Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well used...

She was awakened by a hand at her throat. She was pulled roughly from her slumber by the strong hand of her Master. Put on her knees she immediately took her position. Even though she was still half asleep, she was well trained and could practically do it in her sleep. A rope was pulled out and her hands bound behind her back. The rope waws then looped around her neck, keeping her arms pulled up high on her back. If she relaxed her arms too much, the rope tightened around her throat.

Her knees were spread apart as she automatically did when she was kneeling before him. Her cunt was his to use as he wanted, so she had to make sure he always had unobstructed use to it. He stepped up in front of her and with the toe of his boot he nudged her pussy, eliciting a moan from her. Stepping back he saw smears of her juices on the polished toe of his boot.

"Turned on already I see. That's my good whore.", he said as he stroked her hair. She smiled at the praise.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, he shoved his already stiffening cock into her mouth. She tried not to gag, but he took her too suddenly. She gagged a couple times as he pounded her throat before she was able to relax and take him deep.

"Good little cock sucker. Your lessons are really showing. You only gagged a bit.", he said as he stopped and just left his cock deep down her throat. She couldn't breathe, but she just sat there calmly, looking up at him with adoring eyes as she ran out of oxygen. Just as she felt she would pass out, he slowly withdrew and put his cock back in his pants as she drew in large gulps of air.

He reached down and released her hands from behind her back. "Come with me slut.", he ordered as he walked away. She crwaled after him. Her head down as she followed his steps down the hall. She knew where they were going, and she went with some trepidation. Wicked things happened to her in that room.

Once in the room, she saw that things were different. He had rearranged the room. There was now simply his chair in the center of the room with the light shining on it. His rack of implements stood nearby.

He walked over and sat down as she followed and knelt in front of him.

"Pleasure me slut.", he told her as he sat there. She reached up and undid his pants. Reaching inside she pulled his semi-hard cock free of it's prison. Giving it a couple strokes, she leaned forward and slowly engulfed his thickening rod in her wet mouth. Slowly she pushed her mouth down, taking him in inch by inch. The whole time her eyes were locked on his. Giving herself to him completely. Showing him her love and devotion with this act of worshiping his cock. She loved his cock, wanted nothing more than to pleasure it, taste it, have it in her mouth.

Once she took him all the way down, she stayed there, waiting as his cock throbbed in her throat. He smiled at her and nodded slightly. She began the slow pull up, dragging her lips up his shaft as she sucked hard until just the head remained inside her. She swirled her tongue around the tip, flicking it on the sensitive underside. All the things he had taught her he loved. Her head began bobbing up and down on his hard cock. Taking him deep in slow strokes, then fast shallow strokes as she worked his cock trying to make him cum all over her tongue. She wanted to taste his seed, needed it.

Her fist pumped up and down in rhythm with her mouth, working his cock the best she knew how. She wanted to please Master. She lived to please him with all her body and heart. Just when she thought he was going to give her his blessing, he placed his hand on the back of her head, stopping her. She looked up at him with a questioning look.

"Not yet My little cum whore. I'm not ready for that yet.", he said as he smiled down at her. "Lean back and touch yourself for me. Show me how good you can make yourself feel for Master."

She kneeled up and spread her legs as wide as she could. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she let her hands trail down her body, stroking her breasts and pinching her erect nipples on the way down to her cunt. She pushed her fingers into her soaked cleft. Feeling her clit hard and swollen like a little cock. She rubbed all around it, sliding the skin of the hood up and down over it. Her breath hitching and catching in her throat as she hit a sensitive spot.

He watched her, idling stroking his hard cock as she performed for him. A well trained slave she was. She pushed two then three fingers inside herself, fucking her hungry cunt for his pleasure. Never taking her eyes from his. He drank in her pleasure, watching it in her eyes.

She humped her fist, riding it hard, her breathing coming in short gasps. She wanted to cum for him. Wanted to show him how much she loved him. He smiled watching her, knowing what was in her thoughts.

