Friday, November 11, 2011


She was just getting home from a long day at work. She was tired and not really paying close attention to her surroundings. As she stepped from her car, she was grabbed from behind and something was placed over her nose and mouth. It had a chemical smell, and before she could struggle away from it, she felt herself sliding away into unconciousness.

She woke up naked and chained to a bed with only a bare mattress under her. She briefly struggled until she realized that there was no way she would break free from the chains, so she lay there trying to figure out who would have done this. She was a smart girl and not prone to panic. She figured if she just kept her head, she would get out of this. Panic would just disable her.

After a brief time a hooded man walked in, and without saying a word he blindfolded her. In her brief glance, she was unable to even identify the color of his skin. He wore gloves and a long sleeve shirt, and the hood came down over his shoulders hiding even his hair color. Once she was effectively blinded, he spoke.

"You have been brought here because you have been a very bad girl. I will teach you to be more respectful and humble.", he told her.

She didn't recognize his voice, so she had no clue who he could be. She was also clueless as to who would think she was a bad girl. She tried to always be pleasant, at least as much as she figured everyone else was.

She felt gloved hands begin to roam up her legs, stroking and carressing them as they traveled. When they got to her crotch, her clit was suddenly and quite painfully pinched. She shrieked in shock and pain it the suddeness of it.

"Bastard!!! That hurt!", She spat her words at him.

For her outburst she got a slap across her tits.

"Behave, or it will be much worse, slut.", he said in a measured and calm voice.

She was offended by the word slut, but figured she better stay calm and not fight him if she wanted to get out of this.

He went back to stroking and pinching her here and there. He tweaked her nipples and twisted them as he pinched. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and giving him the pleasure of her distress.

He moved back down and began to stroke the lips of her pussy. She tried to think of anything else she could, but her body betrayed her and she could feel her cunt growing damp.

"So the slut isn't to proud to get wet when her cunt is played with.", he said with a chuckle.

"Fuck you!", she said before she could stop herself.

She was answered by a slap across her face. It shocked her more than it hurt her. It wasn't really hard, intended more to startle than hurt.

"Be good, whore.", he reiterated.

That word made her even madder, but she didn't react.

He continued exploring her body. Squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. As he pinched one she suddenly felt the bite of something on her nipple. Then the other was similarly pinched.

"You will wear those clamps as long as I decide you will wear them. They should make your nipples nice and sensitive for the later activities.", he said cryptically.

The pain was pretty intense. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, and this was very painful. His hands once again went to her cunt. He slipped a couple fingers inside her. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but the chains held her spread wide.

"You are even wetter than before. You seem to be quite the little whore. Getting turned on by being clamped, slapped and bound. What a delicious little slut. I will enjoy breaking you.", he laughed.

Her face burned in shame at the reaction of her body. She wanted to hate this, to not give him the satisfaction of turning her on, but this faceless bastard knew what buttons to push.

There was just the sounds of quiet movements in the room, and she couldn't tell what was going on. Suddenly there was a burning sensation across her chest and belly. She screamed thinking she was being cut.

"Don't be such  abady. It's just a little candle wax.", he said condescendingly as he proceeded to pour more molten wax over her body. She couldn't catch a breath as her poured more and more over her body. He dumped a large amount directly on first one nipple, then the other. The burning wax only added to the pain already bloomong there from the clamps. She felt herself panting from the pain, trying to process it and not let it overwhelm her.

The wax was next poured down her belly and between her legs. She felt the rivulets run between the lips of her pussy, causing her to gasp. Her hair was neatly trimmed down there, but she knew that removing the wax was going to be painful. It continued down her legs, lines of wax being drawn up and down her thighs. soon she was completely covered from shoulders to toes in wax.

He stopped and there was only silence for awhile. She felt something cold scraping against her skin, removing the wax.

"Don't move, slut. I wouldn't want you to get cut.", he warned her.

"It's a knife!", her own voice screamed in her head. She froze in fear. Up to this point she thought he just wanted to torture her. It never occured to her that she was in real danger for her life. his hand was steady though, and he seemed to be only scraping the wax from her skin. When he got to her crotch she figured he would just leave it there, matted in her pubes. She was wrong. She soon realized the knife she felt was in actuality a straight razor. A fact she realized when she felt the hair being removed from her pussy. She was soon smooth as a baby down there, and she could feel the air cool on her bare flesh.

"Now that looks very nice. You really should keep it that way.", he laughed.

The next thing she knew one arm was being released. She thought that maybe this was her chance to try her escape, but she soon realized that she was just being turned over for whatever was to come next. He released and then re-chained each limb one at a time so she was always restrained by at least three points at all times.

Once on her belly, she lay there, not knowing what to expect next. She didn't have to wait long as something very hard and thin landed across her ass cheeks. It felt like a line of fire and she jumped with the pain.

"You are going to take a caning like a good slut. Keep your ass up or I will cane the bottoms of your feet. Trust me, that is much worse than your ass.", he said, and to demonstrate he gace her one stroke across the sole of her foot. The pain was blinding, and she quickly pushed her ass up as high as she could.

He laughed,"You are learning quickly, my little whore. Now hold still and make a nice target for my cane."

The next lash struck hard on her left cheek, making her cry out. She bit her lip to try to stifle her cries.

"I will make you cry no matter what you wish. The longer you hold out, the more I get to hurt you, so please do try to fight it.", he told her with a dark tone in his voice. She could feel the menace in his tone, and knew he told her the truth.

