Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just used...

She was woken up from a dead sleep by a hand wrapped tightly in her hair. She was being drug out of the warm bed and pushed down to her knees on the cold floor. When Master wanted her, he took her. The time of day or night was unimportant. She was his to use whenever he needed her.

Her hands were bound tightly behind her back, forcing her ample tits forward. This always meant her tits and nipples were going to feel some of his pain. He loved to torment her sensitive nipples. They would be pinched, twisted, and generally abused.

Once she was kneeling there he started slapping her breasts and especially her nipples. She gasped at each blow, but she could feel her cunt begin to get wet. He grabbed each hard little nubbin of flesh and pinched them between his strong fingers making her gasp. He twisted them and she felt a gush of juices pour from her pussy. She hated that his pain turned her on so much. She was a pain slut no matter how much she tried to deny it to herself.

The clover clamps came next. Clamped to each nipple then weights were added to the chain connecting them. They bit tightly into each nipple adding to her agony and arousal. Her nipples and clit throbbed in rhythm. She felt like she might cum and he hadn't gotten near her cunt.

Her reverie was broken by the impact of the tawse across her ass. It nearly knocked her forward from the power of the blow.  He grabbed her upper arm to keep her from toppling over and proceeded to wail away on her ass with the wicked little leather implement. The pain was tremendous, but she took it for him. He was in a very sadistic mood tonight, and she knew he wasn't like this unless the hunger was on him. When he was like this, her greatest gift to him was to give him a vessel for pain.

He stopped spanking her ass and tossed the tawse onto the bed. She could feel her ass burning and knew there would be bruises starting to show, and she would feel them every time she sat down for days.

  He quickly pulled his rock hard cock from his pants and shoved it down her throat. Making her gag and choke on his hot meat. She drooled down her chin and it dripped all over her heaving tits as her fucked her throat. She hardly had time to breath as he used her mouth as a fuck hole. Shoving all 7" balls deep into her mouth with each stroke. His strokes were getting manic and she thought he might cum any second. She felt like she was going to cum as well. He gripped her by the throat as he pounded in and out of her mouth, cutting off her air. Just when she thought he was going to cum and she was going to pass out, he released her neck and pulled out of her mouth and tucked himself back in his pants.

"Not yet slut. My little cum whore doesn't get her treat yet. I haven't finished hurting you yet. I've just started.", he told her with that wicked gleam in his eye that was only there when he was in a very dark place.

The flogger was suddenly in his strong hand, and the first kiss of it landed across her tits. The impact was wickedly heavy. He had this one made for him. It was made from heavy leather, but yet it had quite a sting as well. Her tits were getting quite red and the weights swinging from the chain on the clamps were very painful. Reaching down he quickly removed the clamps, and as the blood began to return to the compressed flesh, the flogger once again lashed at her breasts. His aim was perfect on each nipple. She could no longer hold back and she screamed at eash lash.

Her nipples were throbbing and red from the clamping and whipping, but he didn't relent abusing the swollen globes swinging from her chest until he was satisfied with their bright red hue. He then turned his attention to her ass.

The flogger lashed at her ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle and bounce with each blow. The flesh was already tender from the tawse and tears began to leak from her eyes. This was one of his favorite parts. Her tears fed the Sadist in him. It showed him that she was opening herself to him. Having no barriers left to guard.

He whipped her ass over and over, even striking the front and back of her thighs until her flesh was covered in stripes from the flogger.

He reached between her legs and found her cunt flowing like a fountain. The inside of her thighs were slick with her cunt juices. As his finger tip grazed her clit she let out a deep moan and nearly came right there. It was only her training that made her able to resist the sensation. He jammed three fingers inside her sopping pussy and fucked her hard and fast with them. Making her gasp and cry out in frustration at not being allowed to cum. She was right on the edge and couldn't go over until he told her to, and she knew he wasn't ready to let her yet.

He pounded her soaked cunt for a few more seconds before he shoved his fingers into her mouth for her to suck her juices from his fingers. She knew to lick them clean and she did a good job.

The cane was his final and favorite implement. He always saved it for last. It gave the most intense and searing pain of all his tools, and he loved the beautiful marks it left on her body. She would wear his stripes for a week after he was done.

He pushed her forward to lay with her chest on the ground, her ass up in the air. A perfect target for him. Her arms still bound behind her back, she was helpless to protect herself from his blows. Not that she would even if she weren't bound. This final step in their dance of pain was her ultimate gift to him. She was the only one who had ever been able to take all he had and not asked to be released.

