Saturday, August 6, 2011

Used hard - Pt 3...

Number 66 woke in the morning, at least she thought it must be morning, there was no way to tell from where she was. There were no windows or clocks to indicate the time of day. She found herself well rested, but her ass was sore. It took her a moment to remember that she was plugged. It wasn't an unpleasant soreness, but she could feel how much her ass was stretched, and she was sure that the plug was not going to be the last thing to stretch her ass.

As she sat up, her arms still cuffed behind her back, a voice came from a speaker somewhere.

"Good morning 66. I hope you got plenty of rest last night. Today will be long and your limits will be tested. There is food on the table. Eat as much as you want. You will need your strength.", the voice of the trainer filled the room.

She got up on her knees and moved to the table where the food was on a plate and ate her fill. Once she was done she again heard the voice of the trainer.

"The key to the cuffs is under the plate. Remove them and take a shower. Wash yourself and shave your cunt. There is shaving cream and a new razor in the shower. Your cunt is to be kept clean shaven for the duration of your stay here. You will shave it every morning to ensure it's smoothness. also remove the plug, clean it and leave it in the bathroom.", he instructed her. She had kept her hair trimmed close down there, but being shaved was going to be a new sensation for her.

After removing and cleaning the plug, she found the shaving cream and razor and as quick as she could she shaved her pussy smooth. It felt wonderful once all the hair was gone. She wondered why she had never done this before. She wanted to just sit and stroke the smooth skin, but her revery was broken by the voice of the trainer once again.

"No playing with My cunt. Your body belongs to me for the duration of your stay here, and you will only touch it when I tell you too.", she was told, and she quickly removed her hand from between her legs. "Now shower and be ready when I come to fetch you"

She took a quick shower and enjoyed the hot water running over her body as long as she dared. She didn't want to take too long and risk not being ready when the trainer came for her. She quickly dried her hair with the towel and hurried into the room. She knelt in her waiting position, knees spread wide with her hands behind her back and her head down.

She waited there for just a few minutes before the trainer came into the room. In his hands he held her training collar with the leash already attached. Approaching her, he placed the collar around her neck and locked it with a small padlock. As she heard the lock click shut, she felt a shift in her mind. It was as if she became a different person. She was no longer her own woman, she was property, owned by the trainer. His to do with as he chose, and she was happy with that. She wanted to be owned, to be used for the pleasure of her owner, whomever that was to be. She was now number 66. That is how she thought of herself.

The trainer led her out of her room as she crawled behind him, leading her by the leash. They made the now familiar trip to what she now thought of as the training room. When they got there she saw that the spanking horse was no longer in the middle of the room, but there were ropes hanging from the beams. There was also a St Andrews cross against the wall. Hanging on the wall were still the various floggers and canes, along with the different cuffs.

He led her to the middle of the room and unhooked the leash from her collar. Taking one hand at a time, he tied her arms above her head spread wide with just her toes on the floor. He went to the wall and came back with a spreader bar that he attached to her ankles to keep her legs spread wide for him.

"You are now ready for me. You will feel pain today. It will become your pleasure. You will learn to only cum from pain. Your body and mind will be trained to respond sexually only to pain given you by your Master. Do you understand?", he asked.

"Yes Sir, please train me to be a proper pain slut. Teach me to please my sadistic Master.", she asked. She couldn't believe the words coming from her mouth even as she spoke them.

The trainer smiled a wicked smile at her, and said,"Oh I will, 66. I will mold you into the ultimate pain slut. You will learn to be able to take whatever your Master decides to give you, and crave more."

He walked and stood beside her and grabbing a handful of her hair, he moved close and said in her ear,"I will begin with a good spanking. Good pain sluts need a good spanking to stay centered and reminded of their place."

The first swat was hard and if not for the grip of his hand in her hair, it would have spun her around. Her ass was immediately on fire, but so was her cunt. Her body was already beginning to react to pain with arousal. As he spanked her she became more and more wet. She could feel the juices start to trickle down the inside of her thighs. The harder he spanked, the wetter her pussy got.

"I see you are learning fast, 66. Your slutty little hole is already leaking, and we have just begun. I might even let you cum today, if you are a good slave.", he told her.

Cutting through her pain and arousal was the realization that she would only be allowed to cum at her Masters discretion. While the thought was somewhat troubling, it also aroused her to think of being completely owned that way. To have even her pleasure controlled.

With a couple last swats, the trainer walked to the wall and grabbed a particularly wicked looking flogger. The falls were long and thin, ending with multiple knots at the ends. Her cunt clenched in fear and pleasure at the thought of feeling it on her body.

