Saturday, January 21, 2012



They were lying in bed spooning, his hands holding onto her tits, brushing his fingers against them, pinching them, his mouth covering her neck and biting into her shoulder, she can feel him pushing again her ass where his hard cock was nestled between her ass cheeks. She responded by pushing back against him, wanting it so much, but he is and had been tormenting his girl all day, and he knows how much she needs to feel him and to have her release.

She turn towards him and nestles deeply into his chest, her left leg draped over his hip and she can feel the tip of his cock touching her cunt.
"Oh Master," she says, "You dont know how much I want to slide Your cunt lips over that cock head."
He tells her that he does know, he knows how much his slut needs to feel it deep inside her.  He then brings his mouth towards hers and kisses her deeply, moans escaping from the back of her throat. She need it so badly.  She move her leg and draws his leg with it in between hers and starts to rub her cunt along hi thigh like a bitch in heat. He can feel the pussy juices along the length of his thigh.
"Oh my, my little horny bitch is so fucking wet, isnt she?", he says with a wicked grin.
They part kissing and she looks up at him and replies "yes she is Master, she is a real horny little fuck, who needs to have her Master's cock buried deep within her".

At that point he turns her onto her back and pushes her legs apart with his, and lay in between her legs, with the full pressure of his hard cock against her aroused cunt.  His hand has pinned her two wrists above her head and he tells her to clasp her hands together and to not unclasp them or bring them down from above her head until told to do so.

He then moves down and starts to feed on her hard nipples, biting and sucking them. His hands holding them to his mouth. She looks down at him feeding on her breasts, devouring each morsel taken into his mouth.  Further down her body he slides. She can feel his hot breath as he brushes his lips over each area until he gets near to her cunt. She pushes it up so it won't be missed, but he traces his tongue and lips around it, down the top of each thigh, so close but yet so far. Her cunt craving to be touched and as he moves to each thigh,  she can feel his hot breath tracing across her swollen lips.  
She is lying with her eyes closed, wishing his tongue or lips would accidentily hit it, but it doesn't.  Her body is in a full state of total arousal, wanting to be fucked in whatever hole her Master wants to put his cock into. 
"Oh please Master, just a touch there, let me feel something of yours against it". she begs. 
At this point he climbs off of her. She opens her eyes, not wanting him to leave her. His finger presses against her lips, letting her know she wasnt to speak. 
He tells her, "My girl must lie completely still, do not move a muscle. Do you understand girl"
"Yes I do Master", she responds.

"Good girl. Do you trust your Master?", he asks her.
"Yes I do Master, totally", is her answer.

At that point his hand reaches under the pillow and brings out his knife. Her eyes widen at this, but he reassures her that he will not harm her. She nod my head saying "Yes Master".

He takes his knife and tells her to stick her tongue out, which she does willingly as he drags the blunt end over it and then has her to kiss the blade.  Slowly and gently he brings the blade of the knife up and drags it all over every part of her upper body. Over her nipples and breasts. Her breathing becomes quicker, feeling the light sensation of the blade covering her. She realizes her hips are moving up again, grinding into her Masters body as it covers hers.  She feels it moving down along the inside of her thighs. She feels the side of his face resting against her cunt as he draws light circles on the inside of her thighs. 
Looking up at her, he tells her to breath in deeply and hold my breath. She does, and feels a slight pain as the tip of the blade makes a shallow cut to the inside of her thigh, then another and another until there are six slices into her tender flesh. He tells her to breathe again, which she does.

"Don't worry my baby girl, Master knows what he is doing." he tells her. She feels his tongue lapping at where he cut. She can hear his moan as he devours part of her into his body. She then feels him suck hard at the cuts, his tongue licking up any missed drops. She thinks she is going to explode there and then.

"Master, please let your girl cum, she needs to so badly, she wants to cum after what has just happened.", she says breathlessly,  but he denies her this. She lies there, hands still clasped above her head, begging for release. 
"Not yet my girl, not yet", he says as he slides his body up along hers, resting his hard cock against her cunt again.  At the same time he kisses and rapes her mouth with his tongue and lips. She can taste her blood in his mouth. They kiss so intensely, she wants to scream "fuck me please Master."

His hand unclasps hers and brings them down and puts them around his neck and back. She digs her nails deeply into his back as she grinds her cunt against his cock.

"My girl needs to be rewarded for being so good for her Master.", he tell her with a smile, at which point he brings his cock towards her mouth and feeds it to her as she greedily sucks on it, tasting his pre cum. Moving her lips and mouth over the shaft, taking it in deeper than she has ever done before, gaging on it as he pushes it deep into her throat, so much so that when he removes it, it is covered in his girl's drool, and her spit is puddled on her chest.
 "Oh yes, you horny slut, give Your Master what He wants and needs, service Your Masters cock, my little fuck hole.", he tells her. He looks down and watches his baby girl feast upon his cock, cupping his balls with her hands. He can feel his balls tingle and tighten up, ready to shoot his hot load of cum over his girl's face. He tells her to stick her tongue out and open her mouth wide as he kneels over her. With one leg on each side of her face, he takes his cock in his hand. He strokes it hard, and she can tell he is about to cum because of his breathing. 
A moan escapes from deep within him. An animal noise comes out at the same time as his cock lets loose the hot load of cum it was keeping for her, emptying his balls onto her tongue and into her mouth until he had finished. His fingers scooping up any of his load that fell onto her face and wiping it onto her tongue. He then tells her to "swallow it girl" which she does immediately and show him her tongue so he knows it has all gone.

He grabs her and pulls her close to his chest and holds her there, speaking softly to her, asking her how she is feeling. He tells her how proud he is of her while his free hand is tracing over the bloody marks he left on the inside of her thigh.

"You fed Master well, so he fed you, my little whore. Maybe next time I will feed on you even more.", he said with a wicked grin as he licked his lips.