Monday, August 1, 2011

Just a bit of pain...

She had needed a hard flogging for quite some time, but was ashamed to ask for it. She was a good girl, and good girls didn't want their ass whipped. Except this one did. So bad she would grow wet at the thought of the flogger lashing across her bare ass. She would sometimes stroke her fingers briefly across her hungry pussy. Not staying too long lest her mind realize what a dirty little slut she was.

The man she had been corresponding with online was near, but not too near. She chose him because he was a Sadistic bastard, which she secretly craved, but also because he was far enough away that she wouldn't be tempted to seek him out in person. He said such wicked things to her, things that had her cunt clenching and dripping wet. She would fuck herself hard with her dildo when he described all the painful and degrading things he wanted to do to her. She would drive it hard into her body as if it were his cock. She would always cum the hardest when he told her the most vile and base things he would do to her body.

Coming home from work, she stopped and picked up some wine and cheese. She was feeling like having just a light meal tonight. She was planning on talking to him tonight. He had told her to be ready for some challenges tonight, and she didn't want to have a heavy meal as her stomach always clenched up from the intensity of her desire and want for him.

When she walked through the door she was grabbed from behind. A scream died in her throat aas a strong hand gripped her throat.

"Don't scream my little pain whore. I told you to be ready for some challenged tonight. You didn't think I meant just being told dirty stories did you?", he asked with a chuckle.

She knew it was him, the Master she had been talking to for all these months. How did he find her though. She never told him who she was.

As if he could hear her thoughts, he said,"How did I find you? I have connections. I found you because you wanted and needed me to. Didn't you slut?"

She stood there for a moment, then nodded her head. She did want him to find her. She needed him to find her and take her. Make her his slave and pain slut. She suddenly realized she wanted this more than anything she had ever wanted.

"Take me.", she managed to whisper out as he held her by the throat.

"Oh, I will take you, slave. And I will hurt you, bad. That is what you want isn't it?", he said smiling a wicked grin.

"Yes.", she gasped.

"On your knees slave.", he ordered as he released her throat and walked away. She dropped to her knees and spread her legs as she put her hands behind her back, just like he had taught her all those days they had talked online.

Turning back he stopped and looking at her said, "You're still dressed? We'll have to do something about that."

Walking back to her in long strides, he drug her to her feet and ripped her blouse open, exposing her lacy black bra.

"Dressed like a whore under those good girl clothes as I suspected.", he growled before pulling his knife and slicing the strap between the cups of her bra. Her ample tits sprung free from their confinement at the sudden lack of support. Reaching down he ripped off her skirt and sliced away her lace panties. She was now standing there naked before his blazing eyes.

"Now on your knees whore. I will show you what it feels like to be a real slave. no more playing at it like a game. Tonight you are mine. Understand slave?", He asked her with a fire in his eyes.

Dropping to her kness with her face towards the floor, she muttered,"Yes Sir."

"What was that slave?", he asked her again.

"Yes Master. I am yours to use as you wish.", she said louder this time.

"Yes you are, and I will use you harder than even your nasty little dreams ever conjured up.", he told her as he once again walked away from her.

Coming back to her, he had a heavy black flogger over each shoulder, leather cuffs in different sizes hanging from his belt, and an ominous looking cane in his hand. He took her hands in his and cuffed them together, then pulling a rope that was tucked into the back of his belt, he tossed it over the open beam of the ceiling in her house. He had planned on just tying her up with the rope, but when he saw the open beams, he had more wicked ideas.

Bringing her to her feet, he tied the onr end to the cuffs and walked over and pulling on the other end until she was barely on her tip toes, he tied the other end to the doorknob.

"Now, what say we get started with your training as a proper slave. You wanted pain, and you are going to get it. More than you may have bargained for I'm afraid.", he said with a wicked gleam in his eye. She could feel the sadism radiating from him, and she knew that ready or not, she was going to find out what the pain she had been fantasizing about was really like.

He stepped back and quickly laid a cane stroke across her ass. The pain was like a red hot knife cutting across her tender flesh. It took her breath away with the intensity. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. The next lash cut into her flesh, followed by another and another. She could feel her skin welting up and begin to seep blood. Although it was excruciatingly painful, she found herself getting aroused. Much to her dismay and embarrassment. He continued to cane her ass and thighs. Tearing at her flesh with the vicious implement.