He slowly waked back to her, swinging the flogger back and forth, letting her hear it cut through the air. He walked around behind her, still swinging it. She could hear it, but didn't know when she would feel it. Suddenly she felt the wicked bite of the flogger on her ass. It felt as if a dozen blades were drawn across her flesh, laying her open to the cool air. Her flesh began to burn and she felt the trickle of what she knew must be blood from the first lash. The next blow was just as bad if not worse, landing across her upper back. She screamed in pain, but her pussy also spasmed in pleasure at the rush of endorphins pumped into her system.

A dozen more lashes landed across her ass, thighs, and back. Causing her to cry out in pain, while simultaneously fighting not to cum from the intense sensations.

"What a good little pain whore you are. Most slaves can only take about five lashes with this one before begging me to stop. You took at least a dozen, and all you wanted to do was cum.", he chuckled. "You are a rare one for sure. You are definitely going to be a challenge for me to come up with adequate tortures for you"

Taking the flogger back to the wall, he returned it to it's hook and grabbed a handful of clover clamps and weights. Returning to the hanging slave he placed te first clamp on her right nipple after pinching it to full arousal. She gasped as it bit into her tender flesh, but the other nipple was quickly clamped as well, eliciting a moan of pain and pleasure from her lips. He had two more sets of clamps, and he squatted down between her legs and attached them to her pussy lips. It was hard to get a good grip on them with his fingers, due to how wet she was. Her juices were running from her slutty little cunt.He managed to get a grip on her nether lips and attached both sets of clamps to them. They were already swollen with arousal and sensitive, but she was going to experience a type of pain she had never felt.

Standing up he began attaching weights to the chain on the clamps connecting her ample tits. The tug on them tightened the clamps even more, mashing the delicate flesh in their remorseless jaws. Looking at her face to check her reaction, the trainer saw tears begin to form in the corners of her eyes.

"Cry slave. Let the tears fall. I will make them come soon enough, so there is no need to try to hold them back.", the trainer told her, and he grabbed one of her clamped nipples and twisted it. She screamed in pain, and the tears flowed down her cheeks. The dam had broken, and the trainer was going to drink deeply of her delicious pain. He attached the remaining weights to the chains hanging from the clamps on her cunt.

She once again moaned in pain at the new sensations she was experiencing. She had worn nipple clamps before, but had never had them on her cunt. The pain was different and intense, but she found herself embarrassingly turned on by it. She found herself once again struggling not to cum.

Giving 66 a moment to process the new sensations, the trainer walked over to the implement wall to choose a new item to torture this wonderful slave. He grabbed a tawse that was well seasoned on the asses of many a slave. He had this one for many a year, and practically every slave had felt it's sting. He returned to her side and landed a quick hard slap on her left cheek. She jumped in surprise, not expecting the blow. A nice red mark was left from the impact of the tawse. A perfect outline of the thick leather.

He gave her a good paddling with the tawse, making her jump around trying to avoid it's bite. He slapped the inside of her thighs with it. They were very sensitive and unused to being assaulted this way. The flesh reddened up nicely from his attention.

The riding crop was the next thing to leave it's mark on her, but first he wanted to torture her cunt a bit. From behind, he slides his fingers into her slippery cunt, quickly finding her swollen clit. He started rubbing it causing 66 to moan and move her hips. Trying to increase the pressure and contact with his fingers. Her breathing became more rapid as more moans excaped her lips.

"Don't you dare cum slave, you are not allowed yet.", he growled in her ear as he continued to rub. He then pushed two fingers as deep inside her as he could reach and fucked her hard with his hand. She began to scream with the intensity of the pleasure she was receiving. A long low scream of desire, of needing to cum. she didn't think she could hold back much longer, and just when she was about to lose control, the trainer pulled his hand away, leaving an empty feeling in her hungry cunt. She continued to move her hips as if trying to find his fingers again.

"Not yet slut. I haven't decided yet if you will cum today.", he told her.

"Time to remove these clamps on your cunt.", he told her. "It will hurt, and you will endure it for me."

He squeezed the first one. releasing it's bite on her pussy flesh. As the blood rushed back into the compressed flesh, number 66 began a low wail. As each one was removed she got louder. She never imagined it would hurt so much. Her cunt was throbbing in pain by the time he had all four clamps off. Picking up the crop, he quickly started slapping her sore cunt lips with it. She screamed in agony, but he didn't relent. He kept bringing the crop up between her legs, and though she tried to close her thighs to protect her ravaged cunt, the spreader bar prevented it.

Tears streamed down her face as the pain bloomed in her crotch. Sobs came from her from the pain, and just when she thought she would beg for it to stop, the trainer stopped. He reached between her legs and gently stroked her swollen lips. He lightly stroked her tender clit making her gasp in pleasure.

"Good girl. I thought for sure you would beg me to stop on that one. Did you want to?", he asked.

"Yes Sir. I was about to when you stopped.", she said between sniffles. Her face wet with her tears.

