Sunday, November 27, 2011

His plaything...

She slept on a mattress placed on the floor by her Master's bed. She was allowed on the bed when she was being used, but when she wasn't, she slept on her mattress with the chain attached to her collar. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere without his permission. To an outsider her life would seem harsh, but to her it was exactly what she had always needed, even before she knew it.

Master had collared her about six months ago, and she had lived there ever since. Her previous life seemed like a dream. It didn't seem real to her any longer. Every day was the fulfillment of every fantasy she had over the last few years. Ever since she discovered sexual slavery by chance while doing research on an article for her college history class. Once she started reading about it, it was like a whole world opened before her. She researched it voraciously, sometimes staying up all night reading article after article on the subject. Once she knew what it was, she knew that is what she had always yearned for. The control of a man, to serve him in any way he desired. To give him everything he wanted no matter what.

I took her awhile to find him, or did he find her. She sometimes thought that it was she who was found by him. After the initial talking and finding out what he wanted, she knew he was the one. A little older, but she knew his experience was going to teach her to be the best slave she could be. She would give every fiber of her being to make him proud.

Now as she awakened to the sun shining through the window, warming her naked body, she stretched her sore muscles. She had been used pretty good last night. Her ass and back bore the stripes and welts from his whip. There was still cried cum in her hair and on her cheeks from being marked with his seed.

He came in and, as she was trained, she assumed the kneeling position. Eyes down, hands on thighs awaiting his orders.

"On your feet slave. It is time for your bath. Take care of your daily grooming. You have 30 minutes.", he told her as he unlocked the chain with the key at his belt.

"Yes Master. As you desire.", she responded keeping her eyes down.

She went into the bathroom and quickly ran a hot bath, scrubbing her skin clean and shaving her legs and cunt. He required her to be smooth so there was nothing in the way of his ministrations. Some of them would be troublesome if she had pubic hair.

Once she was properly groomed and dried, she returned to the room and kneeled down at his feet as her sat at his desk. She silently waited there for whatever he required of her. He finished some paper work having to do with his business. She wasn't quite sure what he did, but she knew it nade it possible for him to keep her as his slave with no responsibilities on her part other than to serve him. She wanted for nothing material, but she needed very little. She was well fed and clothed, when she was allowed to be dressed. They often went out for wonderful meals where he would order for her. He made all decisions for them both.

Today was going to be a trying day for her. He had told her last night, that it was strictly a warm-up. She could tell by the glint in his eye that he was feeling sadistic, and that there would be pain and humiliation for her.

Once he finished his work, he stood and beckoned her to follow.

"Come slave. It is time.", he said with a quiet tone. A tone that she knew now meant he was going to give her pain. She crawled along behind him. Her head down as she moved along the hallway trailing him to that room. The room where all her worst nightmares and wildest dreams took place. They were one and the same though now.

They entered the room and there was the St Andrews cross, the whipping horse and his table where he would bind her for his tortures. The walls were adorned with all manner of implements. Floggers of all sizes, acnes of many types and materials. Rope and chains, shackles and cuffs. Every conceivable piece of equipment a sadist could want or need. On a table against the wall was the most frightening thing of all. The box. Contained within were his most diabolical tools of his trade. In that simple looking box were the things nightmares were made of. That box would be opened today.

He helped her to her feeet and kissed her tenderly on the lips, his tongue dancing with hers. He fed on her taste as he would soon feed on her pain and fear. She knew it would be particularly bad today by the way he kissed her. He was always this tender before he really hurt her.

She was bound to the cross at hand and foot. Now immobile and helpless against anything he wished to do to her.

"You will scream little one. Do not be ashamed of it. It is what I desire.", he told her with a calm to his voice that sent a shiver down her spine.

He went to the box and opened it. He began to remove objects from within. There were piercing needles, a thin sharp knife and some heavy thread. There was also a small torch and some various shaped pieces of metal. These last items brought an icy fist to close around her throat. They were his branding irons. He had spoken to her about being branded, had told her that one day he would give her his mark. Although it was only temporary on her flesh, it would be forever seared into her mind.

He laid them out carefully with the torch to heat them. It would be the final act in todays drama, but there would be many other delicious horrors before then.

"Time to warm you up a little my delicious slut. You will have to go deep to endure my pleasures today. Let your mind go and I will take you on a wonderful journey.", he smiled at her as he moved her hair from her face. He kissed her gently on the lips, then gazed deeply into her eyes. She saw a hardness there and knew the beast was awake within him. She was frightened, but she knew he would never harm her, never give her more than she could take. He had trained her well these last six months to get to this point.