A line of fire cut across her ass with the first lash of the cane. She heard the sound of it cutting through the air a split second before the pain burned across her ass cheeks. The cane bit into the backs of her thighs as well as her tender ass. He caned her from all angles, covering her ass in welts. Some of them seeping blood that trickled down her ass to well at the crease where her ass met her thighs.

At the sight of her blood, he stopped and ran his tongue along one of the bleeding welts. Tasting the saltiness of her pain. She moaned when she felt the warm, wet caress of his mouth. She loved when he fed on her pain. She felt like she was nourishing him and sustaining his life.

After licking up some more of her blood her caned her swollen ass some more until she was sobbing and crying. She was now completely broken down to her base element. She was empty and waiting to be filled by him. To be molded into what he needed, and that was what he was going to do.

He kneeled behind her and pulled his throbbing cock from his pants, a stream of pre-cum seeping from the tip. He pushed quickly and deeply into her molten wet cunt and gavve her a couple quick strokes before pulling out and pressing the head of his cock against the tight little rosebud of her asshole. He slowly but continually pressed into her ass until his balls were being cradled by hte open lips of her hungry pussy. He could feel their caress on his swollen sack. His balls were tight and full of cum just waiting to erupt.

He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her ass before plunging quickly back into her. She moaned and pushed back against him on each thrust. She loved the feel of his cock deep in her asshole. Loved the fullness of it as it stretch her wide open. He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to pull her back hard onto his cock. He pounded hard into her ass, trying to hurt her with his cock. Using her asshole for his pleasure, not caring if she enjoyed it or not, just needing to use her.

Her neck was arched back as far is it would go with the force of him pulling her back onto him. Her tits swung back and forth in front of her from the force of his fucking. 

"Cum, my whore!", he growled in her ear, and on hearing his words, she screamed and came. Her juices gushing out of her cunt onto the floor. He could feel her asshole clenching around his cock buried deep inside her as she came. Each spasm of her orgasm was felt around his throbbing member.

Pulling out of her ass he pushed her back to a sitting position and once again shoved his cock down her throat. She moaned in pleasure knowing she was finally going to get her treat. Getting his hot cum in her mouth was one of the things that made it worth taking his pain.

She could feel his cock gettin gthicker as it stroked in and out of her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could and stroked the under side with her tongue. Feeling the veins throbbing as his orgasm neared.

With a groan, his cock twitched and a flood of hot cum poured over her tongue and down her throat. She moaned in pleasure as he pumped his hot cream into her mouth. His gooey essence coated her tongue and her taste buds exploded with the tangy satliness of his juices. He seemed to cum forever. The load was thick and warm, filling her mouth until it threatened to overflow. She didn't dare to let anything escape. If she did, she wouldn't be allowed to taste him for a month. That she didn't want to ever happen.

She sucked every drop of his cum from his cock. He could feel every last bit being drawn from his member by her suction. She let his cum roll over her tongue, savoring the taste of him before she was given permission to swallow. With a grin she licked her lips to make sure she missed nothing.

He reached behind her and untied the rope that bound her arms. Before she could react, he grabbed her by the hair again and dragged her back up onto the bed. Throwing her down, he ordered her to go back to sleep.

"You've been a good whore and pain slut. Master is proud and sated... for now.", and he walked away towards his office.

She snuggled down under the blankets and quickly fell back to sleep with a satisfied smile on her lips.



  1. Ummmm, wow. That would sure take a lot of training for me not to cum the first time she nearly did. :)

  2. Glad you liked it maui girl.


  3. I love reading your story

  4. I'm glad you enjoy my stories, cocktoy.

  5. {sigh}...the hand wrapped in the hair, the bondage, the nipple pain {shudder}, even the various implements...are Except that cane - I must admit to never having the curiosity or the desire to have one used on me. Your story took me from intense desire to intense fear in a single moment. Thankfully you still left me drooling by using her mouth at the very end. ;) Another well-written piece William.


  6. Glad you liked it C. So which end was drooling?

  7. That was and turbulent and reeking with cupboard is smoldering. Got a fire extinguisher?

  8. Oh! My! Goodness!...or badness, I guess. That was hot!
    I am with his_c: damn near perfect...everything but the cane. I know I will be reading this one again and again. I am sitting in a puddle of juices.

  9. I just had to come back and say thanks...I was being lazy and your post inspired me to blog about last night. I put a link to this post on my blog...hope that is ok.
    Thanks again!