steps down the hall. She knew where they were going, and she went with some trepidation. Wicked things happened to her in that room.

Once in the room, she saw that things were different. He had rearranged the room. There was now simply his chair in the center of the room with the light shining on it. His rack of implements stood nearby.

He walked over and sat down as she followed and knelt in front of him.

"Pleasure me slut.", he told her as he sat there. She reached up and undid his pants. Reaching inside she pulled his semi-hard cock free of it's prison. Giving it a couple strokes, she leaned forward and slowly engulfed his thickening rod in her wet mouth. Slowly she pushed her mouth down, taking him in inch by inch. The whole time her eyes were locked on his. Giving herself to him completely. Showing him her love and devotion with this act of worshiping his cock. She loved his cock, wanted nothing more than to pleasure it, taste it, have it in her mouth.

Once she took him all the way down, she stayed there, waiting as his cock throbbed in her throat. He smiled at her and nodded slightly. She began the slow pull up, dragging her lips up his shaft as she sucked hard until just the head remained inside her. She swirled her tongue around the tip, flicking it on the sensitive underside. All the things he had taught her he loved. Her head began bobbing up and down on his hard cock. Taking him deep in slow strokes, then fast shallow strokes as she worked his cock trying to make him cum all over her tongue. She wanted to taste his seed, needed it.

Her fist pumped up and down in rhythm with her mouth, working his cock the best she knew how. She wanted to please Master. She lived to please him with all her body and heart. Just when she thought he was going to give her his blessing, he placed his hand on the back of her head, stopping her. She looked up at him with a questioning look.

"Not yet My little cum whore. I'm not ready for that yet.", he said as he smiled down at her. "Lean back and touch yourself for me. Show me how good you can make yourself feel for Master."

She kneeled up and spread her legs as wide as she could. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she let her hands trail down her body, stroking her breasts and pinching her erect nipples on the way down to her cunt. She pushed her fingers into her soaked cleft. Feeling her clit hard and swollen like a little cock. She rubbed all around it, sliding the skin of the hood up and down over it. Her breath hitching and catching in her throat as she hit a sensitive spot.

He watched her, idling stroking his hard cock as she performed for him. A well trained slave she was. She pushed two then three fingers inside herself, fucking her hungry cunt for his pleasure. Never taking her eyes from his. He drank in her pleasure, watching it in her eyes.

She humped her fist, riding it hard, her breathing coming in short gasps. She wanted to cum for him. Wanted to show him how much she loved him. He smiled watching her, knowing what was in her thoughts.

"Do you want to cum for me slut?", he asked her. She could only nod her head as she bit her lip to forestall the impending orgasm. He smiled at her as he watched her frantically finger fucking herself. Needing to cum, but not daring to until he told her to.

"Cum.", he said simply, and she groaned deep in her throat as her orgasm washed over her. Her back arched as she curled downward as her abdominal muscles spasmed and locked up. She then leaned back, looking up at the light. Her heaving breasts glistening with sweat as she ground her thumb against her clit and came with terrible force. Her juices streaming down over her fist and dripping on the floor. She soon slumped forward, exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm, her thighs twitching from the strain of her orgasm.

"Come here my good little slut. You have earned your meal.", he told her. She crawled to him and as he held his cock pointed towards her mouth, she slowly engulfed his entire shaft. Her nose pressing into the closely trimmed pubes at the base of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and swiped the tip across his shaved balls. He pulled her off his cock by a handful of hair and pushed her mouth down towards his balls.

"Lick them and suck them good. You have been neglecting them lately. Bathe me with your tongue.", he instructed her. She gently took each ball in her warm wet mouth and caressed it with her tongue. She loved the feeling of the smooth flesh in her mouth. She bathed his sack with reverance, cleaning it with her mouth and tongue.

Once his balls were thoroughly worshipped, he once again grabbed her by the hair and aimed his throbbing rod at her lips. She again engilfed his hardness, and gave him the best blowjob she was capable of. As she started sucking him off, he grabbed the flogger and began flogging her ass in rhythm with her head bobing on his cock. Every time she went down on him, he whipped her ass. She would stop netween strokes and twirl her tongue around the thick head of his cock, teasing the hole with her tonge before taking him deep again and receiving another lash. The pattern kept repeating, suck deep, swirl, tease and swallow again.

She kept doing this gradually increasing her speed. Letting his orgasm build from deep inside. She kept looking in his eyes, showing him how much she wanted and loved him. Showing him how much he owned her, body and mind. He suddenly dropped the flogger and grabbed her hair in both fists and started pushing head mouth down hard onto his cock. Raising his hips up to fuck her mouth at the same time.

He yanked her up by the hair, pushed her to the floor, leaning back against his chair and straddled her. Once again he grabbed her hair and started pounding her, holding her tight by the throat. Using her mouth for his pleasure. She could feel his cock swelling and knew he was about to cum. With a groan he pulled back slightly and she felt the first hot gush of his cum pour over her tongue. The tangy taste heaven to her. His cock twitched and jerked as each jet squirted into her hungry mouth. She moaned around his cock in pleasure as he fillled her mouth with his seed. Holding it in her mouth, his cock was surrounded by the warm liquid of his love. Her mouth nearly overflowing with hot cum.

When his orgasm subsided, he pulled out with a pop as she made sure to suck out every last drop.

"Show me.", he ordered her, and she opened her mouth to show him her mouthful of his cum. She let it roll over her tongue, letting it cover every taste bud. Luxuriating in his tangy sauce. She treated it like a fine wine she was tasting. When she had thoroughly enjoyed his essence he smiled at her and said, "Swallow,  My cum slut."

She swallowed down his creamy load and smiled as she licked her lips, making sure she got every delicious drop. Not wanting to miss any of it.

"Good girl.", he said as he stroked her hair and gave her a kiss. "Now clean up and make breakfast. I've worked up quite an appetite."


Friday, November 11, 2011


She was just getting home from a long day at work. She was tired and not really paying close attention to her surroundings. As she stepped from her car, she was grabbed from behind and something was placed over her nose and mouth. It had a chemical smell, and before she could struggle away from it, she felt herself sliding away into unconciousness.

She woke up naked and chained to a bed with only a bare mattress under her. She briefly struggled until she realized that there was no way she would break free from the chains, so she lay there trying to figure out who would have done this. She was a smart girl and not prone to panic. She figured if she just kept her head, she would get out of this. Panic would just disable her.

After a brief time a hooded man walked in, and without saying a word he blindfolded her. In her brief glance, she was unable to even identify the color of his skin. He wore gloves and a long sleeve shirt, and the hood came down over his shoulders hiding even his hair color. Once she was effectively blinded, he spoke.

"You have been brought here because you have been a very bad girl. I will teach you to be more respectful and humble.", he told her.

She didn't recognize his voice, so she had no clue who he could be. She was also clueless as to who would think she was a bad girl. She tried to always be pleasant, at least as much as she figured everyone else was.

