Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A quickie...

She hung there, her toes barely touching the floor. He approached with the single tail on his hand. She new she was going to bleed tonight. She was afraid but she trusted him not to take it too far.

The first delicious kiss of pain cut across her tits, ripping a scream from her throat. He had an uncanny ability to hit her nipples whenever he wanted to. They grew painfully hard from arousal and pain. She was unable to hide her reaction to the pain.

Master walked around her as he steadily drew her blood and pleasure from her body. Her thighs were slick with the juices streaming from her cunt. On seeing this, Master jammed three fingers inside her and gave her a fast and rough fucking. Pounding her pussy with his fist, but not letting her cum.

 Her body was soon covered in small rivulets of blood from the many bleeding welts caused by the whip. He ran his tongue over one nipple tasting her blood, sweat and pain. It was delicious.

Removing his belt, he laid into her ass with all his might. She was quickly bruised from the beating, but suddenly she screamed and came with such intensity that she squirted all over the floor.

To punish her for cumming without permission, he grabbed his knife and cut the rope letting her fall to the floor. He pulled her to a kneeling position, ass up, and pushed his cock hard into her. Splitting her open with his punishing cock. She screamed as he pounded her assshole. She broke his most sacred rule and she was going to pay.

Fortunately for her he decided to not make it last too long. He soon pulled out, yanked her to her knees by her hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. With a couple pumps he unloaded his cum all over her tongue. He pulled out and shot the rest of his seed across her face and in her hair. She would go out to run her errands  like this as her final punishment. She would wear his cum for all to see to teach her to obey.



  1. I love your writing William. Very nice ending too. :)

  2. You've got a way of making my toes curl, Sir. Great story!