The trainer stepped to her and licked away some of her tears. He loved the taste of a slaves pain on her face. This was one of his favorite things of all during the training of a new slave. Tears turned him on.

Stepping back, he started cropping her ass and thighs. Leaving red marks wherever the crop kissed her flesh. He slapped all over, the smacking sound reverberating through the room.

Again he stepped to her and removed the clamps from her nipples. Once again the pain from the returning blood made her wail. He roughly twisted each nipple as he removed the clamp, increasing the pain. Though painful, her nipples stood out long and hard, her arousal from the pain evident. He then began to lightly crop her tender nipples. Though the slaps were light, the sensitivity of the flesh made it agonizing. She was gasping and trying to twist her body away from the pain, but her restraints prevented her from doing so. Her nipples became even more swollen and even the aereola were puffed up and sore. Though she was in a lot of pain, her cunt still throbbed with arousal. She wanted to cum more than she had ever wanted to before. It was an ache in her gut that was maddening.

The trainer was now ready to use his favorite. It was a well used and beautiful rattan cane. He had owned it for quite a few years, and took great care of it to make sure it gave great pain to whichever slave he happened to be using it on. The first lash was as hard as he could, cutting through the air and landing squarely across the lower part of both ass cheeks. She screamed. She couldn't hold back that kind of pain. The trainer felt his cock begin to swell from the sound of her pain. He loved hurting these beautiful women. Watching them take his pain. Nothing was quite so exquisitely sweet as giving pain to a naked and bound slave.

He lashed at her flesh with the cane, over and over it landed with deadly accuracy. Welts appeared on her ass and thighs as he administered a painful caning. Sobs wracked her body as she screamed in pain, but never asked for it to stop. She was deep in subspace. The pain was flaring across her mind in bright colors as it danced across her nerves.

Suddenly she let out a high pitched scream, and she came hard. Her juices squirting from her cunt as she came from the pain. The trainer was shocked for just a moment, but he continued to cane her ass hard, raising welts that oozed blood from some of them. He caned her as she came over and over, her body spasming as she screamed through one after the other. Her cunt gushing her release down her thighs and all over the floor. Her face was as red as her tortured flesh from the exertion of her orgasm.

Once she stopped cumming, the realization of what had happened hit her, and she was mortified that she had cum wthout permission.

"I'm so sorry Sir. I didn't know I was going to cum. Please forgive me for failing you Sir.", she begged. She had a look of genuine fear on her face. Afraid of the retribution she was sure to get for breaking such a cardinal rule.

The trainer looked at her sternly, but inside he was delighted at the result. He had rarely seen such an inexperienced slave cum from pain alone. He might have to keep this one for himself.

"I didn't tell you to cum, did I slave? You will have to pay for that one you little pain slut.", he said barely able to hide his smile.

Placing the cane back on the wall where it belonged, the trainer began to release the restraints from number 66. He first removed the spreader bar from her ankles, then he untied her wrists from the ropes.

"On your knees slave. Ass up and arms behind your back. Since you took one of my orgasms without permission, I will take your asshole in exchange.", he told her as he waked around her prostrate form.

Upon hearing what her punishment was to be, her cunt clenched in pleasure, and her asshole clenched as well. She had never really been ass fucked. She had men play with her ass, but never had they really taken her there.

The trainer got some lube and began to work it into her asshole, inserting first one finger then two. Loosening her sphincter for the entry of his hard cock. And he was hard. It had been awhile since he had taken a slave anally, and watching her cum from his pain had really turned him on.

Once her asshole was loosened up, he smeared more lube on his throbbing member and moved behind her. Placing the head of his cock against the opening of her ass, he began to slowly push into her tight hole. He felt the head pop through the ring of muscle as she moaned. He kept pushing until he was balls deep into her yielding ass.

Once inside her, he held still for a moment to enjoy the tight grip of her asshole on his hardness. Slowly he started to withdraw his member from her clinging ass. It was as if she didn't want to let him go. He pulled almost all the way out before once again pushing deep into her. He started slowly sawing in and out of her tight hole, causing her to moan and gasp from each thrust. He was going to pound this ass raw. He would show her that no matter what, slaves do not cum without permission.

Grabbing her hips in his strong hands, he started pounding her sore and stretched ass. Each stroke was long and deep. Pulling out almost all the way to once again pound inside her so hard his balls slapped against her cunt.  He took her ass without mercy, making it difficult for her to keep her arms behind her back. He pulled her back hard, impaling her on his cock with each stroke. Splitting her asshole open on his hardness. His orgasm was getting close, but he didn't want to stop. He wanted to hurt her with his cock. Make her remember this ass fucking every time she was taken anally for the rest of her life.

