Saturday, September 24, 2011

The marks of passion...

He loved marking his slave. She loved wearing them as a badge of honor. She was proud that she was able to take all he could give, and he could give a lot. He was a sadistic Master, but he loved her with the intensity of the pain he gave her. He was a man of extremes. Extreme passion, love, and pain. He would hurt her badly, then soothe her wonderfully. Caressing away the aches and applying cream to the welts, abrasions, and cuts. Although he didn't mind giving her a few small scars from their play, he didn't want her damaged. She knew all this and never shied away from his desires, although she did fear him a little. His hunger could be ferocious when it came over him, but he had never harmed her and she knew he never would.

They hadn't had a hard session in quite awhile. The timing hadn't been to their advantage, and he had only been able to give her an occasional spanking or throat fucking. Of course she was always ready and willing to get on her knees and serve him like the good slut she was, but the real pain had been absent for too long, and they both were feeling the effect of it being missing from thier lives. That was going to change tonight.

He tied her down across the table so she was standing in front of it, but her upper body was flat. He liked this position because it gave him complete access to all her holes, and her back was exposed for whipping or hot wax. He tied her legs to two of the legs of the table, then her arms to the other two legs. She was now almost ready for him. The last touch was the ring gag. This would keep her mouth open and ready for his cock should he choose to plunder her throat.

She was now ready to be used, and he was going to use her hard today. She would feel this day for quite awhile. The Beast in him had gone far too long without being fed and he was ravenous. As he picked up the flogger he could feel an almost electric hum coursing through his body. It seemed to crackle from the ends of his whip as he prepared to flog her.

The first lash was hard, full force across her ass. There was to be no warm up this day. The Sadist could no longer be restrained. This was going to be a day of pain, and she knew she would have to endure it until he was sated. She would endure because he needed her to, and because she loved his pain. It made her come alive. All her nerves jumped and burned with desire. She never felt more alive than when she was under his whip or cane.

One after another the lashes fell, tearing at her flesh. The heavy leather stung, and the thud of the impact was immense. It was a very heavy flogger, well worn and broken in on her flesh. Tanned with the offering of her blood. She sould feel every impact reverberate through her body like the waves on the ocean. They started at her ass andwent to the top of her head, only to return straight to her cunt. Her pussy clenched and spasmed at each lash, causing her juices to leak and glisten on the inside of her thighs. She could never hide the fact that she was a pain slut. Her cunt always betrayed her.

Soion her ass was a bright crimson red with a few lines of blood seeping through the abraded flesh. He stopped and ran his thumb across some of the bloody welts, brought his thumb to his mouth and tasted the salty flavor of her pain. He then bent and ran his tongue along the seeping wounds, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure and pain from her throat. Standing back up, he suddenly gave her ass a hard swat with his strong hand. She yelped in pain and surprise as her ass jiggled from the unexpected assault. Laughing he moved to the table holding the implements of his passion and retrieved his favorite cane.

Approaching his slave, he swung the cane, letting her hear it cutting through the air. She gasped in anticipation of what was coming. Knowing she would bleed, but knowing it would feed and sooth the sadist in him. It was her small offering at the altar of his lust.

The first blow of the cane took her breath away, it was like a line of fire across her ass. Her gasps of pain did nothing to dissuade him though. He striped her ass rhythmically, painting a picture of pain across her bruised behind. Opening her mind and soul as he opened her flesh. Taking her to places of bright colors and warm sensations. When she went there she no longer felt the pain of the blows, just the impacts as if she were being patted on the rear like a small child. A warmth suffused through her body making her feel protected and safe.

She was pulled back from the ether by the invasion of his fingers into her swollen and hungry cunt. He jammed three fingers inside her causing her to buck her hips and hump his hand. She tried to lean back and fuck his fist, anything to increase the stimulation of her cunt. She wanted to cum for him, but he wasn't ready for that yet.

"No cumming for you yet, My dirty little whore.", he warned her while still pounding her needy cunt with his fingers.

She whimpered in need, and a wail rose from her mouth, seeming to come from deep in her soul as she was fingered hard, ye she didn't cum. She stayed right on the torturous edge of the abyss, but she couldn't cum. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't. She had been too well trained. She could no longer cum witout his permission, no matter how much stimulation she was getting. He could use the vibe on her clit and pound her cunt with his hard cock, and she couldn't cum until he told her to. Then her body would erupt like a volcanoe. Her whole body spasming with the intensity of her ogasm. He was impressed every time he saw it. The way she let go completely and allowed herself to hold nothing back. To show him the raw insides of her soul as she released her passion. They both knew the darkest parts of each other, and found a kinship there.

He tortured her cunt with pleasure for a few more minutes, feeling her cunt squish around his hand from her being so wet, before he removed his hand from inside her. He licked some of her juices from his fingers before wiping the rest of it across her cheeks and lips, letting her taste and smell her own essence.

The candles were next in his symphony of pain. He drizzled it down the center of her spine to the crack of her ass. Letting it run down of the rose bud of her asshole, making it clench at the heat. He would split that tight hole later, but for now he was playing with her. He made tracks across her back with the molten wax. Lines crossing each other in an abstract canvas of carnality.

When he moved to pouring the wax across the tormented flesh of her ass, she jumped and twisted, trying to get away from the heat and pain of it. The flesh was extremely sensitive from his ministrations and the wax burned even worse on the welts and abrasions. She couldn't escape him though. She wouldn't try even if she weren't bound, but she knew he enjoyed the show of her struggles. That her discomfort aroused him, her pain an aphrodisiac to him. So she wiggled and shook her ass as if she were trying to avoid the wax, but in reality she loved every painful second of it.