She felt gloved hands begin to roam up her legs, stroking and carressing them as they traveled. When they got to her crotch, her clit was suddenly and quite painfully pinched. She shrieked in shock and pain it the suddeness of it.

"Bastard!!! That hurt!", She spat her words at him.

For her outburst she got a slap across her tits.

"Behave, or it will be much worse, slut.", he said in a measured and calm voice.

She was offended by the word slut, but figured she better stay calm and not fight him if she wanted to get out of this.

He went back to stroking and pinching her here and there. He tweaked her nipples and twisted them as he pinched. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and giving him the pleasure of her distress.

He moved back down and began to stroke the lips of her pussy. She tried to think of anything else she could, but her body betrayed her and she could feel her cunt growing damp.

"So the slut isn't to proud to get wet when her cunt is played with.", he said with a chuckle.

"Fuck you!", she said before she could stop herself.

She was answered by a slap across her face. It shocked her more than it hurt her. It wasn't really hard, intended more to startle than hurt.

"Be good, whore.", he reiterated.

That word made her even madder, but she didn't react.

He continued exploring her body. Squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. As he pinched one she suddenly felt the bite of something on her nipple. Then the other was similarly pinched.

"You will wear those clamps as long as I decide you will wear them. They should make your nipples nice and sensitive for the later activities.", he said cryptically.

The pain was pretty intense. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, and this was very painful. His hands once again went to her cunt. He slipped a couple fingers inside her. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but the chains held her spread wide.

"You are even wetter than before. You seem to be quite the little whore. Getting turned on by being clamped, slapped and bound. What a delicious little slut. I will enjoy breaking you.", he laughed.

Her face burned in shame at the reaction of her body. She wanted to hate this, to not give him the satisfaction of turning her on, but this faceless bastard knew what buttons to push.

There was just the sounds of quiet movements in the room, and she couldn't tell what was going on. Suddenly there was a burning sensation across her chest and belly. She screamed thinking she was being cut.

"Don't be such  abady. It's just a little candle wax.", he said condescendingly as he proceeded to pour more molten wax over her body. She couldn't catch a breath as her poured more and more over her body. He dumped a large amount directly on first one nipple, then the other. The burning wax only added to the pain already bloomong there from the clamps. She felt herself panting from the pain, trying to process it and not let it overwhelm her.

The wax was next poured down her belly and between her legs. She felt the rivulets run between the lips of her pussy, causing her to gasp. Her hair was neatly trimmed down there, but she knew that removing the wax was going to be painful. It continued down her legs, lines of wax being drawn up and down her thighs. soon she was completely covered from shoulders to toes in wax.

He stopped and there was only silence for awhile. She felt something cold scraping against her skin, removing the wax.

"Don't move, slut. I wouldn't want you to get cut.", he warned her.

"It's a knife!", her own voice screamed in her head. She froze in fear. Up to this point she thought he just wanted to torture her. It never occured to her that she was in real danger for her life. his hand was steady though, and he seemed to be only scraping the wax from her skin. When he got to her crotch she figured he would just leave it there, matted in her pubes. She was wrong. She soon realized the knife she felt was in actuality a straight razor. A fact she realized when she felt the hair being removed from her pussy. She was soon smooth as a baby down there, and she could feel the air cool on her bare flesh.

"Now that looks very nice. You really should keep it that way.", he laughed.

The next thing she knew one arm was being released. She thought that maybe this was her chance to try her escape, but she soon realized that she was just being turned over for whatever was to come next. He released and then re-chained each limb one at a time so she was always restrained by at least three points at all times.

Once on her belly, she lay there, not knowing what to expect next. She didn't have to wait long as something very hard and thin landed across her ass cheeks. It felt like a line of fire and she jumped with the pain.

"You are going to take a caning like a good slut. Keep your ass up or I will cane the bottoms of your feet. Trust me, that is much worse than your ass.", he said, and to demonstrate he gace her one stroke across the sole of her foot. The pain was blinding, and she quickly pushed her ass up as high as she could.

He laughed,"You are learning quickly, my little whore. Now hold still and make a nice target for my cane."

The next lash struck hard on her left cheek, making her cry out. She bit her lip to try to stifle her cries.

"I will make you cry no matter what you wish. The longer you hold out, the more I get to hurt you, so please do try to fight it.", he told her with a dark tone in his voice. She could feel the menace in his tone, and knew he told her the truth.

He was soon lashing her ass and the backs of her thighs unmercilessly. She could feel the welts growing here and there. She didn't even realize she was crying until she felt the hot tears running down her cheeks. She lay there weeping in pain and shame. Embarrassed at her situation.

She felt his fingers at her molten center, probing once again at her sex. She realized she was now completely soaking wet. Her cunt wetting the mattress beneath her. She began crying even harder realizing he could see how aroused she was by his filthy acts. She felt debased and degraded, and more turned on than she had ever felt in all her life.  Her cunt throbbed with desire and she craved the feeling of his hands on her clit. She wanted him to just touch her and make her cum.

"What's the matter slut? Do you need to cum? Is my pain making your cunt wet? You're making quite a mess of the bed. I may have to make you lick up the mess you are making.", On hearing that last part, she felt her pussy clench in desire, even though the thought of being made to do so was completely humiliating.

He felt her pussy grip his fingers, and smiled,"You do want that don't you?"

She shook her head vehemently, bu tshe knew it was useless to lie to him. Her body told him everything he needed to know.

As she lay there crying, she could feel something running down her thighs. She didn't know if it was blood from the welts, or simply sweat. She suddenly realized she was hoping it was blood. For some reason she thought it was what she deserved for the wrongs she had commited. She wasn't quite sure what they were, but just felt she had been doing wrong. This all flashed quickly through her mind in what must have been mere moments, but seemed like an eternity.

"Are you realizing what you have been doing wrong?", he asked her, interupting her thoughts. How could he know what she was thinking? "It's starting to sink in isn't it?"

She searched her mind for what it could be. She was a great friend, always helping whenever she could. She took care of the children and they were very happy. Her husband was always pleased ...with....

Then it hit her. Her husband. She only gave him sex when it suited her, and only what she felt like giving him. Using sex as a weapon to get what she wanted. Her husband was the one she was disrespectful to. She had treated him horribly for years and never realized it until now.

"So the bitch finally gets it.", she heard, only this time the voice was different. It was the voice of her husband. Her blindfold was pulled off and there she was face to face with her husband. The knew the other voice wasn't his, but as she looked around they were the only ones there.

"Who was the other voice?", she asked nearly in a panic.

"A friend of mine that agreed to help me teach you a lesson.", he responded with a wicked tone in his voice she had never heard before."We rehearsed for a long time to anticipate anything that might happen so he would have an answer for you no matter what you said or did."

"I'm so sorry.", she sobbed as tears sprang from her eyes."I've been horrible to you haven't I?"

"Yes you have, but that is over with. I am going to use you like I never have before, and then you won't have to see me ever again if that is your wish.", he told he with a deadly serious tone in his voice.