He began with his heavy flogger. He started on her thighs and breasts. Whipping it across her tender flesh. Her stomach was not immune to the lash either. The impacts were thudding and the tails bit into her flesh as well. She could feel welts starting to appear on her skin and welcomed his pain. She took it into herself and gave it back to him in her writhing and moaning. Showing him that she needed his touch in whatever form he chose to give her.

He landed several hard blows to her tits, seeming to directly strike her sensitive swollen nipples on each stroke. Her nipples swelled to painful hardness from the painful stimulation. Pain always made her nipples hard, embarrassingly so. He knew this and always targeted them whenever he whipped her. Her thighs next bore the brunt of his attentions. The muscles jiggled with each impact, the tender inside glowing red after several hard lashes. Tears began to trace down her cheeks. The first of many to come.

Now that she was warmed up, it was time for the cane. He pulled out his well worn, but still quite sturdy rattan cane. It was thin and left vicious welts. She had felt it's bite many times in the previous months, and was very familiar with it's kiss. He began on the underside of her full tits. The skin tender there. Each blow felt like fire being traced along her flesh. He was slow and methodical. Controlled with a deadly calm. He never rushed. He savored each blow and watched her body for every reaction, every moan and whimper. Her drank deeply from the river of her pain.

Her ran the point of the cane across the top of her breasts, poking hard into the tips of her oh so erect nipples. Causing her to gasp at the pain. A small smile teasing at the corner of his mouth. He began to lightly tap the hard little bits of flesh. Gently at first then harder and harder. Not having to strike too hard though. They were so sensitive, just a firm strike felt agonizing to her. But although it was painful, her nipples became even more erect.

There was a reason for this particular ploy as always. He grabbed first one nipple then the other and placed the clover clamps on them. The teeth biting cruelly into the tender flesh. She knew this was just the start of the torment of her nipples. The mere fact that they were so sensitive always made them the target of his torture. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of small weights. He began hanging them from the connecting chain of the clamps. With each added weight, they bite ever more cruelly into her. Tears sprang anew from her eyes, her makeup leaving dark streaks down her face. He loved to make her a lovely mess when he tormented her.

Once all the weights were hung, he moved onto the insides of her thighs once again. The flesh was so vulnerable and tender, that there were soon thin pink welts criss crossing the skin. He reached up to stroke her cunt, finding it drooling like a wanton whore's. His pain made her incredible wet and she could never deny her reactions. She was a pain slut through and through. He smiled up at her and jammed three fingers inside her molten center, fucking her quickly with his strong fingers. She began to buck her hips and groan.

"Don't you cum, slave. It isn't time yet.", he ordered her, but did not slow his ravaging of her pussy with his hand. He pounded his fingers into her, making her squirm and jerk in her restraints. She cried out in frustration as she couldn't cum without his permission, no matter what pleasures she was receiving. He had trained her so. She wailed as she hung right on the edge of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity before he removed his fingers from her sopping cunt. He licked some of her juices from his fingers, then stuck them into her mouth.

"Clean your sex from my hand. Lick off every drop like my good little whore.", he told her, and she sucked and lapped at his fingers until no trace remained of her juices.

Her eyes now had a glassy look to them and he could tell she was sinking into sub space. She had a dreamy look on her face and smiled at him when he touched her face.

Walking to the table he gathered the tray of needles. First he pinched a bit of skin on her stomach and slowly pushed the needle thorugh the tight flesh. A small hiss of air was the only sign she gave of what she felt. Another was placed below the first. One by one he made a row of them down one side then another row on the other side until there was a row of six on each side of the belly. He then took the heavy thread and began tying it around the needles, lacing them in a crossing pattern on her stomach. Soon she looked like she had a corset laced in front. There were a few small trickles of blood that he scooped up with his finger and licked it off. He loved the coppery taste of her blood.

Then he started in her her right breast. Pinching a bit of flesh, he inserted the needle under her skin with the tip pointed towards her nipple. He then placed another in the same relative position. Around her nipple he went with one needle after another, until it was surrounded. He then started on a second row. Continuing the same until there were three rows of needles encircling her breast. Her breathing was a bit rapid and he checked to make sure she was ok. She nodded she was fine and he moved on to her other breast.

