Sunday, October 23, 2011


She is there waiting. Kneeling with her hands behind her neck, blindfolded and her mouth open wide. She doesn't know what will happen, but she loves surprises.

The first sign of anything is the sudden bite of clover clamps on her nipples. How does he sneak in on her without her hearing him? She hates that about him. She gasps, but then lets the pain wash over her. A warmth spreads from her nipples directly to her cunt. She feels her wetness begin to trickle from between her lips.

The next thing she feels is the crop lashing across her ass. She almost lowers her arms in shock, but manages to keep them in place. He works her ass over good. It burns with the assault on her tender flesh. She is really getting wet now.

A hand goes to her throat just before the flogger gives it's first wicked kiss across her full tits. She would have gasped, but the hand on her throat prevents it.  He seems to be aiming directly at her nipples, making them hard with the pain and desire. Her air is cut off intermitently as her rains blows onto the full globes swaying from her chest. The blows making them swing back and forth. The flesh turning redder with each lash.

There is now a puddle on the floor under her drooling cunt. She is a hopeless pain slut and they both know it.

A rope is wrapped tightly around her breasts, causing them to swell even more. The nipples distending even more. They are so hard they ache now. He reaches down and pinches the clamps making them bite even harder. He then qucikly removes them and grabs both nipples between his fingers and cruelly pinches them as hard as he can.

A cry finally breaks from her throat to be replaced by his steel hard cok pushed deep into it. He grabs her hair and begins to fuck her throat. She is agsping and drolling, trying not to choke and gag. She finally relaxes her throat enough to take him without gagging.

Too soon for her he pumps his hot load over her tongue and lips. Her mouth is filled and she savors the taste and warmth of it. She waits for him to tell her to swallow, but before he says anything, she feels another cock at her lips. This can't be him, he couldn't be hard again this quickly. There is another man here. She has a moment of fear, but then she realizes that he would never put her in harms way, and would only let the most trusted of friends use her this way.

The cock quickly swells and floods her mouth with hot cum. This cum is more bitter than her Master's. Then another cock is at her mouth. She is stunned. Master was really pushing her today. She finds herself leaking with arousal. She was being used as nothing more than a receptacle for her Master's and his friends cum. Just a cum slut to be used for their pleasure.

Cock after cock pushes into her mouth to quickly deposit it's loads over her tongue. She swallows load after load, but some of it still runs down onto her heaving and swollen tits. They feel twice their normal size. Her face is a mess of cum as well.

Finally the parade of cocks stops. There are a few minutes of quiet, until a cock again pushes against her lips. This is again her Master. Her mouth knows his cock without seeing it. She sucks him as hard as she can. She wants to have his taste in her mouth last. He groans and explodes again into her hungry mouth. She swirls this load around in her mouth, savoring the flavor of him before swallowing it down and licking her lips.

He removes her blinfold, and she blinks at the light. Looking around for the other men, they are all alone. She knows he will never tell her which man was here today. Whenever they get together with friends she will not know if the man she is talking to was one that filled her mouth with his hot cum. Is he one that saw her naked and covered with the seed of many men. Being the cum slut she loves to be.

Her cunt clenched at the thought of all these men knowing this about her, and her not knowing who they are.



  1. Wow, this is awesome. Just awesome!! You made my day. :)

  2. i second the kudos, there, William. Very nice!