"No, no, please. Let me prove myself to you. I will change. I will be the wife you want and never disrespect you again.", she begged.

He looked at her with narrowed eyes. "If I give you another chance, you will do what I say, when I say it.Do you understand?"

"Yes dear.", she said as she vigorously nodded her head.

"It will be yes Sir from now on whenever we are in private. No more attitude or you will be soundly spanked and whipped. I am now your Master from here on out. If that becomes too much of a burden to you, I will leave and find another who can handle it. Am I being perfectly clear on this?", her asked her.

"Yes Sir.", she replied simply.

"Good, now open your mouth, slut and suck your Master's cock. If you do a good job, I'll let you swallow my cum like the little cum slut I know you are.", she told her. She had never swallowed his cum. In fact had made a point to tell him how gross she thought it was, but that was about to change.

He undressed and climbed up on the table in front of her and offered her his hard cock to suck. There was pre-cum dripping from the tip. She would always wipe it away when she would suck him in the past, but this time, she stuck out her tongue and licked it away. She sucked him into her warm, wet mouth and drew the thin fluid out of his cock and onto her tongue. She savored the taste of him and marveled at how good it actually tasted. She had never even tried to taste it, just assumed it was horrible.

She was determined to show him she had changed and wanted him to keep her, so she gave him the best blowjob she had ever given in her life. She sucked him hard and swirled her tongue around the head. Bobbing her head up and down on him, determined to make him cum harder than he ever had before. She began crying as she sucked him off. Tears of shame and joy for what she had been, and what she was becoming. She had been a bitch, but now she was to be his whore. To live to pleasure him and be the best wife any man could ever want. She didn't know what all she was going to have to do, but if this night was any indication, there would be pain and humiliation to be suffered at her husbands hand. She wanted to be what he needed, and was determined to be just that.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of his heavy breathing and his hand gripping her hair.

"Open wide my cum slut.", he ordered.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and the first hot jet of cum shot right down the length of her tongue and into her throat. It was salty and tangy tasting. While not completely pleasant, it wasn't as bad as she had always imagined. Another shot struck her lips and run down her chin. He shot his cum all over her face, intentionally missing her mouth and covering her lips and cheeks with his seed. He even shot some in her hair. She licked her lips to get as much as she could, then sucked his cock back into her mouth to get the  last remaining drops drained from him.

"You will wear that on your face until we get home, and if you are a good little whore, I may let you wash it off before bed.", he told her.

"Yes Sir.", she responded meekly, but with the hint of a smile on her lips.

As he began to untie her, he thought, maybe she will make a decent sub after all...


Monday, November 7, 2011


She woke with a pressure on her chest. In the half light she say a very large erect cock just inches from her lips. He was sitting on her, pinning her arms to her sides.

"Open your mouth slave.", He said simply.

She complied without a thought. He pushed his cock deep down her throat with one smooth thrust. she had been well trained to swallow his cock and she took him all the way down her throat with ease. He slowly began to pump in and out of her throat, his balls slapping against her chin on each stroke. She moaned deep in her throat. She loved when he used her throat like a cunt.

He pushed all the way in and held it there, cutting off her air until she felt she was going to pass out before he withdrew and let he take some deep breaths. His gradually increased his pace until he was pounding her throat and mashing her lips with his pelvic bone. He was becoming frantic as his orgasm neared.

He pulled out quickly and ordered her. "Stick your tongue out."

She quickly complied, and just in time for the first jet of hot cum to shoot across her tongue. He jerked his cock as spurt after spurt covered her tongue, lips and face. Strings of his cum shot into her hair and all over her face.

Once his orgasm abated, he shoved his cock back in her mouth to have her clean him up, to suck the last remaining drops from his still pulsing cock.

"You can wear my cum on your face the rest of the day. It's time to get up and start your day.", He told her.

Climbing off, he went to the shower as she got up and got dressed.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A quickie...

She hung there, her toes barely touching the floor. He approached with the single tail on his hand. She new she was going to bleed tonight. She was afraid but she trusted him not to take it too far.

The first delicious kiss of pain cut across her tits, ripping a scream from her throat. He had an uncanny ability to hit her nipples whenever he wanted to. They grew painfully hard from arousal and pain. She was unable to hide her reaction to the pain.

Master walked around her as he steadily drew her blood and pleasure from her body. Her thighs were slick with the juices streaming from her cunt. On seeing this, Master jammed three fingers inside her and gave her a fast and rough fucking. Pounding her pussy with his fist, but not letting her cum.

 Her body was soon covered in small rivulets of blood from the many bleeding welts caused by the whip. He ran his tongue over one nipple tasting her blood, sweat and pain. It was delicious.

Removing his belt, he laid into her ass with all his might. She was quickly bruised from the beating, but suddenly she screamed and came with such intensity that she squirted all over the floor.

To punish her for cumming without permission, he grabbed his knife and cut the rope letting her fall to the floor. He pulled her to a kneeling position, ass up, and pushed his cock hard into her. Splitting her open with his punishing cock. She screamed as he pounded her assshole. She broke his most sacred rule and she was going to pay.

Fortunately for her he decided to not make it last too long. He soon pulled out, yanked her to her knees by her hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. With a couple pumps he unloaded his cum all over her tongue. He pulled out and shot the rest of his seed across her face and in her hair. She would go out to run her errands  like this as her final punishment. She would wear his cum for all to see to teach her to obey.


Sunday, October 23, 2011


She is there waiting. Kneeling with her hands behind her neck, blindfolded and her mouth open wide. She doesn't know what will happen, but she loves surprises.

The first sign of anything is the sudden bite of clover clamps on her nipples. How does he sneak in on her without her hearing him? She hates that about him. She gasps, but then lets the pain wash over her. A warmth spreads from her nipples directly to her cunt. She feels her wetness begin to trickle from between her lips.

The next thing she feels is the crop lashing across her ass. She almost lowers her arms in shock, but manages to keep them in place. He works her ass over good. It burns with the assault on her tender flesh. She is really getting wet now.

A hand goes to her throat just before the flogger gives it's first wicked kiss across her full tits. She would have gasped, but the hand on her throat prevents it.  He seems to be aiming directly at her nipples, making them hard with the pain and desire. Her air is cut off intermitently as her rains blows onto the full globes swaying from her chest. The blows making them swing back and forth. The flesh turning redder with each lash.

There is now a puddle on the floor under her drooling cunt. She is a hopeless pain slut and they both know it.

A rope is wrapped tightly around her breasts, causing them to swell even more. The nipples distending even more. They are so hard they ache now. He reaches down and pinches the clamps making them bite even harder. He then qucikly removes them and grabs both nipples between his fingers and cruelly pinches them as hard as he can.

A cry finally breaks from her throat to be replaced by his steel hard cok pushed deep into it. He grabs her hair and begins to fuck her throat. She is agsping and drolling, trying not to choke and gag. She finally relaxes her throat enough to take him without gagging.