He suddenly pulled out of her ass and told her to kneel up, arms behind her back and mouth open. Standing in front of her, he stroked his throbbing cock as he felt it get even harder in his hand.

"Mouth open slave. You will eat my seed like the good cum whore you are.", and with a grunt, his cock exploded in his hand. The first jet of his hot seed arced directly into the back of her throat and trailed down her tongue. Subsequent spurts shot across her lips and cheeks. He covered her face in his hot juices, letting her feel what it was like to be used. To be nothing but a receptacle for her Masters cum. She now had a mouthful of her Master's hot cum, with the rest of it covering her lips and face. She sat there open mouthed awaiting instructions.

"Let me see you swirl it around on your tongue, slut. Savor your Master's cum and show me you really appreciate the gift of my seed. You are lucky to be given the honor of swallowing my cum.", he instructed her.

She curled her tongue, felling the hot cum slide over her taste buds. His seed was salty and a bit tangy. It was wonderful to her. She played it around her mouth, enjoying every second of having his essence in her mouth. She swirled it around, letting it touch every bit of her tongue so she would remeber his taste.

"Now swallow my dirty little cum whore.", she was told. With a beautific smile on her face she swallowed down his juices. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked her lips clean. She wanted every bit of him she could eat.

"Leave it on your face. You are not to clean it off of the rest of you. You will wear it to show everyone who sees you what a dirty little whore you are. You will not sleep in your room tonight, you will be displayed in the hallway for everyone who passes to see what a whore you are. Anyone who wishes to use you will be allowed to with no complaint from you. You will be a slave to be used.", he told her. "Do you understand?

She was a little shocked but said meekly,"Yes Sir. A hole to be used for anyones pleasure."

Attaching the leash to her collar, the trainer led her to the hallway where she was ordered to kneel with her head up and mouth open. He attached her leash to a ring set into the wall. This was obviously where bad slaves were normally sent to be disciplined.

She was left there all night, and she was used as a cum receptacle for many trainers who passed. The masked man came by and grabbed her hair in both hands and fucked her throat hard. She was unable to breath with that enormous cock down her throat, and was afraid she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Just when she was about to pass out, he pulled out and filled her mouth with his thick cum. He came so much that it overflowed her mouth and dribbled down her chin and dripped on her sore and still swollen tits.

"Swallow it all, slut.", he ordered, and she did. Gulping down the largest load she had ever had in her mouth. He once again grabbed her hair and pounded her throat until his cock softened. He then pulled out and smacking her hard on both nipples, causing her to see stars, he walked away down the hall chuckling.

She was left covered in the cum of multiple men, but even one female trainer came to partake of her body. She pushed number 66 down on the floor, and lifting her dress, straddled her face. As she ground her cunt into 66's lips, she ordered her,"Eat my cunt, slave. You better make me cum hard too, or I will twist your nipples until you scream."

She had never eaten pussy, but she knew what felt good to her. She licked deep between the silky folds of her Mistress's cunt before flicking her tongue over her swollen clit.

"My what a good little cunt eating slave. Make me cum like a good whore.", she told her.

66 did her best job of pleasing her Mistress. She licked and sucked at the wet cunt rubbing against her lips, trying to do the best she could. Soon Mistress was breathing hard and grinding her hips. Suddenly she started to shudder and she squirted her cum all over 66's face and down her throat.

"Swallow my cum, slave. You can swallow it like you can a man's seed.", she growled.

She swallowed all in her mouth. It was not as thick as a man's cum, but it tasted just as wonderful to her.

"Now return to your position slave. Have a nice night.", the Mistress said as she lowered her dress and walked away down the hall.

The rest of the night passed in a haze of cum and throat fucking. Some of the men simply stopped, whipped out their cocks and jerked off on her face. Laughing at her cum covered face before walking on.

The house soon quieted down as everyone either left for the night or went to bed. Eventually she fell asleep, her face a sticky mess of many men's release. She was exhausted, but proud that she pleasured so many men, and for the first time a woman.

She eventually slumped down to the floor and fell asleep in exhaustion. Curling up on the floor like a cat with it's face covered in cream.

The trainer watched her fall asleep from one of the many cameras throughout the house. He smiled to himself at her progress. She obviously was very motivated to be a great slave.


This might be the last post of this story. I'm thinking of making it into a book, since it is developing so well. If I do, I will post on here where it will be available and when. There are going to be many more wicked and nasty stories that will appear on this blog, so you won't be left starving for my particualar type of sadism.
I hope everyone enjoys this.



  1. Holy heatwave, Batman! Talk about hot!

    Personally, I am not into the pain, so why do I like these stories so much?


  2. oh William William William -I see we share some interests! :P
    Although humiliation really isn't my thing, and well you know my take on cum already *LOL*

    Well done my friend! :)