Saturday, August 20, 2011

No escape...

She was bound tight, on her knees with a rope around her waist binding her legs to her body. Her legs were spread leaving her vulnerable. Her arms were tied behind her back with her face hanging over the edge of the table she was on.

Her Master and his friend were grinning at her with the most evil look in their eyes. She knew she was going to be used hard, but she didn't know how hard yet.

"You will service us slut like the good slave you are, and if you don't please us you will pay in serious pain.", her Master told her. She knew he meant what he said and was determined to be a very pleasing slave.

The cane caught her across the backs of her exposed thighs, cutting a line of fire across them that took her breath away. The welt rose immediately from her tender flesh. Another and another lash from the cane ravaged her thighs and ass as her Master "warmed her up". Several of the welts trickled blood, bringing a smile to his face.

Once she was nicely striped, her Master took up the flogger and began to lay into her with all his strength.

"Your flesh is mine to use and mark as I wish, isn't it slave?", he asked without interrupting the whipping.

She simply nodded her head as the tried hard not to scream.

"Speak up slave, or I will make it harder on you.", her Master growled.

"Yes Sir.", she managed to say with a quivering voice.

This was by far the worst whipping she had ever taken. Master had told her that he was feeling particularly sadistic tonight and that she should be prepared to be hurt. She would wear his marks for many days after this session.

Master's friend stood by and watched with a salacious grin on his face. He was a sadist as well, and truly loved to see a lovely woman in distress. Her Master was putting on quite a show for his friend tonight, and she was the main attraction.

She was vaguely aware of Master's friend approaching her from the front. Her head was abruptly jerked up and she saw his steel hard cock bouncing in front of her face. It throbbed with the beat of his heart. The head was almost purple from his extreme state of arousal. The tip was already dribbling pre-cum in a long string.

"Service his cock as if it were mine slave. Make me proud. You do not want to disappoint me do you?", her Master told her. She never wanted to disappoint Master, and was going to give his friend the best blowjob he had ever had.

He stepped forward and pushed his hard member to her lips, and she greedily sucked it inside her warm, wet mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, taking as much of his length into her throat as her limited movement would allow. He began to fuck her mouth and drive his cock into her throat. She could move enough to take him all the way, but with his pounding, she could feel his balls slap wetly against her chin and her nose bump against his stomach.

She had been throat trained by her Master very well, and could take all but the most massive cocks into her throat with no problem. It was like fucking her cunt with the excetion that her cunt didn't have a tongue to lick at the underside of your shaft as you stroked in and out. This was one of her favorite tricks. She would flick her tongue against her Master's balls, and any other man he wished her to serve, as she sucked them deep.

"Your slave is quite the cock sucker. The best I've ever had.", his friend remarked. She wanted to smile, but it was nearly impossible with a mouth full of cock.

Her reverie was broken by the cold shock of lube being smeared on her asshole, and the sudden plunging of her Master's turgid member into her tight hole. He plunged deeply, all the way to the root without giving her a chance to relax and take him in. It hurt a lot, but he had promised her as much.

Master grabbed her hips in his strong hands, gripping so tightly she could feel his fingers digging into her flesh. She knew she would be bruised from his hands in the morning. Pounding into her tight rectum, he gave her long hard strokes. Nearly pulling out on each one, before plunging himself fully into her again.

She was beginning to overload on the sensations racking her body. She was being throat fucked on one end, and her ass was being ravished on the other. She flesh of her ass was also welted and bleeding from the caning and flogging, so every thrust of her Master's cock into her brought his thighs into contact with her tortured flesh. The pain and pleasure mixed together had her cunt a spasming, sticky mess that was leaking it's juices all down her thighs.

She could feel a fire beginning to build in her belly and knew that she would soon explode in orgasm, spraying her lust all over her Master's legs and on the table. She just had to hold off until he gave her permission.

Master's friend was pumping into her mouth faster and faster. She knew he wasn't going to last much longer. With a groan, he thrust himself deep in her throat and unloaded the contents of his swollen testes into her stomach. She could feel it shooting down her throat and was only disappointed that she wasn't able to taste his cream. She so loved the taste of a man's cum. He pumped quite a large load down her gullet, she could feel his cock spasming at least ten times, and felt a strong jet of his juices emitted at each twitch.

Afterwards she was glad that he had shot it down her throat, for she knew that there was no way she could have held all that in her mouth. Some of it would have surely escaped her lips and dribbled on her tits. A failure that would have surely ended in her being severely scolded for being such a bad slut as to waste a man's cum.

He pulled his softening member from her throat and gave it a squeeze to get every last drop out. A large droplet formed at the tip of his wet cock and she hungrily licked it off and let it lay on her tongue, savoring his flavor. A dreamy grin spread across her face upon her getting her treat.

All this time, Master had continued to plow into her well used asshole. Splitting her wide on his engorged member. He was fucking her hard, Hurting her with his cock. Punishing her asshole. Making her feel who owned it and every other part of her body. She was his and she knew it. She wanted to show him too, as she pushe dback to him as much as she could. Welcoming his hurting cock. Showing him she wanted and needed his pain. Needed to be shown who's property she was. Giving herself to him, body and soul.

"I'm going to cum in your ass slave. When you feel me cum, you will cum too. Not a second before or you will pay, but I want to feel your asshole clenching around my cock as I'm cumming.", he ordered her.

With a couple more strokes, he grunted and with a might thrust he shot the first hot jet of cum into her ass. Upon feeling this, a white hot orgasm ripped through her body, making her scream and her whole body quake. He could feel her asshole gripping his cock as he came deep in her dark hole. It was milking the cum from his body, drawing it deep into hers. Draining every ounce of his seed from his heavy balls. Her juices gushed out onto the table and ran onto the floor, making a wet mess everywhere. 

Pulling out, Master walked around in front of her and offered the dripping tip for her to clean. She sucked the last remaining bit of cum that remained inside his softening cock, and smiled up at him and thanked him for letting her taste him.

"Let's go have a beer.", Master said to his friend as they left the room. "I'll come back later and untie her. Let her wear our juices for awhile. She loves feeling my cum drip from her ass after I've used her."

They left her tied there, but she knew she was safe. She knew that Master had closed circuit cameras mounted in here to both record their sessions and so he could keep an eye on her when he left her tied here. He used her hard and tortured her tender flesh, but she was still his most prized possesion and he would never let any harm befall her.

She soon drifted off to sleep, bound in a ball as she was. She always loved to fall asleep in this position. It made her feel safe and warm. Laying there with a faint smile on her face, she was the picture of contentment. A happy contained slave in every sense of the word.


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