Too soon for her he pumps his hot load over her tongue and lips. Her mouth is filled and she savors the taste and warmth of it. She waits for him to tell her to swallow, but before he says anything, she feels another cock at her lips. This can't be him, he couldn't be hard again this quickly. There is another man here. She has a moment of fear, but then she realizes that he would never put her in harms way, and would only let the most trusted of friends use her this way.

The cock quickly swells and floods her mouth with hot cum. This cum is more bitter than her Master's. Then another cock is at her mouth. She is stunned. Master was really pushing her today. She finds herself leaking with arousal. She was being used as nothing more than a receptacle for her Master's and his friends cum. Just a cum slut to be used for their pleasure.

Cock after cock pushes into her mouth to quickly deposit it's loads over her tongue. She swallows load after load, but some of it still runs down onto her heaving and swollen tits. They feel twice their normal size. Her face is a mess of cum as well.

Finally the parade of cocks stops. There are a few minutes of quiet, until a cock again pushes against her lips. This is again her Master. Her mouth knows his cock without seeing it. She sucks him as hard as she can. She wants to have his taste in her mouth last. He groans and explodes again into her hungry mouth. She swirls this load around in her mouth, savoring the flavor of him before swallowing it down and licking her lips.

He removes her blinfold, and she blinks at the light. Looking around for the other men, they are all alone. She knows he will never tell her which man was here today. Whenever they get together with friends she will not know if the man she is talking to was one that filled her mouth with his hot cum. Is he one that saw her naked and covered with the seed of many men. Being the cum slut she loves to be.

Her cunt clenched at the thought of all these men knowing this about her, and her not knowing who they are.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just used...

She was woken up from a dead sleep by a hand wrapped tightly in her hair. She was being drug out of the warm bed and pushed down to her knees on the cold floor. When Master wanted her, he took her. The time of day or night was unimportant. She was his to use whenever he needed her.

Her hands were bound tightly behind her back, forcing her ample tits forward. This always meant her tits and nipples were going to feel some of his pain. He loved to torment her sensitive nipples. They would be pinched, twisted, and generally abused.

Once she was kneeling there he started slapping her breasts and especially her nipples. She gasped at each blow, but she could feel her cunt begin to get wet. He grabbed each hard little nubbin of flesh and pinched them between his strong fingers making her gasp. He twisted them and she felt a gush of juices pour from her pussy. She hated that his pain turned her on so much. She was a pain slut no matter how much she tried to deny it to herself.

The clover clamps came next. Clamped to each nipple then weights were added to the chain connecting them. They bit tightly into each nipple adding to her agony and arousal. Her nipples and clit throbbed in rhythm. She felt like she might cum and he hadn't gotten near her cunt.

Her reverie was broken by the impact of the tawse across her ass. It nearly knocked her forward from the power of the blow.  He grabbed her upper arm to keep her from toppling over and proceeded to wail away on her ass with the wicked little leather implement. The pain was tremendous, but she took it for him. He was in a very sadistic mood tonight, and she knew he wasn't like this unless the hunger was on him. When he was like this, her greatest gift to him was to give him a vessel for pain.

He stopped spanking her ass and tossed the tawse onto the bed. She could feel her ass burning and knew there would be bruises starting to show, and she would feel them every time she sat down for days.

  He quickly pulled his rock hard cock from his pants and shoved it down her throat. Making her gag and choke on his hot meat. She drooled down her chin and it dripped all over her heaving tits as her fucked her throat. She hardly had time to breath as he used her mouth as a fuck hole. Shoving all 7" balls deep into her mouth with each stroke. His strokes were getting manic and she thought he might cum any second. She felt like she was going to cum as well. He gripped her by the throat as he pounded in and out of her mouth, cutting off her air. Just when she thought he was going to cum and she was going to pass out, he released her neck and pulled out of her mouth and tucked himself back in his pants.

"Not yet slut. My little cum whore doesn't get her treat yet. I haven't finished hurting you yet. I've just started.", he told her with that wicked gleam in his eye that was only there when he was in a very dark place.

The flogger was suddenly in his strong hand, and the first kiss of it landed across her tits. The impact was wickedly heavy. He had this one made for him. It was made from heavy leather, but yet it had quite a sting as well. Her tits were getting quite red and the weights swinging from the chain on the clamps were very painful. Reaching down he quickly removed the clamps, and as the blood began to return to the compressed flesh, the flogger once again lashed at her breasts. His aim was perfect on each nipple. She could no longer hold back and she screamed at eash lash.

Her nipples were throbbing and red from the clamping and whipping, but he didn't relent abusing the swollen globes swinging from her chest until he was satisfied with their bright red hue. He then turned his attention to her ass.

The flogger lashed at her ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle and bounce with each blow. The flesh was already tender from the tawse and tears began to leak from her eyes. This was one of his favorite parts. Her tears fed the Sadist in him. It showed him that she was opening herself to him. Having no barriers left to guard.

He whipped her ass over and over, even striking the front and back of her thighs until her flesh was covered in stripes from the flogger.

He reached between her legs and found her cunt flowing like a fountain. The inside of her thighs were slick with her cunt juices. As his finger tip grazed her clit she let out a deep moan and nearly came right there. It was only her training that made her able to resist the sensation. He jammed three fingers inside her sopping pussy and fucked her hard and fast with them. Making her gasp and cry out in frustration at not being allowed to cum. She was right on the edge and couldn't go over until he told her to, and she knew he wasn't ready to let her yet.

He pounded her soaked cunt for a few more seconds before he shoved his fingers into her mouth for her to suck her juices from his fingers. She knew to lick them clean and she did a good job.

The cane was his final and favorite implement. He always saved it for last. It gave the most intense and searing pain of all his tools, and he loved the beautiful marks it left on her body. She would wear his stripes for a week after he was done.

He pushed her forward to lay with her chest on the ground, her ass up in the air. A perfect target for him. Her arms still bound behind her back, she was helpless to protect herself from his blows. Not that she would even if she weren't bound. This final step in their dance of pain was her ultimate gift to him. She was the only one who had ever been able to take all he had and not asked to be released.

A line of fire cut across her ass with the first lash of the cane. She heard the sound of it cutting through the air a split second before the pain burned across her ass cheeks. The cane bit into the backs of her thighs as well as her tender ass. He caned her from all angles, covering her ass in welts. Some of them seeping blood that trickled down her ass to well at the crease where her ass met her thighs.

At the sight of her blood, he stopped and ran his tongue along one of the bleeding welts. Tasting the saltiness of her pain. She moaned when she felt the warm, wet caress of his mouth. She loved when he fed on her pain. She felt like she was nourishing him and sustaining his life.

After licking up some more of her blood her caned her swollen ass some more until she was sobbing and crying. She was now completely broken down to her base element. She was empty and waiting to be filled by him. To be molded into what he needed, and that was what he was going to do.

He kneeled behind her and pulled his throbbing cock from his pants, a stream of pre-cum seeping from the tip. He pushed quickly and deeply into her molten wet cunt and gavve her a couple quick strokes before pulling out and pressing the head of his cock against the tight little rosebud of her asshole. He slowly but continually pressed into her ass until his balls were being cradled by hte open lips of her hungry pussy. He could feel their caress on his swollen sack. His balls were tight and full of cum just waiting to erupt.

