Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well hung...

Her arms were being tied above her head. The leather cuffs were tight around her wrists and they were being tied to the rope that was running through the block and tackle mounted to the heavy beam in the ceiling. Thi swas going to be her first suspended whipping and she was a little frightened, but very excited. She could feel her arousal making her cunt pulse and ooze juices down her thighs.

Now that her hands were tightly tied to the ropes, her Master was grabbing the rope to begin lifting her. As he started pulling she felt herself being slowly stretched upwards. She was lifted up until just her very tiptoes were touching the ground, and then, lift-off. She was hanging by her arms. She was glad that she was in decent shape and felt that she would be able to hang long enough for Master to do what he wanted with her. She wanted to give him everything he wanted.

As she hung there slowly swinging back and forth, Master walked to the table holding his implements and returned with a pretty good sized dildo. She was a bit confused as she thought that this was going to be a session of pain. He slowly pushed it into her hungry cunt, stretching her wide. This one really challenged her to relax her pussy due to it's girth. She had learned to enjoy the almost painful feeling of having it rammed in and out of her cunt. Master pushed it deep until she could feel it pushing against her cervix, causing that pleasant spasming deep inside her. He only gave her a few hard strokes with it before removing it. She was really confused now. From his pocket he produced a tube of lube and began smearing it all over the head of the large phallus. He wouldn't she thought to herself. He can't be thinking of putting it in my ass could he. I've never even tried it.

As if he could hear her thoughts, Master smiled up at her and nodded his head.

"You will wear this in your ass today, my slut. I told you today was going to be about pain. You didn't think it was just going to be about whipping, did you?", he asked with a wicked grin on his face.

He walked up behind her and began to slowly push the large dildo against her back door. She was no anal virgin, she had taken his hard cock deep in her ass many times, but this dildo was easily twice as thick as Master's cock, and his cock was pretty impressive. She could feel her asshole being stretched and she wasn't sure she could take it in. Master reached around and began to rub her clit to get her even more excited. She began to forget for a moment the intruder being forced into her anus.

With a pop, the head of the dildo slipped through the ring of her sphincter muscle. She gasped at the sudden invasion and stretching of her ass. Master continued to slowly push it in to her ass. He would push in a bit, then pull back and stroke it in and out a bit before pushing further in. Soon it was all the way inside her ass. Splitting her cheeks wide. She had never felt so filled before. Master gave her a few half strokes with the dildo, but with the size of it, that was more than most full strokes of any other dildo.

Once it was buried to the hilt in her ass, Master pulled out a short length of rope and tying it around her waist, then between her legs, he tied the dildo in place so it couldn't come out.

As she was trying to get used to the painful intrusion in her ass, she was suddenly struck hard by the cane. She was so engrossed in the pain in her ass, that she didn't hear Master get the cane and walk up behind her. There was to be no warm up today. This she could already tell by his first lash. No light tapping today, just right to the searing pain of a full stroke.

She gasped as each stroke landed full across her tender, pale ass flesh. He must be feeling particularly sadistic today, because he was really giving it to her hard. She could feel the welts rising from her skin. Some of them began to seep blood and she could feel it trickling down her legs. Master loved to make her bleed. He wanted everything from her, and that included her flesh and blood.

She was covered in stripes from the cane. Her breasts, belly, ass, and thighs all bore his wicked mark. Her nipples were painfully erect from the pain and endorphins coursing through her body. Upon seeing this, Master grabbed the clover clamps and took advantage of their hardness and clamped each one and hung weights from the conecting chain. Her nipples were painfully stretched down as the clamps bit cruelly into her tender flesh.

Master next picked up the crop and began to slap her cunt and nipples with it. Lifting up the weights with it, then letting them fall, bringing tears to her eyes. He slapped her tender, striped ass with the crop making her cry out. The skin of her ass was very tender from the caning and the crop was not much nicer to her wounded flesh. He went back to slapping her cunt, making her gasp in pain and pleasure. She loved to have her pussy whipped. It almost always got her close to cumming. She had never cum just from it, but she had gotten close a number of times.

"If you cum on my crop slut, I'll let you feed from my cock like the good little cum slut you are.", Master told her as he continued slapping her swollen cunt.

