Monday, November 7, 2011


She woke with a pressure on her chest. In the half light she say a very large erect cock just inches from her lips. He was sitting on her, pinning her arms to her sides.

"Open your mouth slave.", He said simply.

She complied without a thought. He pushed his cock deep down her throat with one smooth thrust. she had been well trained to swallow his cock and she took him all the way down her throat with ease. He slowly began to pump in and out of her throat, his balls slapping against her chin on each stroke. She moaned deep in her throat. She loved when he used her throat like a cunt.

He pushed all the way in and held it there, cutting off her air until she felt she was going to pass out before he withdrew and let he take some deep breaths. His gradually increased his pace until he was pounding her throat and mashing her lips with his pelvic bone. He was becoming frantic as his orgasm neared.

He pulled out quickly and ordered her. "Stick your tongue out."

She quickly complied, and just in time for the first jet of hot cum to shoot across her tongue. He jerked his cock as spurt after spurt covered her tongue, lips and face. Strings of his cum shot into her hair and all over her face.

Once his orgasm abated, he shoved his cock back in her mouth to have her clean him up, to suck the last remaining drops from his still pulsing cock.

"You can wear my cum on your face the rest of the day. It's time to get up and start your day.", He told her.

Climbing off, he went to the shower as she got up and got dressed.



  1. William, this is enough to make a girl get religion!

  2. mmmmmmm.. very nice Sir.. i love you stories...

    Thank you for sharing your darkside with us...

    sub slut mel

  3. {sigh} that could almost make me become a morning person!
    Thank you William :)