He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her ass before plunging quickly back into her. She moaned and pushed back against him on each thrust. She loved the feel of his cock deep in her asshole. Loved the fullness of it as it stretch her wide open. He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to pull her back hard onto his cock. He pounded hard into her ass, trying to hurt her with his cock. Using her asshole for his pleasure, not caring if she enjoyed it or not, just needing to use her.

Her neck was arched back as far is it would go with the force of him pulling her back onto him. Her tits swung back and forth in front of her from the force of his fucking. 

"Cum, my whore!", he growled in her ear, and on hearing his words, she screamed and came. Her juices gushing out of her cunt onto the floor. He could feel her asshole clenching around his cock buried deep inside her as she came. Each spasm of her orgasm was felt around his throbbing member.

Pulling out of her ass he pushed her back to a sitting position and once again shoved his cock down her throat. She moaned in pleasure knowing she was finally going to get her treat. Getting his hot cum in her mouth was one of the things that made it worth taking his pain.

She could feel his cock gettin gthicker as it stroked in and out of her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could and stroked the under side with her tongue. Feeling the veins throbbing as his orgasm neared.

With a groan, his cock twitched and a flood of hot cum poured over her tongue and down her throat. She moaned in pleasure as he pumped his hot cream into her mouth. His gooey essence coated her tongue and her taste buds exploded with the tangy satliness of his juices. He seemed to cum forever. The load was thick and warm, filling her mouth until it threatened to overflow. She didn't dare to let anything escape. If she did, she wouldn't be allowed to taste him for a month. That she didn't want to ever happen.

She sucked every drop of his cum from his cock. He could feel every last bit being drawn from his member by her suction. She let his cum roll over her tongue, savoring the taste of him before she was given permission to swallow. With a grin she licked her lips to make sure she missed nothing.

He reached behind her and untied the rope that bound her arms. Before she could react, he grabbed her by the hair again and dragged her back up onto the bed. Throwing her down, he ordered her to go back to sleep.

"You've been a good whore and pain slut. Master is proud and sated... for now.", and he walked away towards his office.

She snuggled down under the blankets and quickly fell back to sleep with a satisfied smile on her lips.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

No story right now...

All I know is that I NEED to whip her ass and make her cry. I want to leave welts with my cane all over her ass. Grab her hair and fuck her throat before shoving my cock in her ass and filling her bowels with my hot cum. All the while spanking her ass as hard as I can leaving lovely bruises.

Of course this is all fantasy, because My slut hates all of those things...

Everyone have a great weekend!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The marks of passion...

He loved marking his slave. She loved wearing them as a badge of honor. She was proud that she was able to take all he could give, and he could give a lot. He was a sadistic Master, but he loved her with the intensity of the pain he gave her. He was a man of extremes. Extreme passion, love, and pain. He would hurt her badly, then soothe her wonderfully. Caressing away the aches and applying cream to the welts, abrasions, and cuts. Although he didn't mind giving her a few small scars from their play, he didn't want her damaged. She knew all this and never shied away from his desires, although she did fear him a little. His hunger could be ferocious when it came over him, but he had never harmed her and she knew he never would.

They hadn't had a hard session in quite awhile. The timing hadn't been to their advantage, and he had only been able to give her an occasional spanking or throat fucking. Of course she was always ready and willing to get on her knees and serve him like the good slut she was, but the real pain had been absent for too long, and they both were feeling the effect of it being missing from thier lives. That was going to change tonight.

He tied her down across the table so she was standing in front of it, but her upper body was flat. He liked this position because it gave him complete access to all her holes, and her back was exposed for whipping or hot wax. He tied her legs to two of the legs of the table, then her arms to the other two legs. She was now almost ready for him. The last touch was the ring gag. This would keep her mouth open and ready for his cock should he choose to plunder her throat.

She was now ready to be used, and he was going to use her hard today. She would feel this day for quite awhile. The Beast in him had gone far too long without being fed and he was ravenous. As he picked up the flogger he could feel an almost electric hum coursing through his body. It seemed to crackle from the ends of his whip as he prepared to flog her.

The first lash was hard, full force across her ass. There was to be no warm up this day. The Sadist could no longer be restrained. This was going to be a day of pain, and she knew she would have to endure it until he was sated. She would endure because he needed her to, and because she loved his pain. It made her come alive. All her nerves jumped and burned with desire. She never felt more alive than when she was under his whip or cane.

One after another the lashes fell, tearing at her flesh. The heavy leather stung, and the thud of the impact was immense. It was a very heavy flogger, well worn and broken in on her flesh. Tanned with the offering of her blood. She sould feel every impact reverberate through her body like the waves on the ocean. They started at her ass andwent to the top of her head, only to return straight to her cunt. Her pussy clenched and spasmed at each lash, causing her juices to leak and glisten on the inside of her thighs. She could never hide the fact that she was a pain slut. Her cunt always betrayed her.

Soion her ass was a bright crimson red with a few lines of blood seeping through the abraded flesh. He stopped and ran his thumb across some of the bloody welts, brought his thumb to his mouth and tasted the salty flavor of her pain. He then bent and ran his tongue along the seeping wounds, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure and pain from her throat. Standing back up, he suddenly gave her ass a hard swat with his strong hand. She yelped in pain and surprise as her ass jiggled from the unexpected assault. Laughing he moved to the table holding the implements of his passion and retrieved his favorite cane.

Approaching his slave, he swung the cane, letting her hear it cutting through the air. She gasped in anticipation of what was coming. Knowing she would bleed, but knowing it would feed and sooth the sadist in him. It was her small offering at the altar of his lust.

The first blow of the cane took her breath away, it was like a line of fire across her ass. Her gasps of pain did nothing to dissuade him though. He striped her ass rhythmically, painting a picture of pain across her bruised behind. Opening her mind and soul as he opened her flesh. Taking her to places of bright colors and warm sensations. When she went there she no longer felt the pain of the blows, just the impacts as if she were being patted on the rear like a small child. A warmth suffused through her body making her feel protected and safe.

She was pulled back from the ether by the invasion of his fingers into her swollen and hungry cunt. He jammed three fingers inside her causing her to buck her hips and hump his hand. She tried to lean back and fuck his fist, anything to increase the stimulation of her cunt. She wanted to cum for him, but he wasn't ready for that yet.

"No cumming for you yet, My dirty little whore.", he warned her while still pounding her needy cunt with his fingers.

She whimpered in need, and a wail rose from her mouth, seeming to come from deep in her soul as she was fingered hard, ye she didn't cum. She stayed right on the torturous edge of the abyss, but she couldn't cum. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't. She had been too well trained. She could no longer cum witout his permission, no matter how much stimulation she was getting. He could use the vibe on her clit and pound her cunt with his hard cock, and she couldn't cum until he told her to. Then her body would erupt like a volcanoe. Her whole body spasming with the intensity of her ogasm. He was impressed every time he saw it. The way she let go completely and allowed herself to hold nothing back. To show him the raw insides of her soul as she released her passion. They both knew the darkest parts of each other, and found a kinship there.

