Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feeding Part II

She lay there thinking about their last time together. Master had fed on her. It was the first time he had ever done that, and she couldn't get it out if her mind. She wanted to feed him again, but was afraid to say it, to admit her dark needs. She came up with an idea to let him know without having to say the words.

When he got home from works that night she was dressed as she was required in her collar, corset, stockings and heels only. This time though his blade was tucked into her garter belt when he found her kneeling inside the entryway as he walked in. He strode to her, stroking her hair and taking the end of the leash that was draped over her shoulder. He lead her into the living room and sat in his chair as she started removing his shoes for him.

As she turned to place his shoes in their proper place he finally saw the blade in her belt.

"What is this little one? Does Master's whore want to be fed on?", He asked with a smile on his lips.

She just knelt there looking at the floor, too embarrassed to answer.

"Well, tell me what you intend Master's blade for?", he asked again.

"I wish Master to feed on my flesh again.", she said in barely more than a whisper.

Reaching down, he retreived the sharp knife and stroked his thumb across the keen edge. He lifted up her chin to look at him. He put the blade in front of her mouth, and without thought, she kissed the glinting blade.

He stood her up and laid her back on the coffee table. It was a sturdy ine that had concealed loops to restrin his slave to. He tied her at all four points to the table. Insuring she could not move and spoil his fun. He knew of course that she would never move, but this was part of the fun for him.

He begin tracing her jaw line with the sharp blade, dragging it along her tender flesh. She was shaking. Whether from fear or excitement he wasn't sure. Either way he was going to give her a night she never forgot. He traced the edge of the blade down between her full, heavy breasts, causing her breath to catch in her throat as she felt the sharp edge graze over her taut, erect nipples.

The point of the blade was pushed into the tip of each sensitive nipple and turned. The exquisite pain causing her to arch her back and gasp in pleasure. He continued down her body, dragging the edge of the blade across sensitive areas. The pont of her hips, down her ribs, the tender area where her leg met her crotch.

Moving down between her legs, he began to trace small circles and lines across the smooth flesh above her cunt. She was gasping and moaning as the sharp tip make red marks all over her.

"Are you ready my slut? Master is hungry and wants to feed.", he asked her.

She simply nodded her head. Not trusting her voice.

He began to slowly scratch words into her flesh. She bit her lip as the pain shot through her body. It was a sharp pain that moved through her body. The letters weren't deep, but the meaning was. She moaned and moved as kittke as she could. Her mind was flying with the intensity of the moment. She knew not what her Master was marking her with, but she knew it would mean everything to her.

The pain stopped as quickly as it started. She could then feel her Master tongue licking at the wounds on her tortured flesh. Lapping up her blood. He then began sucking at the marks on her tender skin. A wave of pleasure rolled through her body. The feeling of him sucking at her, nursing on her blood was the most erotic thing she had ever felt. In fact before she even realized what was happening, an immense orgasm ripped through her. Causing her body to arch up and all the muscles in her body to lock as she screamed and gushed akk over the table. She was left panting from the exertion of such an amazing orgasm.

"I don't believe I gave you permission to cum, whore. That will cost you dearly. This pain won't be the fun kind.", he told her with a wicked grin.

Looking down she saw "Master's cunt" scratched into her flesh. It wasn't deep but she could tell there would be a slight scar that would be easily read. A rush of pride and happiness surged through her when she saw it. A smile spreading across her lips.

"Don't smile yet, slut. You haven't had your punishment yet.", her Master said as he began pulling his belt from his waist.

He never took it easy on her when he used his belt, but this time she welcomed it. She now bore his permanent mark, temporary ones from his belt no longer scared her. She was to be his forever now. The blows from the belt started landing heavily across her breasts, stomach and thighs, but to her they felt like her lover's carresses...