"Do you want to cum for me slut?", he asked her. She could only nod her head as she bit her lip to forestall the impending orgasm. He smiled at her as he watched her frantically finger fucking herself. Needing to cum, but not daring to until he told her to.

"Cum.", he said simply, and she groaned deep in her throat as her orgasm washed over her. Her back arched as she curled downward as her abdominal muscles spasmed and locked up. She then leaned back, looking up at the light. Her heaving breasts glistening with sweat as she ground her thumb against her clit and came with terrible force. Her juices streaming down over her fist and dripping on the floor. She soon slumped forward, exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm, her thighs twitching from the strain of her orgasm.

"Come here my good little slut. You have earned your meal.", he told her. She crawled to him and as he held his cock pointed towards her mouth, she slowly engulfed his entire shaft. Her nose pressing into the closely trimmed pubes at the base of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and swiped the tip across his shaved balls. He pulled her off his cock by a handful of hair and pushed her mouth down towards his balls.

"Lick them and suck them good. You have been neglecting them lately. Bathe me with your tongue.", he instructed her. She gently took each ball in her warm wet mouth and caressed it with her tongue. She loved the feeling of the smooth flesh in her mouth. She bathed his sack with reverance, cleaning it with her mouth and tongue.

Once his balls were thoroughly worshipped, he once again grabbed her by the hair and aimed his throbbing rod at her lips. She again engilfed his hardness, and gave him the best blowjob she was capable of. As she started sucking him off, he grabbed the flogger and began flogging her ass in rhythm with her head bobing on his cock. Every time she went down on him, he whipped her ass. She would stop netween strokes and twirl her tongue around the thick head of his cock, teasing the hole with her tonge before taking him deep again and receiving another lash. The pattern kept repeating, suck deep, swirl, tease and swallow again.

She kept doing this gradually increasing her speed. Letting his orgasm build from deep inside. She kept looking in his eyes, showing him how much she wanted and loved him. Showing him how much he owned her, body and mind. He suddenly dropped the flogger and grabbed her hair in both fists and started pushing head mouth down hard onto his cock. Raising his hips up to fuck her mouth at the same time.

He yanked her up by the hair, pushed her to the floor, leaning back against his chair and straddled her. Once again he grabbed her hair and started pounding her, holding her tight by the throat. Using her mouth for his pleasure. She could feel his cock swelling and knew he was about to cum. With a groan he pulled back slightly and she felt the first hot gush of his cum pour over her tongue. The tangy taste heaven to her. His cock twitched and jerked as each jet squirted into her hungry mouth. She moaned around his cock in pleasure as he fillled her mouth with his seed. Holding it in her mouth, his cock was surrounded by the warm liquid of his love. Her mouth nearly overflowing with hot cum.

When his orgasm subsided, he pulled out with a pop as she made sure to suck out every last drop.

"Show me.", he ordered her, and she opened her mouth to show him her mouthful of his cum. She let it roll over her tongue, letting it cover every taste bud. Luxuriating in his tangy sauce. She treated it like a fine wine she was tasting. When she had thoroughly enjoyed his essence he smiled at her and said, "Swallow,  My cum slut."

She swallowed down his creamy load and smiled as she licked her lips, making sure she got every delicious drop. Not wanting to miss any of it.

"Good girl.", he said as he stroked her hair and gave her a kiss. "Now clean up and make breakfast. I've worked up quite an appetite."



  1. I think, this has been my favorite thus far. Simple. Controlled. Dominated.
    Thank you William.

  2. Do I even need to add that I like it too?! A little less dark than some you have written ;), but very sexy and very hot.

  3. Not so dark but very very nice and tres sexy.....oooh!

    DY x

  4. So you have a softer side?

    Very hot!!!


  5. I made this one a little more about submission, but don't worry, the next will be back to my old wicked self.