He tortured her cunt with pleasure for a few more minutes, feeling her cunt squish around his hand from her being so wet, before he removed his hand from inside her. He licked some of her juices from his fingers before wiping the rest of it across her cheeks and lips, letting her taste and smell her own essence.

The candles were next in his symphony of pain. He drizzled it down the center of her spine to the crack of her ass. Letting it run down of the rose bud of her asshole, making it clench at the heat. He would split that tight hole later, but for now he was playing with her. He made tracks across her back with the molten wax. Lines crossing each other in an abstract canvas of carnality.

When he moved to pouring the wax across the tormented flesh of her ass, she jumped and twisted, trying to get away from the heat and pain of it. The flesh was extremely sensitive from his ministrations and the wax burned even worse on the welts and abrasions. She couldn't escape him though. She wouldn't try even if she weren't bound, but she knew he enjoyed the show of her struggles. That her discomfort aroused him, her pain an aphrodisiac to him. So she wiggled and shook her ass as if she were trying to avoid the wax, but in reality she loved every painful second of it.

When the supply of wax was exhausted, she was a colorful pallete of his pain. Her back and ass covered in wax. Pulling his blade from the sheath at his hip, he began to slowly scrape away the wax. The razor sharp edge of the knife scraping across the welts on her ass making her gasp in pain. Each gasp sent a jolt of lust straight to his grion. Every expression of pain causing his arousal to grow. The blood pulsing in his brain and his cock. His member hardening and growing in his pants.

The wax peeled from her skin, he wanted her. Needed her in fact. Stepping behind her, he pulled his throbbing cock from it's prison, and in one quick thrust impaled her on his hardness. She gasped at the sudden invasion of his thick cock, then sighed in pleasure at finally feeling his throbbing meat inside her. He began to saw in and out of her sopping cunt, grinding himself into her hard. Punishing her with his cock. Changing angles so he hit all the different spots inside her that made her gasp and shriek with desire. Slapping her ass here and there to remind her that she was still his to use as he wanted.

He gave her a bunch of quick hard strokes, then pulled out. Just as she moaned in disappointment, he pushed his hard cock into her tight asshole. Making her grunt at the unexpected push into her back passage. She wasn't a big fan of anal, but she took it because her Master liked it. The pain of being stretched wide was made worth it by the sounds of his pleasure whenever he took her there. His cock was well lubed by her pussy juice and he was soon pounding her asshole like he was pounding her cunt moments ago.

She felt a pressure building in her groin as he fucked her ass. She knew she was getting close to cumming. Even though it hurt, it still made her cum practically every time she took him in her ass. He seemed to sense this, and leaning over her back, he whispered close to her ear.

"Cum My little pain whore. Let your Master feel your asshole gripping his cock as you cum."

That was all it took, and the freight train of her orgasm ripped through her body. She started shaking and crying at the intense release of desire, passion, and emotions. He gripped her hips painfully tight as he kept pounding her ass while she came. He didn't cum, but wanted her to feel him streching her wide as she came. After multiple orgasms, she seemed to be calming down. Her body still twitching here and there as her muscles were jolted with the sparks of pleasure.

Pulling out of her ass, he walked around in front of her, where her face was covered in drool from the ring gag not allowin gher to close her mouth as she was used hard. Her open hole was very wet, and it just begged to be filled with a hard cock. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pushed his cock slowly, but steadily into her throat. Making her choke and gag as he pushed himself fully into her mouth. not stopping until her nose was pressed against his stomach. He stopped and held her there. She couldn't breath. He had control of her very life in his hands. She laid perfectly still, knowing she was his to do with as he wanted.

After a few seconds he slowly withdrew from her throat, allowing her to gasp in a few gi=ulps of air before he pulled her head back down on his thick cock. Each time he pushed all the way down her throat she would stick out her tongue and flick it across his tight ball sack. Teasing the flesh with the swipes of her tongue. He loved the feeling of it and the thought that she was trying to give him more pleasure even while she couldn't breath.

Each time he pulled out, he would leave just the head in her mouth for her to lick the underside of his shaft before pushing back all the way in. He was fucking her mouth with long and slow strokes. Using her mouth like a cunt, her hair wrapped around his fist. She loved being used like this. Just a hole for his pleasure. He didn't care if she liked it or not. She was his, and he used her how he liked.

His strokes started speeding up as he felt the pressure building in his balls. He had a big load saved for her. He was going to give her quite a mouthful. With a grunt, he shot the first hot load across her tongue and into her throat. She couldn't swallow with her mouth held open by the ring gag, so she was forced to let it just shoot into her mouth and roll around on her tongue. His hot cream coated her tongue and lips. He rubbed some across her face and cheeks. Marking her face with his seed, like he marked her ass with his cane.

Soem of his cum drooled out of her mouth and onto the table, but she did her best to keep it all in her mouth. Once he was done cumming, he reached down and unsnapped the ring gag before removing it. She closed her mouth, but looked up at him, waiting for permission to swallow his seed. He nodded his head, and she swallowed hard, then with a smile she licked her lips. Making sure she got every drop on her lips.

"Don't forget what you spilled.", he told her, pointing at the table. She looked down and licked up all the cum that had run from her open mouth, and that had dripped from his cock. She left the table completely clean, not a drop of cum anywhere.

"That's my good little cum slut.", he told her as he patted her on the head and gave her a kiss. She smiled up at him as he untied her. She was sore, and as she stood he gave her a hard swat across the ass. She shrieked in pain as the rawness of her ass was made known to her. While she was deep in her submission, she didn't realize how badly he had whipped and caned her. Reaching back she could feel the welts and scrapes from the beating, and she knew that sitting was going to be painful for quite awhile. The thought made her smile though. She knew he loved to see her wince upon sitting after he had beaten her ass. He may put cream on her wounds later, or he may not. She never knew, so it was always a treat when he did.

She was one happy slave, and he was a proud Master.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pussy whipped...

She was on her back, tied with her legs spread as far apart as they would go. Her arms were above her head, out of the way. He wanted her to be completely helpless and to have no defense against what he was going to do to her. He could tell by the look in her eyes, that she knew there was going to be a new kind of pain today. Something she had never experienced before.

Although frightened, he could tell her fear left her aroused. He could be her juices seeping from her freshly shaved cunt. The lips were puffy, swollen with her desire. He traced a finger lazily up and down the moist slit, barely grazing her inner lips. She tried to push her hips forward to create more contact, but he just moved his fingers farther away. Teasing her and making her hunger for his touch and her release. It would be quite awhile before she got to cum, if she did get to.

Running his finger deep inside her dripping cleft, he gave her clit a quick stroke, causing her to buck her hips, then he stepped away. Licking her juices from his finger, savoring the essence of her on his tongue.