He was soon lashing her ass and the backs of her thighs unmercilessly. She could feel the welts growing here and there. She didn't even realize she was crying until she felt the hot tears running down her cheeks. She lay there weeping in pain and shame. Embarrassed at her situation.

She felt his fingers at her molten center, probing once again at her sex. She realized she was now completely soaking wet. Her cunt wetting the mattress beneath her. She began crying even harder realizing he could see how aroused she was by his filthy acts. She felt debased and degraded, and more turned on than she had ever felt in all her life.  Her cunt throbbed with desire and she craved the feeling of his hands on her clit. She wanted him to just touch her and make her cum.

"What's the matter slut? Do you need to cum? Is my pain making your cunt wet? You're making quite a mess of the bed. I may have to make you lick up the mess you are making.", On hearing that last part, she felt her pussy clench in desire, even though the thought of being made to do so was completely humiliating.

He felt her pussy grip his fingers, and smiled,"You do want that don't you?"

She shook her head vehemently, bu tshe knew it was useless to lie to him. Her body told him everything he needed to know.

As she lay there crying, she could feel something running down her thighs. She didn't know if it was blood from the welts, or simply sweat. She suddenly realized she was hoping it was blood. For some reason she thought it was what she deserved for the wrongs she had commited. She wasn't quite sure what they were, but just felt she had been doing wrong. This all flashed quickly through her mind in what must have been mere moments, but seemed like an eternity.

"Are you realizing what you have been doing wrong?", he asked her, interupting her thoughts. How could he know what she was thinking? "It's starting to sink in isn't it?"

She searched her mind for what it could be. She was a great friend, always helping whenever she could. She took care of the children and they were very happy. Her husband was always pleased ...with....

Then it hit her. Her husband. She only gave him sex when it suited her, and only what she felt like giving him. Using sex as a weapon to get what she wanted. Her husband was the one she was disrespectful to. She had treated him horribly for years and never realized it until now.

"So the bitch finally gets it.", she heard, only this time the voice was different. It was the voice of her husband. Her blindfold was pulled off and there she was face to face with her husband. The knew the other voice wasn't his, but as she looked around they were the only ones there.

"Who was the other voice?", she asked nearly in a panic.

"A friend of mine that agreed to help me teach you a lesson.", he responded with a wicked tone in his voice she had never heard before."We rehearsed for a long time to anticipate anything that might happen so he would have an answer for you no matter what you said or did."

"I'm so sorry.", she sobbed as tears sprang from her eyes."I've been horrible to you haven't I?"

"Yes you have, but that is over with. I am going to use you like I never have before, and then you won't have to see me ever again if that is your wish.", he told he with a deadly serious tone in his voice.

"No, no, please. Let me prove myself to you. I will change. I will be the wife you want and never disrespect you again.", she begged.

He looked at her with narrowed eyes. "If I give you another chance, you will do what I say, when I say it.Do you understand?"

"Yes dear.", she said as she vigorously nodded her head.

"It will be yes Sir from now on whenever we are in private. No more attitude or you will be soundly spanked and whipped. I am now your Master from here on out. If that becomes too much of a burden to you, I will leave and find another who can handle it. Am I being perfectly clear on this?", her asked her.

"Yes Sir.", she replied simply.

"Good, now open your mouth, slut and suck your Master's cock. If you do a good job, I'll let you swallow my cum like the little cum slut I know you are.", she told her. She had never swallowed his cum. In fact had made a point to tell him how gross she thought it was, but that was about to change.

He undressed and climbed up on the table in front of her and offered her his hard cock to suck. There was pre-cum dripping from the tip. She would always wipe it away when she would suck him in the past, but this time, she stuck out her tongue and licked it away. She sucked him into her warm, wet mouth and drew the thin fluid out of his cock and onto her tongue. She savored the taste of him and marveled at how good it actually tasted. She had never even tried to taste it, just assumed it was horrible.

She was determined to show him she had changed and wanted him to keep her, so she gave him the best blowjob she had ever given in her life. She sucked him hard and swirled her tongue around the head. Bobbing her head up and down on him, determined to make him cum harder than he ever had before. She began crying as she sucked him off. Tears of shame and joy for what she had been, and what she was becoming. She had been a bitch, but now she was to be his whore. To live to pleasure him and be the best wife any man could ever want. She didn't know what all she was going to have to do, but if this night was any indication, there would be pain and humiliation to be suffered at her husbands hand. She wanted to be what he needed, and was determined to be just that.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of his heavy breathing and his hand gripping her hair.

"Open wide my cum slut.", he ordered.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and the first hot jet of cum shot right down the length of her tongue and into her throat. It was salty and tangy tasting. While not completely pleasant, it wasn't as bad as she had always imagined. Another shot struck her lips and run down her chin. He shot his cum all over her face, intentionally missing her mouth and covering her lips and cheeks with his seed. He even shot some in her hair. She licked her lips to get as much as she could, then sucked his cock back into her mouth to get the  last remaining drops drained from him.

"You will wear that on your face until we get home, and if you are a good little whore, I may let you wash it off before bed.", he told her.

"Yes Sir.", she responded meekly, but with the hint of a smile on her lips.

As he began to untie her, he thought, maybe she will make a decent sub after all...



  1. please Sir, may I have some more? :)

  2. This is incredible! I have never been this turned on, especially not from reading! Mmmmm if only fiction could be truth :P