Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ass in hand...

She had a spanking coming for a long time. She had been a real brat, and he had warned her on mant occasions that she was going to earn herself a severe one. She didn't really take him seriously it appeared. She would hald apologize, but the was always a bit of  asmirk in the corner of her mouth as if to say, "Yeah right."

Tonight he had had enough. Her attitude had pushed him past his limit and she was going to be set straight about how things were going to be. He had everything planned. Ropes and cuffs laid out and ready to go. Candles even lit to make her think it was going to be a romantic evening. She had no clue how her life was going to change this night.

She got home and he had prepared a nice dinner with the requisite candles. It seemed all so romantic, and he hid his thoughts well. After dinner he told her to come in the bedroom, he wanted to give her a massage. She was pleasantly surprised to be getting such wonderful treatment. He treated her very good, but not usually all of this together in one day.

They walked into the room arm in arm smiling at each other. He helped her undress and told her to lie on the bed on her stomach. To just stretch out and relax. He undressed and grabbing the massage oil, he straddled her hips and began to rub her shoulders. He worked his way up her body and as he leaned forward over her, he reached down and grabbed the concealed cuffs. Quickly slipping one then the other over her wrists, she was soon immobile. She was so relaxed that she didn't realize what had happened at first. He quickly dismounted and tied her legs to the foot board, leaving some slack in the rope.

"What the hell are you doing?", she asked with just a tinge of fear in her voice."Untie me. We didn't agree to do this tonight."

"You have been a little bitch lately. Not showing me proper respect after all I do for you.", He explained calmly. "And now you are going to be punished. I kept warning you that you were going to earn yourself a spanking, and tonight you are going to get a good one. One you won't forget for a long time."

She began to struggle trying to get out of the ropes as I grabbed a couple pillows and pushed them under her hips, raising her ass to a nice level for spanking.

"You wouldn't dare.", she spat.

"Oh yes I would and I shall. If you want to leave when I am done, be my guest. I won't stop you, but you are going to be treated like the spoiled little brat you are tonight.", he threw back in her face.

Walking to the side of the bed he started spanking her. There was no gentle warm-up. This was punishment, pure and simple. He didn't care if she got any erotic thrill from it this time. She was going to feel his disappointment right on her ass. He slapped first one cheek then the other, spanking her so hard that it made his own hand sting, but he didn't care. She threatened, then begged him to stop. Her voice growing more strident as he continued. He could tell she was nearing the point of tears, and he kept right on going. Driving his hand hard into the tender, yielding flesh of her now very red ass.

"That hurts.", she cried out.

"Yes it does. As much as your attitude hurts me. You give me pain, I give it back to you.", he told her, still with a calmness that were in direct contradiction to his actions.

A look of shock crossed her face as she looked at him, and then a realization hit her of how she had been lately. She had been a brat. Treating him like he owed her something. Like he was here to make her life easy, instead of sharing their life and treating each other with respect.

With this realization, the tears began to fall. She wept in shame for how she had treated her man. He had always taken the best care of her he could, and she had repaid him with disrespect and brattiness. She lowered her head and took the rest of her spanking in silence. A silence broken only by the rhythmic slapping of his hand on her flesh, and the occasioanl gasp and sob that escaped her lips when he struck a particularly sensitive area.

By now her ass was bright red and starting to bruise from the hard spanking she was getting. He finally stopped when his arm became heavy from the exertion. He quit when he could no longer spank her as hard as he wanted to.

Standing up, he untied first her legs and then her wrists.

"You may leave now if you wish. I won't stop you.", he said as he walked to the corner and wearily sat down in the chair.

Rising slowly from the bed, she gingerly walked to him. walking awkwardly from the pain in her ass. When she got in front of him, she simply kneeled down in front of him and wrapped her arms around his legs and began to sob anew. He reached down and stroked her hair, comforting her as she cried.

Looking up at him, she said through her tears,"Please forgive me. I'm so sorry for misbehaving. I didn't realize what I was doing, and how much I was hurting you. Can I make it up to you?", she said in a rapid spilling of words as they tumbled from her mouth.

"Of course you can.", he replied simply.

"How?", she asked earnestly.

"That is for you to decide. You must show me you are truly sorry, and make it up to me in a way you think is sufficient. I want to see what you think is the proper way to earn my forgiveness.", he told her while her moved her hair out of her eyes and wiped away her tears.

She looked at him for a moment, and she knew what she would do to show him how much she really was sorry, and how important it was to her to please him.

Reaching up, she undid his belt and opened his fly. Reaching inside she pulled his semi-erect cock from it's cramped quarters and began to slowly stroke it. She looked up into his eyes and slowly lowered her wet lips down over the rapidly swelling head, never breaking eye contact. She could feel him growing to full hardness in her mouth as she sucked and licked at his shaft. She stroked his hardness in rhythm with her mouth gliding up and down the slick and smooth skin, stretched taut on his cock.

She had never felt him this hard, and she had never imagined he could feel so good in her mouth. She had always just gone through the motions when she gave him head. Figuring as long as his cock was in her mouth, it would be good enough. Tonight was different though. Tonight she wanted to give him the best blowjob he had ever had in his life. Tonight it mattered to her.

She began to moan around his cock as she worked her soft lips all around it. She snaked her tongue around the fat head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum leaking out. This time she wasn't afraid to taste him. In fact she found the taste rather pleasant.

Her actions soon made him begin to moan in chorus with her own sounds. He ran his fingers through her hair as he moaned with her. She knew he was going to cum. She could tell by the look on his face and the sounds from his lips that she was finally giving him that best she had to offer, and it was very good. This time the thought of him cumming in her mouth didn't frighten or revulse her. In fact she wanted nothing more than to feel his seed spill into her mouth and coat her tongue. To taste his passion and swallow his desire.

He nodded at her to warm her he was going to cum, figuring she would finish him off with her hand, but she just winked at him and began to suck harder and faster. Stroking his wet cock with her hand as she tried to milk the cum form him.

He smiled at her, and with one final groan, his balls unloaded into her hot, wet mouth. It had been seemingly forever that  he had wanted this, and it was better than he could have imagined. She moaned as he pumped his hot cum into her hungry mouth. The creamy cum coating her tongue and making her have to swallow quickly to keep it from overflowing her lips. She swallowed three or four times before the flow stoppped. His balls lightened of their load by her talented lips and tongue.

She continued to gently stroke his cock and squeezed it to get out every last drop. Licking away each dollop as it appeared on the tip of his softening member. Now that she had a taste of him, she wanted all of it.

He smiled down at her, and leaning forward, kissed her on the forehead and said,"I forgive you. Now we can move forward."



  1. A little fantasy and reality mixes together nicely!

  2. You call that bad? ;) You can do harder :P
    Awesome thou! :)

  3. Even a sadist takes it a little easy once in awhile. Don't worry, the Dark One will be back in the next installment...grins!!!