The crop was his first implement of choice. He was going to start easy, and work his way to excruciating. He walked towards her slowly swinging the crop back and forth in front of him so she could see it. Her eyes followed it's arc like a small bird watching a snake slither towards it's nest, powerless to stop it.

The first couple of slaps were fairly easy, hardly hurting at all. They felt like a gentle patting on her vulnerable and hungry flesh. Soon though they came harder and faster. The slapping beginning to sting and her flesh turning red from the assault. He was striking her nether lips with the leather slapper, and with each impact she yelped and jumped trying to protect her cunt from his attack. She knew there was no escape, but she reflexively tried.

Now that she was warmed up properly, her pussy lips swollen and red now, he decided it was time to switch to the flogger. He chose the heavy leather flogger that gave both a heavy thudding sensation, but it also stung quite badly. He began on the inside of her thighs, working from her knees to her cunt. In and out he worked, covering every inch of the tender flesh on the inside of her legs. She twisted and turned in her restraints as he whipped her.

Now he started in earnest on her cunt. Landing the flogger with deadly accuracy right on her clit or on either lip. Wherever he wanted her to feel his pain. She cried out with each lash, her tears spilling hotly down her cheeks as he hurt her.

The tremors of each hard lash rippled along her thighs like waves on the ocean. Waves of pain she rode higher and higher. Her tears running from her eyes non-stop. Her mascara leaving black tracks down her face. He loved seeing her a mess like this. It brought her down a few notches. She was a proud woman in the vanilla world, but here under his touch, she was just his dirty little whore. A pain slut that loved to be hurt and humiliated. To be made to do the most base and vile acts. Things that just a short time ago she would have never thought herself capable, much less willingly to do.

He made her crawl after him wherever he went in the house. When she was there, she wore his collar with leash attached, and she was not allowed to walk, just crawl. She had to ask permission to do everything. While here she was his possesion. His plaything. Something to be used for his pleasure, and if she was lucky, she would get her release. She usually was made to cum, but not always. When she was, it was over and over. She would be forced to cum, long after she begged him to stop. He held the vibe to her clit until it hurt, and even after she swore she couldn't cum anymore, he would press it into her and tell her to cum for him. Her body would respond against her will, and even though it hurt she would cum again. Pain and pleasure the same. Indistinguishable in her mind.

The lash of the flogger brought her out of her reverie. The pain shooting through her tortured cunt bringing her back to where she was.  He gave her a few more hard blows before walking away, leaving her there to shake and tremble from his blows.

The next implement he was going to use was the wickedest of all. The single tail was the most feared tool he used on her. She hated it, but yet she craved it's kiss, wanted to feel it caressing her skin with it's evil tongue.

He approached her, cracking it in the air. Letting her hear it's hiss before she felt it's bite. The first lash caught her on the inside of her thigh, just where her leg met her crotch. The most tender spot, the sweet spot as her thought of it. He loved to bite her there, and it made the perfect target for the whip. She screamed at the pain, and watched as a thin bloody line appeared where it had landed. The next strike had the same effect.  He worked the whip up the inside of one leg and then the other, leaving a trail of bloody welts. Her skin bruising quickly, but yet she took all he could give her. She knew this is what he desired, and she wanted nothing more than to give him what he most desired.

He finally targeted her drooling cunt. She was oozing her juices all over the table and onto the floor. Through the pain she was still on the verge of cumming. He flicked the single tail out at her and it landed squarely on her wide open cunt. Striking her righ ton her clit. He didn't do it full force, it didn't require that to be excruciating. Her swollen clit was so sensitive, just the flick of the whip hurt so much she screamed. She couldn't hold back, not that she tried. He loved to hear her screams.

One after another. the lashed landed squarely on her cunt. Though painful, she could feel the pressure building in her belly signalling an impending orgasm. She cried and moaned with each blow.

He knew she was on the verge of cumming, he could read her body like a book. Dropping the whip he grabbed one of her nipples and twisted it hard. At the same time he shoved three fingers hard into her gaping cunt. Pinching and twisting her nipples while he fucked her with his hand, she was soon rocketing towards an epic orgasm.

"Cum on my fist you dirty little whore. Cum from my pain. You can't cum without my pain can you?", he growled in her ear.

"No Master!", she screamed as she came all over his pounding fingers. She screamed as her orgasm tore through her body. His fingers torturing her swollen nipples as he pinched them as hard as he could, mashing them in his strong grip. His fingers splitting her cunt wide open as she gripped them with each spasm. He fucked her with his hand hard until she could cum no more. His hand and the floor covered in her juices.

It was now his turn, and whipping out his hard, swollen cock, he shoved it into her cunt and gave her a couple strokes before pulling out. Now that it was slick with her pussy juices, he pushed it into her tihgt asshole. She gasped at the invasion, but spread her ass as far as she could, given her restraints.

He pounded her ass as hard as he could. He was hungry to hurt her with his cock. He split her wide open on his hardness. She screamed and cried from the pain of his invasion. He fucked her relentlessly until he could feel his orgasm about to erupt.

Pulling out he shot his load all over her cunt and thighs. It dripped down her skin and dribbled onto the floor. He stroked himself until every drop was drained from him balls.

Tucking himself back into his pants, he untied her and pulling her from the table, he pushed her down on her knees.

"Lick up our juices, slut. Clean the floor, and don't you leave a drop.", he ordered her. Her face burned with the humiliation of what she was told to do, but she did as she was told with no hesitation. She licked the tile floor clean, leaving no trace of their emissions.

Grabbing the leash, he attached it to her collar and led her out of the room. It was time for her to do her chores and if she didn't get them done in time, she would be punished.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a quick thought...

Do any of my female sub readers love to be spanked, whipped or caned to the point of tears? It is something I want to do to My slut, and I was curious as to how many out there want and need this from the other end of the whip or hand.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Throat fucked...

She was bound to the table. This was where he put her when he wanted to really use her. When he wanted to treat her like the dirty little slut she really was deep down. She was laying on her back with her limbs bound to the four corners of the table. Her head hung over the edge and she knew that meant her throat was going to get ravaged.

He approached with the clover clamps in his hand. She shivered in fear and a little excitement. When he went to the clamps right away it usually meant he was in a particularly sadistic mood. The wicked grin on his face confirmed her fears. He placed first one clamp, then the other on her erect nipples. Grabbing a length of strong twine he tied one end to the center on the chain attaching the clamps and the other end he ran through a small pulley mounted over the table. Making a loop in the end of the twine he began to attach weights. Just a few ounces, but the tug on the chain made the clamps tighten on her erect flesh, pinching viciously. She gasped from the pain as it pulsed through her breasts. Nearly taking her breath away. He smiled at her pain. This is what he had been needing for a long time.

Now that she was properly clamped he walked to the wall and took down a riding crop. He loved to warm her up with this little toy. It could be relatively mild at first, but turned into a pretty wicked tool in the right hands. He started in on gently slapping her cunt with the leather tip on the crop. Looking at the slapper, he could see that it was damp. Evidence that her cunt was already wet and oozing her juices. She was such a pain slut, that was one of the things he loved most about her. Her desire to take his pain and want more.