When the supply of wax was exhausted, she was a colorful pallete of his pain. Her back and ass covered in wax. Pulling his blade from the sheath at his hip, he began to slowly scrape away the wax. The razor sharp edge of the knife scraping across the welts on her ass making her gasp in pain. Each gasp sent a jolt of lust straight to his grion. Every expression of pain causing his arousal to grow. The blood pulsing in his brain and his cock. His member hardening and growing in his pants.

The wax peeled from her skin, he wanted her. Needed her in fact. Stepping behind her, he pulled his throbbing cock from it's prison, and in one quick thrust impaled her on his hardness. She gasped at the sudden invasion of his thick cock, then sighed in pleasure at finally feeling his throbbing meat inside her. He began to saw in and out of her sopping cunt, grinding himself into her hard. Punishing her with his cock. Changing angles so he hit all the different spots inside her that made her gasp and shriek with desire. Slapping her ass here and there to remind her that she was still his to use as he wanted.

He gave her a bunch of quick hard strokes, then pulled out. Just as she moaned in disappointment, he pushed his hard cock into her tight asshole. Making her grunt at the unexpected push into her back passage. She wasn't a big fan of anal, but she took it because her Master liked it. The pain of being stretched wide was made worth it by the sounds of his pleasure whenever he took her there. His cock was well lubed by her pussy juice and he was soon pounding her asshole like he was pounding her cunt moments ago.

She felt a pressure building in her groin as he fucked her ass. She knew she was getting close to cumming. Even though it hurt, it still made her cum practically every time she took him in her ass. He seemed to sense this, and leaning over her back, he whispered close to her ear.

"Cum My little pain whore. Let your Master feel your asshole gripping his cock as you cum."

That was all it took, and the freight train of her orgasm ripped through her body. She started shaking and crying at the intense release of desire, passion, and emotions. He gripped her hips painfully tight as he kept pounding her ass while she came. He didn't cum, but wanted her to feel him streching her wide as she came. After multiple orgasms, she seemed to be calming down. Her body still twitching here and there as her muscles were jolted with the sparks of pleasure.

Pulling out of her ass, he walked around in front of her, where her face was covered in drool from the ring gag not allowin gher to close her mouth as she was used hard. Her open hole was very wet, and it just begged to be filled with a hard cock. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pushed his cock slowly, but steadily into her throat. Making her choke and gag as he pushed himself fully into her mouth. not stopping until her nose was pressed against his stomach. He stopped and held her there. She couldn't breath. He had control of her very life in his hands. She laid perfectly still, knowing she was his to do with as he wanted.

After a few seconds he slowly withdrew from her throat, allowing her to gasp in a few gi=ulps of air before he pulled her head back down on his thick cock. Each time he pushed all the way down her throat she would stick out her tongue and flick it across his tight ball sack. Teasing the flesh with the swipes of her tongue. He loved the feeling of it and the thought that she was trying to give him more pleasure even while she couldn't breath.

Each time he pulled out, he would leave just the head in her mouth for her to lick the underside of his shaft before pushing back all the way in. He was fucking her mouth with long and slow strokes. Using her mouth like a cunt, her hair wrapped around his fist. She loved being used like this. Just a hole for his pleasure. He didn't care if she liked it or not. She was his, and he used her how he liked.

His strokes started speeding up as he felt the pressure building in his balls. He had a big load saved for her. He was going to give her quite a mouthful. With a grunt, he shot the first hot load across her tongue and into her throat. She couldn't swallow with her mouth held open by the ring gag, so she was forced to let it just shoot into her mouth and roll around on her tongue. His hot cream coated her tongue and lips. He rubbed some across her face and cheeks. Marking her face with his seed, like he marked her ass with his cane.

Soem of his cum drooled out of her mouth and onto the table, but she did her best to keep it all in her mouth. Once he was done cumming, he reached down and unsnapped the ring gag before removing it. She closed her mouth, but looked up at him, waiting for permission to swallow his seed. He nodded his head, and she swallowed hard, then with a smile she licked her lips. Making sure she got every drop on her lips.

"Don't forget what you spilled.", he told her, pointing at the table. She looked down and licked up all the cum that had run from her open mouth, and that had dripped from his cock. She left the table completely clean, not a drop of cum anywhere.

"That's my good little cum slut.", he told her as he patted her on the head and gave her a kiss. She smiled up at him as he untied her. She was sore, and as she stood he gave her a hard swat across the ass. She shrieked in pain as the rawness of her ass was made known to her. While she was deep in her submission, she didn't realize how badly he had whipped and caned her. Reaching back she could feel the welts and scrapes from the beating, and she knew that sitting was going to be painful for quite awhile. The thought made her smile though. She knew he loved to see her wince upon sitting after he had beaten her ass. He may put cream on her wounds later, or he may not. She never knew, so it was always a treat when he did.

She was one happy slave, and he was a proud Master.



  1. I do so love sessions like that... ;)

    Velvet <3

  2. I am always amazed at how a Dominant can be so aroused by the things that arouse submissives. I know it seems strange, but it is something in which I have always been interested. The desire, lust and arousal you portray in this story -- and from where it derives -- is amazing. It helps me to better understand the nature of a Dominant. Thank you. :)

  3. i would like to be able to take a beating that severe...maybe in time.