At the sound of his words, she felt a surge of lust through her body. She loved the taste of Master's cum on her tongue. The way it oozed over her taste buds and filled her mouth with it's creamy warmth.

She felt herself begin to build towards a powerful orgasm. Her pulse was pounding in her cunt as the blood flowed to her swollen sex. She began to writhe and buck her hips as her orgasm built. A low growl began deep in her chest and rumbled up through her throat to burst forth as a scream of ecstacy as she came hard. Master continued to slap her cunt with the crop and her juices splashed as they ran from her pulsating pussy.  She was making quite a mess with her release, but Master loved it.

"Good little pain slut. You have earned your treat.", he said smiling as he put the crop away and began to untie the rioe to lower her to the ground.

He slowly lowered her and told her to just kneel and place her arms behind her back once he had her released from the rope. She did as she was told and put her hands together behind her back. She was glad for it too, because her arms were sore from hanging there.

Master undid his leather pants as he approached her, freeing his already rock hard cock from it's prison. He slowly rubbed it over her face. She smiled and nuzzled it like a kitten with catnip. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back and slapped her across the cheeks with his throbbing member. She loved being used like this. Made to feel like a dirty slut. Her Master little cum whore.

Taking a handful of hair in each hand, he slowly pushed past her wet lips with his his rigid meat. Her lips were stretched by it's girth, but she loved to have her mouth and throat filled like this. He pushed deep until she felt it open her throat. She could feel his cock pulsing in her throat. He started to stroke in and out of her mouth, pulling out until just the head was between her lips, before pushing into the back if her throat once more.

Each time he would fuck into her throat, she would be unable to breathe. He would hold it there, taking her breath and not letting her know when it would return. She was used to this, though it scared her each time. She loved the feeling of him controling even her breath, her life in his hands.

He began to stroke faster and faster, and she could feel his cock getting even harder and thicker as he got close to cumming.

"Suck it hard, slut!", Master ordered her as he pulled back until just the head was in her mouth.

She sucked with all her might until she felt his cock twitch and the first warm jet of salty cum shot down her tongue and ran into her throat. He groaned as each pulse sent a gush if cum into her mouth. She knew from her training that she was not allowed to swallow until she was given permission. His bucking cock poured it's milky load into her hungry mouth as she sucked every drop from his heavy balls. It had been a week since they had been able to have a scene, so he had a large load saved up. She was having a hard time containing it all in her mouth, and a little bit leaked from the corner of her mouth and dripped onto her ample tit.

Master pulled his now softening cock from her wet mouth, and told her to open up and show him her mouthful of cum. She did as she was told and opened her mouth and swirled his seed around her mouth. She let her tongue swirl through it, savoring the flavor on her taste buds. She loved his taste and wanted to luxuriate in it as long as he allowed. He could see it flowing over her tongue, and knew she was in submissive heaven. There was even a beautific smile on her face.

"Swallow it now like a good little cum slut. Be a good girl and don't miss a drop. Even the drop on your tit, scoop that up too.", He told her.

She did as she was told and cleaned up every sign of her Master's seed. She sat there with a smile on her face, content to have served him so well. She even forgot about the large cock still invading her poor asshole. Master helped her to her feet, and without warning, quickly pulled the dildo from her ass. The feeling was so overwhelming she came instantly and if not for Master's support, she would have collapsed.

"Holy shit!", she exclaimed. "That was intense."

Master laughed as he placed the dildo on the table as he walked his slave to the shower to let her clean herself after doing such a good job pleasing her Master. She would be able to take a nice, long shower tonight. She earned it with her pain and pleasure.



  1. And who says men are useless with words??? Nice post Sir.


  2. Hmm.... mixed feelings *LOL* But i've finally found my way here atleast. :)

  3. Thank you DY, And thank you for checking it out Sweet girl. Hopefully I'll bring you over to the Dark Side..grins!!!

  4. You are simply amazing and she is without a doubt a very lucky woman....i LOVE this blog!!!

  5. Eliza,
    Unfortunately these are just fantasies right now, and maybe always.


  6. Hi, I'm new to your site. I'm enjoying your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Welcome Sky. I look forward to twisting your mind.