He copied the pattern he made, and her breasts soon looked like flowers upon her chest. He removed the clover clamps, making her moan in pain at the returning blood flow, and moved them to the lips of her sopping pussy. He also pulled two more sets of clamps and placed them there as well. Weights were added to those chains and she felt a wonderful pull on her nether lips. The pain was wonderfully exquisite, and her pussy responded by dripping her juices down the chains of the clamps and onto the floor.

He reached down and rubbed her clit. She jumped as if shocked. Her clit was incredibly swollen and throbbing. She nearly came just from the initial contact. He illicited a moan with his stroking, but stopped before she could get close to cumming.

As she hung there in her restraints, he went back to the box. She didn't know what he he was doing. She thought he had pulled out all of his devices of torment. He busied himself with something out of her line of site as she waited in horrible anticipation as to what this new torture could be.

She suddenly heard a faint crackle and smelled ozone as he turned with a violet wand in his hand. Her eyes widened in surprise. This was a new one that he had never even discussed. She was frightened. She had a fear of electrical toys and he knew it. She started shaking her head, but knew that he wouldn't stop. That deep down she didn't want him to.

He first touched it to one of the chains connecting the clamps on her pussy, and she felt the shock jump straight to her clit. She screamed in pain and surprise. He touched each chain in turn, making her jump and scream each time. It hurt, but her cunt also throbbed with desire from it. Then he moved to the needles piercing her tits. As he touched one, the spark would jump to another, giving her little jolts. Her nipples stood out harder than they ever had. They ached with the arousal. He laughed at seeing her state, and continued to torture her tits with the wand. Making her scream and cry under his ministrations.

She was soon exhausted with her writhing and fighting against the ropes binding her. She knew there was no escape, but her body still fought to flee. He put the wand away and stood there looking at her with an evil grin.

"Are you ready slave, ready to bear my mark?", he asked her. She knew he was going to do it regardless of her answer, but she nodded her head and said,"Yes Master."

He lit the torch and took the first iron into the flame. There would be three strikes to make his family mark. Each iron a different pattern to make the final brand. Soon the first iron was glowing red and it was time. He approached her and told her not to move. If she moved, the strike would be ruined and they would stop right there. She did not want to disappoint him and ruin it, so she forced herself to be completely still, though her body wanted to pull back.

The first strike touched the flesh between her breasts and the pain tore through her body. It was only there for a moment, but the burning continued much longer. Her nerves aflame with the pain. Her body began to shake from the adrenaline rush and the endorphins flooding her body. He let her process the pain while he heated the next iron. By the time the second iron was hot enough, the tremors had subsided. This time she handled it better, the endorphins pumping full force through her and her head in that place she went when he was using her in the cruelest ways. The last iron was now being heated for the final biggest strike that tied the whole pattern together. Once it was glowing red he placed it against her already blistering flesh and left the iron there just a bit longer to make this mark the most prominent of the three.

Now that the branding was done, she began shaking anew with the relief that she had made it through and the rush going through her body, fighting the pain on her chest.

Once her shaking had stopped, he removed the bindings on her, helping her off of the cross.

"Kneel slut and show your Master how much you appreciate him giving you his mark.", he ordered her.

She dropped to her knees and took his throbbing cock from his pants. The tip was smeared with his juices and the head was an angry purple. He was quite apparently aroused more than usual. Her pain had made him harder than he had remembered in a long time. She wrapped her lips around the swollen head and sucked the pre-cum out of his cock. There was so much she was a little shocked, but she smiled and savored his fluid on her tongue. She slowly engulfed him with her mouth, taking him deeper and deeper until her nose was nestled in the closely trimmed pubes at the base of his cock. She held him there unable to breath as long as she could, working her throat muscles, massaging his cock with them. Then slowly pulling up off of him to take a breath. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head and she flicked the tip on the underside of his prick. She was a very enthusiastic cock sucker, and he enjoyed when she displayed her skills.

She would take him deep a few times, then use her tongue on him, hitting all the sensitive spots. She sucked his balls, rolling each around in her mouth until his sack was nice and wet. Sucking him down again, she could feel his cock growing even thicker and knew he was close to cumming. She stroked his balls and felt them tightening up signaling his imminent release. She pulled back a little and began pumping his slick shaft with her fist, rubbing her tongue on the underside of the head. Looking up into his eyes as she milked his cock.

With a deep groan he unleashed his load. The first spurt hit the back of her throat, making her gag a little before she swallowed it down. The subsequent spasms pumped his thick load over her tongue, coating it in his warm seed. She gave him long strokes to milk every drop of cum from him. Her mouth filling with his creamy load. At last his orgasm subsided and she knelt there stroking him as she let his cum roll around on her tongue, savoring every nuance of his flavor, before he nodded giving her permission to swallow. She gulped down his cum with a smile and licked her lips to make sure she didn't miss a drop.

