Saturday, December 3, 2011


She knelt there with her legs strapped. There were straps wrapped around each leg so that her calves were held tight against the backs of her legs. She was immobilized although her legs were spread wide. There were also straps around her torso, binding her arms tightly behind her back. She could not move at all. A set of holes only to be used.

The flogger rained down heavy blows as her throat was pounded by another hard cock. She was her Master's and his friends enjoyment tonight. She would not be able to move until everyone had their use of her, in whatever manner they wanted.

Right now her mouth was being fucked, but maybe later it would be her cunt. Her ass had already been filled with a thick load of hot cum from a man she never even saw. She couldn't even turn her head her bondage was so constricting. As these thoughts ran through he mind, the man pounding her throat groaned and pumped his hot seed down her gullet. She dutifully swallowed like the good hole she was. She was not a person this night, but just a sex toy for their fun.

The flogging continued on her ass though, and she felt another flogger start up to join the other. They began whipping harder and harder, seemingly trying to outdo each other. She lay there taking in the exquisite pain. Her cunt clenching and dripping with lust. She knew she would not cum. Sex toys didn't orgasm.

One of the floggers moved up to her back, and suddenly a cane was striping her ass along with the thud of the flogger. Her mind was racing with all the stimulation, but yet she felt quiet and calm. No desire to move, just absorb all that she was given.

Another cock pushed against her swollen lips, and she opened her mouth as a good toy does and allowed it to slide down her throat. She was trained to take any cock all the way down. It had taken a lot of training, but she no longer had a gag reflex.

As the new cock began to pump in and out of her wet sucking mouth, another cock began pushing at her tight asshole. She almost grunted in pain as this cock was very thick. Thicker than any she had ever taken in her ass. She could not grunt though, she was just a toy that felt nothing. It pushed deep into her bowels, it's girth nearly matched by it's length. Whoever he was, he was taking his time. He slowly pushed in then pulled out the whole length each time. Making her feel every inch of it.

Her mind was overloaded with the feeling of being filled at both ends. The men began to fuck her in unison. Pushing in then pulling out at the same time. Their rhythm picking up speed until she was being crushed between their sweating, hammering bodies. Almost as one they both shuddered and started pumping her full of their viscous cream. The one in her mouth had pulled back a bit, so she felt his cum flowing over her tongue. His seed was a little bitter, but she still relished the taste of it on her tongue.

Her guts were being pumped full of hot cum by the bull in her ass. He apparently had shot a load to match the impressiveness of his equipment. She felt her ass overflowing with it, dripping down her sopping cunt to drip on the table she knelt on.

She knew not how many men used her that night. It was a blur of cum, hard cocks, and pain. She remembered only snippets. A laugh here, and a grunt there. Her body being filled and covered with cum. Some of them shot their loads across her face and in her hair. Some on her ass as they pulled out from either her cunt or well used asshole.  Some pumped her holes full of the hot loads. Cum dripped from every orifice. She could feel the sticky emissions coating her skin, and quietly reveled in the sensation.

That last thing she remembered as the house quieted was her Master coming up to her and whispering in her ear.

"I am very proud of My fuck toy tonight. You were a good little whore and impressed my friends with your training. Tomorrow you will be rewarded.", He said as her stroked her cum coated cheek. "Sleep now. You will clean up in the morning."

The room was kept warm, so she knew she wouldn't get cold lying there naked. She soon began to drift off to sleep with a contented smile on her lips. He was proud of her. That was all she ever needed to hear.



  1. "He was proud of her. That was all she ever needed to hear." yep.

  2. *shivers*
    Another lovely story... thank you!


  3. i sense more good dreams coming my way. Thank You, Sir.

  4. I'm glad all of you liked my story. Let me know how your dreams are pepper...grins!!!


  5. Wow.. This is the absolute best. Should be submitted to a magazine.... I loved it...

  6. another great Story Sir...
    they always draw me in and make me wish it was me you are talking about...

    subslut mellona

  7. Very hot. Very dark. Very nice. :)