As she started to writhe around on the table, causing the weights on her nipples to bounce, he slapped her soaked pussy harder and harder with the crop. She moaned and cried out in pleasure and pain. Her cunt splashing with each slap, she was so wet now.

Stopping for a moment, he laid the crop on the table by her head and undid his pants releasing his steel hard cock. Her pain turned him on like nothing else ever had. He stepped towards her head and seeing him approach, she dutifully opened her mouth to accept his hard length.

He slowly, but without any hesitation sank his cock deep in her throat. A groan escaped his lips from the intense pleasure the grip of her throat around him. He pulled back letting her catch a quick breath before once again sinking his cock deep in her throat. Pumping in and out her used her mouth as he used her cunt. Fucking her deep and hard. He went back to cropping her cunt as he fucked her throat. Every once in awhile He would bury himself deep and pinch her nose closed to deprive her of air. She would moan and struggle a bit until he released her and pulled back, making her gasp and gulp in huge breaths.

He pulled out and tucked himself back into his pants, eliciting a whimper of disappointment from his slut. She obviously wanted to taste him today. She might get her wish, but not yet. There was far too much more pain before she got her reward. He quickly removed the clamps and slapped her swollen and tortured nipples as hard as he could, causing her to scream and tears to fall from her eyes. He grabbed a nipple in each hand and twisted hard.

"Cum for me slut.", he growled in her ear, and she screamed as her cum gushed out of her cunt and ran all over the table and onto the floor. He twisted hard as she orgasmed over and over, making a mess of the table she was laying on.

"That's my good little pain slut.", he told her with a grin as she tried to catch her breath from the intensity of her orgasm. Bending over her body he gave first one nipple, then the other a suck and bite, making her body jump a little.

Going back to the wall, he grabbed a length of rope and uncoiled it. He started wrapping it in a figure eight around her breastsdrawing them tightly together and making them stand straight up. Her tortured nipples still hard and swollen. Once tied off her breasts were a lovely target for his pleasure. He retrieved the crop and began to crop her nipples. Causing her to yelp and moan in pleasure and pain. They are hard to distinguish in her mind when she is in this state.

Reaching down he slid his fingers between her swollen and slippery pussy lips. She was wet and sloppy with her arousal. Her clit was hard and swollen as he pinched it, making her twitch and moan. He slowly rubbed his fingers in a circle around the hard little bit of flesh, eliciting moans from her lips. He slipped two then three fingers inside her, feeling her cunt grip his fingers tightly as spasms rippled through her sex.

All the while he continued cropping her tits, slapping them all over and bringing them to a nice red hue. The pressure of the ropes adding to the reddening.  He grabs a small flogger made with thin leather tails that were very stingy. Going to work with it, red lines begin to appear across her tender, swollen flesh. Thin welts rising from the tight skin.

She was breathing heavily, and he knew she was nearing her limit. She was going on overload from all the sensations. The pain in her tits, and the pleasure in her cunt were pushing her towards the edge of the abyss. It was time to finish and push her off the cliff into the oblivion of ecstacy.

Getting the candles arranged nearby, he gathered four big ones and set them close to hand. Undoing his pants again to release his throbbing member, the tip wet and dripping with his pre-cum. He was so aroused that his cock ached for release.

Stepping up, he wiped the drooling tip of his cock across her extened tongue. She moaned in pleasure at the taste of his essence. She opened her mouth wide to accept the offering of his hardness. Pushing forward, he once again buried his hard cock deep in her throat. He could see her neck expand with the stretching of it by his thick member. On each stroke her throat explanded to accept his hardness.

He picked up the first candle and slowly dribbled the molten wax over one nipple. She gasped around the hard flesh impaling her throat. Drop by drop he covered her tortured tit flesh until one breast had a good coating of wax. He then went to work on the other breast. He targeted the nipple to give her the most intense sensations. She moaned as her tits were covered in the heat of the wax, and her throat was pounded by his hard cock.

He felt himself getting closer to orgasm as He fucked her sucking mouth as deep as he could go. He reached down and took her throat in his hand,  gripping it tightly. Now that the wax was gone and her tits were a multi-color artwork of pain, it was time to give her what she had worked so hard to earn. She had pleased him by taking his pain so well and cumming like a good pain slut.

As he gripped her throat he could feel his own cock pressing through his grip as he gave her nouth long deep strokes. She was moaning non-stop now, her hips moving around as much as the ropes allowed. Her hips bucking in the air as if she were fucking an invisible cock. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer, his slut had him so turned on by her reactions.

"When I cum in your throat, you will cum for me slut.", he ordered her, eliciting a deep moan from her throat.

Her hips began to buck harder and harder as his pace increased. He was fairly pounding her mouth, his balls slapping against her nose and his pelvis bruising her lips.

"Ready slut?", he asked her, and she responded with a moan.

With a deep groan, he unloaded deep in her throat. His cock twitching and pumping his hot load down her gripping throat. At the feeling of his orgasm registered in her throat, she arched her back as her own orgasm ripped through her body, sending a stream of her juices squirting down her thighs and onto the floor. Her cunt clenched and spasmed over and over as she felt his cock contract and pour his seed into her stomach. His orgasm seemed to last longer than usual as it kept twitching and filling her gullet.

As she bucked and twisted in the ropes, her orgasm gradually started to subside. She was soaked as well as the table under her from all of her emissions. She hadn't cum so hard in a long time.

Once his orgasm had finished, he pulled himself from her throat, but before stepping back he gave his cock a squeeze to get every last drop on cum out. A large drop appeared at the tip, and he let it drip on her outstretched tongue. She didn't get to taste his cum when he throat fucked her, so he always made sure she got the last drop on her tongue as her reward for being a good little slut.

Tucking himself back into his pants, he walked over to lean between her legs, and stretching down he gave her a long slow lick up the whole length of her soppping cunt. He loved to taste her as much as she loved to taste him. He sucked her swollen clit and twirled his tongue around it as it stood up hard once again. Flicking his tongue back and forth across it as he shoved three fingers inside her and started fucking her hard with his hand. With that she exploded all over his face in one last eruption of pleasure. Her screams echoing off the walls as she stiffened and began to shake. He sucked her clit hard until she begged him to stop. With one last hard suck, he stopped, leaving her gasping for air and her body twitching all over.

"You have been a very good little slut today. For doing so well, you may join me in the shower and we will wash each other.", he told her with a smile. She smiled up at him weakly as he proceeded to untie her and help her to her feet. She was exhausted from her exertions, but she was extremely happy that she had pleased her Master so much.

He lead her away from the table to the shower as he told her, "You can wait until tomorrow to clean up the table.", a chore she was usually required to do right away.

With a smile, they both slipped into to warm embrace of the shower and began to let their hands drift over each others bodies, cleaning and scrubbing sensitive areas. Awakening parts that were already well used. Maybe a round two was to come...