Stopping his ministrations, he reached between her thighs and found her wetness dribbling from her shaved cunt.

"So you are a pain slut as I thought.", he chuckled as her face turned crimson in shame. "We are going to have to see just how much you can take won't we?"

Laughing he laid down the cane and grabbed the floggers. Her skin was already welted and seeping blood in spots, but he was going to push her tonight and see what she was really made of. She had a safeword, and he was going to see if he could make her use it.

He began to slowly flog her sensitive flesh, making her gasp and flinch at each blow. One by one the lashes hit her, heavy blows that made her nearly swing from the rope binding her hands. He was strong and she could tell he was not holding back anything. She sould feel herself begin to float as if she were flying above her body. She could just manage to think to herself that this must be what it felt like to experience subspace. She had never experienced it before, but if this was it, she liked it.

The blows began to feel like gentle caresses across her body as the endorphins kicked into overdrive. Her body was now covered in welts from both the cane and floggers. The blows seemed to land endlessly without any interuption. She had no chance to actch her breath as the blows rained down on her from seemingly everywhere.

Suddenly he stopped and reached between her legs, slamming two fingers into her soaked cunt. She gasped at the invasion, but the pleasure was unmistakeable. Her cunt spasmed around his fingers as she came all over his hand. Squirting her juices down his wrist and arm and splashing on the floor.

"What a bad girl. You didn't ask permission to cum. I own your orgasms as well as your cunt and the rest of your body. You will have to be punished for taking one of my orgasms without permission.", he told her.

Walking across the room he untied the rope holding her up and slowly let her sink to the floor. She fell over, but quickly scrambled to her knees, not wanting to disappoint him again. She placed her hands behind her back now that the rope was no longer tying the cuffs together and , looking at the floor, she waited for what her punishment was to be.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her face up towards him. "Release your Master's cock, slut. Show me how sorry you are for having taken one of my orgasms.", he ordered.

Quickly she loosened his belt and undid his pants. Reaching inside she grabbed his very hard cock. It was thick and long and pre-cum was seeping from the tip. She involuntarily licked her lips at the sight of his wetness.

"Show me, slave.", he said again, and she bent to engulf his cock in her warm, wet mouth. She realized she was hungry for him. Wanted to devour him and taste him. To feed on his cum. To thank him for giving her what she had always needed.

She tried to take him as deep as she could, but his cock was longer than any she had ever sucked. As she struggled to take him deeper, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself all the way into the back of her throat. She gagged at first and couldn't breath, but as he held her there a feeling of calm came over her and she felt her throat opening to him. She accepted his hardness into her as he accepted him dominance of her. She knew in an instant that she would be forever his. His slave forever more to do as he wished. To be used for his pleasure and anyone else's pleasure he wanted to give her to. She would refuse him nothing.

He pounded into the back of her throat. Fucking her face as if it were her cunt. Long, hard, and deep strokes. Using her throat hard. She had a hard time catching her breath, but she didn't care. As long as she was giving him pleasure, she didn't care if she passed out.

His pace quickened and she could feel his cock growing even thicker in her throat, and she knew he was about to cum. He pulled out and ordered her to stick her tongue out. With a couple quick strokes, his cum jetted hot and white across her tongue and into her hungry mouth. He continued to jerk his hard cock as his cum sprayed white hot across her face and dripped on her heaving breasts. It covered her face and was laced through her hair. She licked her lips to get every drop she could as she swallowed down his liquid passion. He was salty and warm.

Grabbing her head again, he pushed back into her mouth."Clean your Master's cock. don't leave one drop left. Suck every ounce of my cum from my cock.", she was told as he wrapped his fist in her hair.

She sucked with all her might to make sure not a drop remained. She licked him clean before her pushed her back to her knees.

"You will stay there until I tell you to move, slave. You will learn who is your Master.", he told her, and she nodded her head. She would stay there all night and all the next day if necessary to show him her devotion. She was owned as sure as if he had a collar around her neck. Her life was now complete. She knew that there would be a lot of pain in the days and months to come, and she would accept it if that is what pleased him. She would make him proud to own her, and if she were lucky, she would wear his collar someday. 

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  1. Hot....very Hot.

    Now I have ideas in my head....and wondering if I should send Master the link to this as a hint.

    Nicely written. :)