Thursday, August 28, 2014

The hunger...

Here is a story I wrote for my slave yesterday. she though all of you might enjoy. Please comment if you do...


Master was feeling the hunger upon Him. He came home and His piggie was waiting for Him as she always was. On her knees, eyes down and mouthcunt open. His mind had been a maelstrom of hunger and fierce passion all day. He needed to use her and hurt her. The Beast was awake, and couldn't be denied when it was like this. He walked quickly to her, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the training room. she had no time to catch herself, so she was drug by her ponytail all the way down the hallway. she knew it would be a night of tears and screams by His actions. she knew she would give Him all that He needed. she was His, and she lived for these nights. she suffered at His hand, but she suffered beautifully. These were the nights when she was most valuable to Him. He couldn't get this from anyone else. No other could take His furious passions and hungers.

He quickly and silently strapped her to the cross. her face towards the wooden beams. she knew He would be grabbing the heavy flogger first. He loved it and it always got them both warmed up. The first blow landed hard and heavy, There would be no warm up. He was barely controlled fury as He flogged her all over. Starting with that grand ass, but not ignoring her back either. she moaned and gasped at the heavy blows handing on her body. her flesh began to glow from the hard blows. He came up behind her and pulled her head back by her hair. He whispered into her ear. "I will devour you tonight slave. Body and soul."  e reached around and viciously squeezed her sensitive nipple between His strong fingers as He groound His steel hard cock between those round ass cheeks.

He lay down the flogger and picked up the cane. she knew things would get much worse for her now, but it would allow Him the release He needed. she would take His pain. she would always suffer for Him in any way He needed. He gave her so much, it was an honor to take His pain in return. The first blow was breath taking. It felt like a line of fire across her ass as He struck her. she knew there would be  awelt nd naybe blood there. Another landed quickly as He got into a rhythm. her flesh was tortured and marked. His cane opened wounds on her. she could feel the blood flowing, and she knew this would only arouse the Beast more. He gave her a caning unlike any she had ever had before. Soon she found herself floating. The blows registering, but no longer hurting. she was in the place where she could take all Master had to give her, and all He needed to take from her.

Soon He slowed as He saw the effects of His cane. She was a bloody mess, as was He. her blood was splashed on His face and clothing. The cane was a crimson red. He stopped and took a deep breath. The monster was sated for now. she hung from her bindings. A glassy look in her eyes as Master freed her. she wrapped her arms around Him as He took her down from the cross. He brushed her hair from her sweaty face and kissed her deeply. she responded slowly at first, but then passionately as she regained herself. Her arms were around His neck in a loving and needy embrace.

He took her to the shower and gently washed her wounds. As He stood behind her, washing her back, she pushed back against His hard cock. she looked over her shoulder and asked Master to take her. To use His asshole to get His release. He soaped up His cock and her tight shithole, then grabbed her hips and slid into that tight backdoor. They moved together quickly. Both frantic in their need. He pulled her by the hair as she pushed back against Him as hard as she could. He could feel His orgasm building, and as He was about to cum. her body starting shaking as her own orgasm hit. It sent Him over the edge, and He buried Himself up that tight. hot fuckhole, and filled her bowels with His seed. They both shook with the fury of their combine orgasms until the tremors subsided.

As He pulled out, He spun her around. she immediately began washing His cock, then sucked the last drops of cum from His shaft. she stood once again in front of him, and looking Him in the eye said. "I will be punished for cumming without permission." It wasn't a question. she was just stating a fact. she was right. she would be, but not tonight He though as He smiled down at her. He turned off the water. Dried her off before she did the same for Him, then they walked to the bedroom to get dressed. she still had to make her Master's dinner after all. A slave's duty never ended...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Watching her...

He had been watching her for a long time. He knew she had turned 18 just a few weeks ago. He also knew that she was the biggest slut in her high school class. She had been a little cock sucker for the last couple years, and he had been biding his time until now. He couldn't wait any longer, and he wouldn't wait any longer. Today was the day he would take her.

She walked to her door completely unaware of what was about to happen. She didn'r hear him coming up behind her as she unlocked the door, but he timed it perfectly. As soon as she opened the door, he shoved her inside with his hand over her mouth. She was about to scream when she saw his knife in front of her eyes. He held it to her throat and told her if she screamed, it would be the last sound she ever made. She nodded her head in understanding. Knowing he wouldn't hesitate to silence her if necessary.

He held her by the throat, and ripped open her blouse. She had such fat young tits. They were heavy, but still had that youthful firmness that help them up. He drug his blade along the tender flesh of those fat globes. Making her gasp as she felt the sharp edge against her flesh. He put the blade to her throat as she felt his hardness press into the crack of her ass. He told her if she was a good little girl, she would get out of this in one piece.

He stripped her completely and through her to her knees. He told her she bettter suck his cock good, or she would suffer badly. Tears were in her eyes as she took him into her mouth. She started sucking him good with all her skills. He knew what a good cock sucker she was, and he told her so, and that she better give her all. he held his blade before her eyes so she would know what was her fate if she wasn't a good girl.

She suxked him good and made him very hard. He grabbed her by the hair and through her down on the carpet. Her face to the floor as he rubbed his cock along her tender folds. The naughty little cunt was wet. He knew she was just just a cunt that really needed to be used like a piece of fuckmeat. She was a filthy little bitch, and no amount of pleading would prove any different. He buried his fat cock into her wet cunt in one quick thrust. Making her gasp and cry out at the violence of it. He grabbed her by the hips and plowed into her hard and ruthless. She sobbed and cried out, but he cared not a bit for her pain. He was there to get his pleasure, and he didn't care how she felt.

After he get good and hard, and his cock was well slicked by her tight cunt, he pulled out and shoved himself into her tight asshole. She screamed at the sudden invasion of her tender back door. She wasn't expecting it, and the pain was sudden and intense. He told her she better be quiet and take it like the whore she was, or he would hurt her bad. She bit her knuckles in an atttempt to stay quiet. She hoped he would finish quickly and leave her alone, but she wasn't sure she would even make it out of this alive.

He grunted with each thrust into her ruined asshole. She was split wide open by his pounding cock, and she laid there taking it. The pain was intense, and she knew he didn't care about how much pain he was inflicting.

He became quite frantic, and she hoped that meant he was about to finish. He suddenly grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her up and shoved his hard cock into her mouth. She could taste her ass on his cock, but before she could think about it, he shot his load into her mouth. Filling it with his hot seed. She swallowed it in fear. Knowing if she spit it out, he would take that badly.

Once he was finished, he looked down at her, his hand wrapped in her hair and yanked her to her feet. Looking into her eyes, a grin suddenly split his hard features. She smiled back at him, and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

"Thank you Daddy.", she said as she hugged him and gave him a big kiss.

He smiled down at her and had to admit to himself. His step daughter had become quite the kinky little bitch...