Tucking his cock back in his pants, he pushed her forward so her ass was up in the air. He picked up the largest dildo, lubed it up, and slammed it into her tight ass. She screamed at the sudden painful invasion, but before she could react to it, he jammed three fingers into her gushing cunt and began fucking her hard with his fingers. She screamed with the suddeness of it all. Her cunt throbbed, and her asshole felt like it was split in two.

"Take it slave, take my fingers deep.", he growled at her as he continued the assault on her cunt. He pounded his fingers into her as she moaned and bucked her hips.

"May I please cum Sir?", she asked him.

"Is that how you ask slut?, he responded.

"Please Sir, may this slave cum for you?", she begged. Her voice cracking with the effort to hold back her orgasm.

He grabbed the base of the dildo and started slamming it into her asshole with the same ferocity as his hand in her cunt.

"Cum My little whore! Cum for your Master!", he yelled at her.

With his words, a high keening wail came from her lips as her orgasm ripped through her. Her body arching up as he unrelentingly pounded into her holes, ripping her orgasms from her, not letting her calm down, making her cum again and again. She screamed with the intensity of them. Her body contorting as she came one after the other in a seemingly endless string.

"Please stop Master. I can't take any more.", she pleaded.

"You will take as much as I say. Keep cumming My slut. Cum for Master.", he ordered her.

His words set off another intense string of orgasms. They were so intense her abdominal muscles began cramping and the spasms in her cunt began to feel painful. It seemed like he would never stop, and she felt as if she might pass out from the overwhelming sensations when he suddnely ripped both his fingers and the dilod from her well used holes.

She collapsed on the floor, the needles digging into her flesh, but she didn't care. She hardly noticed them in her overloaded mental state. She had given everything she had, and more. She was utterly exhausted. She lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes before her Master rolled her onto her back and began removing the clamps from her inflamed pussy. She screamed as he removed each one from the blood rushing back into the compressed flesh. Then he started removing all the needles. It seemed to her to take forever. There were so many of them, but soon they were all removed and she lay there with little trickles of blood here and there.

As soon as her breathing returned to normal, he had her kneel up for him. She returned to her trained position, eyes down and hands on her thighs. She was shaking a little in the aftermath of her use, but otherwise she was handling it like the well trained slave she was.

He attached a leash to her collar and began leading her back to the room. He told her to take a shower and she would find some cream for her branding when she got out. He left her in the bathroom to bathe, and before she stepped into the shower, she looked in the mirror at the mark she now bore. She ran her fingers over the blistered flesh, and although it was painful, she smiled with pride at the honor of bearing his mark.




  1. Oooh, sounds like a very pleasant Saturday evenings shennanigans!

    Loving the violet wand bit....they are sooo much fun.

    That's set me up nicely for my Sunday William - thank you very much! Great writing and tres sexy.

    DY x

  2. Wow... I really loved this one. Such a turn on.. Loved the writing style... Hooah!!!

  3. oh my. This is a wonderful fantasy, William.....even though he violet wand scares me.

    i do like Your stories!


  4. Glad you all liked it.

    OH, you are such a pain slut. My favorite kind...grins!!!

    Sorry I can't help you out.


  5. I liked this one too William.

    Just one little protest about " He had spoken to her about being branded, had told her that one day he would give her his mark. Although it was only temporary on her flesh, it would be forever seared into her mind."

    There is absolutely nothing temporary about a branding! Once there it is there to stay. Painslut I am. but gee that is more than I'd be able to take (or want to take for that matter).

    But I liked the story -I would love love love to have a S:t Andrews cross! *sigh*

  6. Sweet girl,
    I know it is possible to make a permanent brand, but I have read blogs by a couple ladies, who they were escapes me right now, who had brandings done lightly, and the mark faded after a few weeks to a couple months. I'm glad you enjoyed the story though, even if it is beyond what you could take. Isn't that what fantasy is for...


  7. You are evolving and showing your true feeling, it's quite wonderful to watch.

  8. You frighten me, William. Yet still, I read :-)

    Sleeping with the lights on tonight :-)

  9. Glad you are still reading baby girl. I like that I can keep you up at night...grins!!!


  10. this is a side of you i have not seen in your other blog..this is a truely dark side
    Like baby girl i keep reading all at once fearful and entranced.